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Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Model: 00592tx, 00592TXR, 11126-592TXR, 06002RM

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MSRP: $12.99


AcuRite's Temperature and Humidity Sensor has a built-in thermometer and hygrometer to measure indoor or outdoor environmental conditions with precision and accuracy. The sensor features a compact size, weather-resistant design and integrated mounting options.

The sensor is compatible with a variety of AcuRite thermometers and weather stations, or it can be paired with the AcuLink Internet bridge, allowing you to monitor your sensor information from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, computer or tablet.


Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

  • Measures temperature and humidity
  • Strong wireless range up to 330 feet (100 meters)
  • Transmits data every 16 seconds
  • Durable, all-weather construction – perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • Easy installation includes integrated hanger


Includes: Wireless Temperature and Humidity Sensor

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Temperature and Humidity Sensor Specifications

Temperature Range -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy +/- 2 degrees Fahrenheit; Learn more
Humidity Range
1% to 99% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy +/- 5% from 0% to 10% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
Wireless Range 330 feet / 100 meters depending on home construction materials
Wireless Signal 433 MHz
Power 2 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries
*Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit / -20 degrees Celsius
Data Reporting 16 second updates
Dimensions 4.8-inches Height x 1.6-inches Width x 0.9-inches Depth
AcuRite Environment Systems Compatible Yes

User Manual

Customer Reviews

Excellent Review by Ralph
Excellent. I can now monitor the temperature of my home from almost any where in the world. (Posted on 5/1/16)
Almost care free Review by Crusing Dreamer
This was a replacement for one that wasn't placed exactly according to directions, and in a driving rain, you know the one that goes horizontal, well it failed. I went to the web site, and with my short attention span could not figure out how to purchase a replacement, so I called. The CSR was terrific, showed me how to get to the replacement parts, and I ordered it. Worked as advertised out of the box, and now I am informed on interior and exterior temps and weather forecast. (Posted on 4/29/16)
thermometer sensor Review by gary
I ordered this sensor for my thermometer i had no problems with it works great!
(Posted on 4/29/16)
inacurate temperature reading for the 06002RM (592TXR) tower sensor Review by William
I give the product and customer service a one star. I bought the 06002RM (592TXR) tower sensor to replace the sensor that I got with the 00754 Acu-rite wireless Weather and Atomic Clock station. The reception was good but the reading was off by at least 3 degrees. My email request for assistance was answered after 6 days with a suggestion that I use "better Batteries" and that the three degrees was within the tolerance for the product. The email response that I made to this suggestion was sent to a "no-reply" email site. Three attempts to contact Acu-Rite customer support was made by phone. The first two were disconnected due to (technical issues) by Acu-Rite. On the third attempt I hung up after waiting to long.
I have bought three Acu-Rite products in the past; two of them measured to the tenth of a degree and the wireless sensors that came with them were within .5 degree when placed side by side to the base station. The original wireless sensor that came with the 00754 base station (which measured to the degree) was within 1 degree when placed by the base station. A Three degrees difference is NOT acceptable. (Posted on 1/28/16)
Great Addition Review by John
This was a great addition to our weather station so that we can keep track of the temperature inside the house on our phone, to know if the A/C or furnace is working when we're not home. (Posted on 7/23/15)
Great addition Review by Robert
AcuRite support had recommended this thermometer and had told me that it was the only thermometer in their line that would transmit 330 feet. They also told me to leave it by the 5-in-1 for 20 minutes to make sure the two were paired before moving it to the greenhouse so far away.
Since that time it has worked like a champ and I highly recommend the addition.
(Posted on 6/24/15)
We now have working equipment! Review by Mark
I lost all our sensors when we moved cross country, so I ordered these as replacements. I had functioning weather stations 30 seconds after placing the batteries in the new sensors. A happy camper am I (except for the morning it dropped down to 24 degrees after I had set out plants, but that's not the fault of the sensor!). (Posted on 5/22/15)
AS hoped for Review by Greg
I bought this as a replacement for a unit we had for about 3 years. It took a couple of tries but it's working great now. Well worth the price to have the everything working again. (Posted on 5/6/15)
decent value for the money Review by Walt
my sensor on my 2 month old weather station died - displayed the same temperature all the time. numerous resets did not fix it so i ordered a new sensor. once mated to the weather station, it works like a champ! i just wish the setup were a bit less convoluted - removing batteries from the weather station and installing the sensor batteries first is a royal pain as the station has to be setup all over again. but, once mated it works so not much of a complaint as a gripe. (Posted on 3/25/15)
Update and data analysis Review by Rick_in_NWOH
I've had one of these sensors set up in our basement for over a year now, to monitor temp and humidity, using the Aculink bridge and web site. Since we do not heat or cool the basement, I had two goals in mind. I wanted to see how low the temp would go in the winter, and how high the humidity would go in the summer. This year or so of data will be used as my "baseline". Based on a line chart of the data created with Excel, the humidity was high enough to promote mildew during the months from June through September. I've decided to use a dehumidifier to reduce the humidity during those months, but the control on the unit only has basic settings, not % humidity markings. My plan is to use the AcuRite sensor to determine the correct setting to use. I hope to save electricity by running it only enough to prevent the mildew, based on the readings from the sensor.
Recently, I started using another sensor to monitor the temp range in the refrigerator. Charting the data over the past three weeks, I've found the control setting that consistently keeps the temp between 38 and 42 degrees F, with the target being 40. Also, by continuous monitoring, I can quickly check the fridge performance if we have any problems with food spoiling.
I think these two examples illustrate practical ways to use extra sensors. The bridge and Aculink web site are also key parts of getting the most out of your system, as they allow you to easily collect and save the data. Of course, it helps to use a spreadsheet program for graphing, after you download your data from the web site. (Posted on 3/20/15)
Before you replace sensor... Review by Geri
Make sure you check the settings on both the sensor and the indoor unit. Acu-rite makes a very decent product, but the trouble-shooter section in instructions could be a bit clearer.

I almost bought a new sensor as it did not change from 60 degrees, 95% humidity. At first, I thought it was damaged by the very low temps we had this winter, and a fall it took when a squirrel got a little too curious. Changed the batteries (they were low) and no change. Then I noticed the little switch in the battery compartment. Seems I changed the transmitter code when I changed the batteries. Switched the ABC to a different match on both units, and it works like a charm. Very accurate and even remembers to switch to DST when I forget.

(Posted on 3/18/15)
Update- Still going strong! Review by Rick_in_NWOH
I have had this sensor set up since Jan. 2014, so about 14 months now. We're approaching the end of a second tough winter in a row, with record snowfall and low temps. We have high humidity most of the summer too, which is hard on the electronic circuits. It has taken the worst Ohio can dish out and it's still going strong. These sensors deliver good performance at a great price. (Posted on 3/13/15)
Works as it should Review by Rebecca
The sensor works as it should giving temp and humidity. (Posted on 2/24/15)
Great bang for the buck! Review by Francis
i use this sensor for various things by moving it around both inside and out and comparing it to the 3 in 1 base station.
Does the job, so if you plan to buy other items I suggest you also throw this into your order for the relatively low price. (Posted on 2/24/15)
Works as described Review by Rob
Sensor works as advertised. I have it in my green house and it is currently recording the temperature and humidity. You need to be careful with the range - the description of the product mentions a 100 meter (330 feet) range. However, as mentioned in the description, your range is greatly reduced once you set your interface bridge in the house. I had to move the interface bridge several times to get a clear line of sight to the sensor. You might need to buy a long Ethernet cable and extension cord to make sure the bridge can receive the sensor signal. The distance from the interface bridge to the sensor in my greenhouse is around 200 feet. I like the product and will probably end up buying the complete weather station. (Posted on 1/2/15)
Works Review by John
I replaced the sensor to an older model 75077. This sensor is different in appearance but seems to work over longer distances. One downside is that the sensor instructions say to avoid direct rain, which I don't believe was a restriction on the old model sensor, so in order to keep it away from the heat of the house I placed it inside an old bird feeder with plenty of ventilation. The reason for 4 stars instead of 5 for value is the cost of shipping. After the price of the product plus $5 for shipping, it's nearly $20 to simply replace the sensor. Nonetheless, my old unit is working great again! (Posted on 12/23/14)
Love the Desktop Weather Review by Ray
Bought the Desktop Weather and I broke the transmitter. Went to the site ordered a replacement and itr arrived within 4 days and works great. (Posted on 12/5/14)
This sensor is perfect for the need! Review by Dennis
I wanted to add a sensor to my online backyard system for the purpose of monitoring the temperature over winter in our root cellar. We like to keep it at about 40 degrees as we have a water pipe that runs through that room as well. Yes a heat tape is in place for freeze protection but, this is just one added piece of mind for me. It works great. Use your imagination when it comes to what you may want a sensor for. Inexpensive too, I should add. (Posted on 10/28/14)
Perfect replacement Review by matrixbud
I was nervous that more than just this sensor might be needed to restore our weather station, but this did the job. Weather station is working correctly again. (Posted on 10/9/14)
Replacement sensor Review by Darryl
My last sensor took a beating in our late summer storms here in SW Florida. Found it in a puddle on the ground....dead! New sensor was ordered and received within a week. Works great! Thanks for making such a reliable and accurate product. Bought one for my Dad and brother-in-law, they both said it works great. (Posted on 10/7/14)
Replacement works fine Review by Rabbit
Original unit that came with my unit would always transmit the same numbers rendering it useless. The replacement unit works just great. (Posted on 10/4/14)
Shipping Review by Larry
Great sensor but either a lower price or no cost shipping would be nice. (Posted on 10/3/14)
The right one Review by Rose
Just like the one we had that went out. Works great! (Posted on 10/1/14)
Just what I needed Review by Brucejean
I bought this item to record the temp in my home while on my many road trips. Great item, it will send the temp and humidity reading direct to my iphone or iPad via my bridge . Gotta make sure my pets are comfortable while I am away. (Posted on 8/29/14)
Works great! Review by Justin
I have an older model receiving unit, so I wasn't sure if a new sensor would work with it, but it works flawlessly! (Posted on 8/14/14)
Great Mobility Review by Snickles
Gives you the temperature in just about any area inside or out of the house. NO WIRES...!!!!! Love this little gadget. (Posted on 4/15/14)
replacing old wireless sensor Review by chet
My old wireless weather station (#75077) quit indicating outdoor temps after about 4 years of northeast Florida exposure, The main unit no longer showed outdoor temp reception. I removed the cover of the wireless sensor, removed the corrosion on the battery contacts and installed new batteries for the 5th time. Still no signal reception.
After contacting Chaney customer care and finding there is no repair depots, I ordered and replaced the wireless sensor with newer 592TXR sensor.

Problem solved!

Hope this new sensor holds up to the heat and corrosion in this part of Florida. (Posted on 4/10/14)
Temp & Humidity Tower Review by Dale
Needed something for my LakeHouse to monitor the inside temps when I'm not there. Have a Acurite 5 in 1 unit outside with The Internet Bridge where I monitor the outside weather condition. When I saw Acurite had the Temp & Humidity tower on sale that would be a good fix to monitor indoors.

Best $8.00 well spent put the two AA batteries in an open up Acurite's My Backyard web page configured it and reporting with no problem .

Now monitoring indoors and outdoor conditions wherever I'm at. (Posted on 3/15/14)
Great sensor Review by Miles
works great, setup was a dream. Was told it has a 300' range so will experiment more this summer with it. I wish they made a water temp model! (Posted on 3/9/14)
Replacement for my old sensor Review by Ron
I had to replace my old sensor and this new one is doing a great job. I received my new sensor in less then a week. Thanks Acu-Rite for providing such a great product replacement. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Useful addition Review by dblackinsk
I like this unit to monitor our indoor temperature while we are away. If I had not been ordering a bridge I would not have ordered this as the shipping would have likely tripled the price. It works great with the bridge and this way we can put it into an area of the house we want to monitor if we are away on vacation. If the temperature drops in the house in winter we can notify someone to check the furnace for us.
(Posted on 2/8/14)
A great product at a great price Review by Carl the Weatherman
I bought 2 of these units. One to check the temperature in our chicken house and the other to keep an eye on the temp in the refrigerator. Have been very pleased with the quality and pricing on these products. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Mr Review by Frank
At first I thought that the sensor was bad because it didn't immediately register onto the main display unit. I checked the channel ("A") to be sure it was set on both sensor and display, removed the batteries and it still didn't send a signal. There was a button-looking indention on the front of the sensor but it didn't seem to depress, so I was a bit miffed.

Then I noticed the LED and wondered why it didn't light up. Although I thought I put in fresh batteries, I decided to change the batteries again and waa-laa! It blinked. Still not reading on the main display but at least there was progress.

There is a very small pin button called "sensitivity" on the main unit and I depressed it until the LED on the sensor blinked and this time the reading appeared!

Perhaps this was the problem with the older sensor, but I'm happy anyway. I'll give this replacement 5 stars even if the documentation may need to have a little more more direction. (Posted on 2/4/14)
great item Review by Terry
works great I only wish I could get a signal booster. I have this in a safe at the other end of the house and some times I loss the signal (Posted on 1/31/14)
time will tell Review by sue
hope also that it lasts other was way less then a year but I did no have my sales slip. usually love this product so time will tell all. (Posted on 1/30/14)
sensor replaced Review by Jeepdude2004
I have had this weather unit for many years and it worked flawlessly then about two years ago it stopped sending the signal. I looked and looked for a new unit but the prices are sky high and it was bothering me that I still have the display unit All II need is the sensor. Well I checked out the Accu Rite site and found for a mere $8 I could have the unit I really like back working. I now have the new sensor and it works great. Much different design than the original one. But works fine.. Thank you for supplying the replacement sensor and for such a reasonable price. Much better than the $60 to buy a new unit.. (Posted on 1/25/14)
Reasonable accuracy for the price Review by Rick_in_NWOH
The low cost of this sensor has to be considered when evaluating the performance.
I originally acquired the 2007 model weather forecaster, which uses this 592TXR sensor. I liked the unit in general, but I wanted to add wind and rainfall measurements, so I got a bridge/5in1 sensor package. At the same time I ordered another 592TXR to use in the basement, but initially I set it up right next to the 592TXR that came with the 2007 model display.
To evaluate the tower sensor performance compared to the 5in1, I used the bridge and the Aculink website to track the three sensors. I found that the first 592TXR and the 5in1 sensor readings for temp and humidity closely matched several weather stations that are within 1 or 2 miles. One of those stations is at a local airport, so I know that those readings are closely monitored because of the commercial aircraft. The second 592TXR tower sensor (placed right next to the first 592TXR for test purposes), read on average within 0.3 degrees F of the first 592TXR and the 5in1 (excellent temp repeatability). Understand that I am able to get 0.1 degree resolution using the Aculink website, not from the display consoles. However, the second 592TXR was consistently 6% lower on the humidity reading than the first 592TXR and the 5in1 sensor.
After I called Acurite and explained my measurements, they quickly agreed to send a replacement 592TXR sensor.
To summarize, I think the 592TXR can be very accurate, especially for the temp data. The price is amazingly low too. One thing I noticed during these tests was that the 5in1 sensor humidity reading response time was much faster than the 592TXR (5in1 = 15 minutes; 592TXR = 1 hour). I think this is due to the internal fan in the 5in1 because I only noticed the faster response time when the sun was shining (which is when the fan runs).
The bottom line here is that the Acurite devices are a very good value and the company does stand behind their warranty. I don't know what the long term durability will be yet, but anything electronic that you put outside in the fairly humid and hostile environment where I live is going to face quite a challenge, considering that our temps range from -20F to 105. At the price point of these products, I can afford to replace them when the weather beats them up. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Hope it lasts longer than the original sensor Review by Galdor41
Original sensor lasted less than a year. It was installed beneath the eave of my garage so could not have had weather damage. This replacement linked up fine (after I remembered to check that the receiver and sensor were both set on the same A or B or C setting!). Sensor accurate according to a good mercury thermometer placed beside it for a while. Acurite DID send me a free replacement since it had been less than a year old. Thanks Acurite. (Posted on 12/21/13)
Does the job very well Review by JP
Great little sensor. Works every time. I have several in two separate residences to monitor temp. and humidity. (Posted on 12/14/13)
Great product,price and service Review by Doc
I dropped my sensor from a ladder and had to get a new one. It was only $5.00 and I received it in a week. It is a can do type of business. (Posted on 10/10/13)
Just what I needed to get my 1099RX running again Review by GaryB
The remote sensor on my 1099RX weather station stopped working. I ordered this replacement sensor and received it in a week. I took it out of the package, put in the batteries and it linked right up. Much better than having to buy a new weather station. (Posted on 10/6/13)
Working again! Review by DavidnWaxhaw
I have a five year old Acu-Rite weather station inside my house. The outdoor unit/sensor was 'somehow damaged' so I needed a replacement. Ordering and installing the new sensor (which by the way is a much better design than the old one) was simple and painless! The units paired without problem and I am now 'back in business'. (Posted on 7/18/13)
Great Product Review by Norman
I unwrapped the sensor, installed the batteries, and linked it to the display and it works fine. I have no issues or problems. I would buy again. I am very satisfied with the product! (Posted on 6/10/13)
Excellent Product Review by Mike
I unwrapped the sensor, installed the batteries, and linked it to the display unit in literally 60 seconds. I am very satisfied with the product! (Posted on 2/28/13)
It would be great if... Review by Ernie
It would be great if they advertised this as a Temp/Humidity Sensor instead of a Tower Sensor. They might sell more. I've been looking all over for a temp sensor that would be compatible with my acu-link with no luck until I read the above reviews. I'm ordering 2 to add to my 1055 for the refrigerator and crawlspace. (Posted on 2/1/13)
Has worked flawlessly Review by MM
It has been in use for about 1 year on same batteries (Posted on 1/29/13)
excellant Review by Jim
just received 2 tower sensors put one in garage & the other in barn works great in all areas(outside side door of house) total 3 for my model #13230 (Posted on 1/19/13)
Great addition to my 01050C Review by CraigW
The bridge that came with my 01050C can read from this sensor. It gives me a great way to add a humidity and temperature alarm and chart to my refrigerator or anywhere else around my house. (Posted on 9/29/11)
j'aime ce produit Review by Daniel
Très facile a faire fonctionner (Posted on 8/30/11)

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