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Your Personal Weather Report

The popularity of online climate reporting sites and the proliferation of smartphone apps make accessing current weather conditions easier than ever. However, getting reliable and accurate weather forecast information for your specific location is a bit more tricky.

Weather forecasting agencies, like the National Weather Service, create forecasts based on a set of observations and computer models collected from reporting stations that may be hundreds of miles from your backyard. Because these forecasts cover an entire region, a prediction for rain doesn’t necessarily mean you should cancel your barbeque.

People familiar with a particular region can sometimes make short-term weather predictions based upon current conditions and tendencies in the weather. For example, because of the relationship between warm fronts and other weather variables, it’s possible to make reasonably reliable forecasts of cloud conditions and rain.

A Reliable Look Ahead

AcuRite started with the belief that over a period of time it’s possible to use the observations collected from a sensor in your backyard to generate a localized short-term forecast. Using the latest methodology in weather prediction modeling and the related effects of current observations on forecasting, we developed a self-calibrating technology to provide a reliable, accurate forecast of weather conditions personalized for your exact location.

Learning Mode

AcuRite's patented self-calibrating weather forecasters use a unique algorithm to analyze changes in pressure and temperature over a time period, called Learning Mode, to determine your altitude. The algorithm begins with the global average pressure (29.92 inHg). The weather station then takes 4,000 readings at 12-minute increments to calculate a running average and compute the barometric pressure for your exact location.

The pressure accuracy of AcuRite self-calibraSelf-Calibrating Learning Modeting forecasters increases with each new reading over the Learning Mode time period. After 14 days, the Learning Mode icon disappears from the weather station screen (example pictured on left). At this point, the self-calibrated pressure is reasonably accurate (although the algorithm continues to run; 4,000 readings = 33.33 days) and the weather forecaster is ready for superior weather prediction.

Barometric Pressure and the Weather Forecast

Measuring changes in barometric pressure adjusted for your location’s altitude is a proven method for determining the future weather forecast. Self-Calibrating Forecasting Technology makes AcuRite weather stations simple to install and extremely accurate. Competing weather stations require users input their altitude—a problem if you don’t know where to get that information. It also makes the set-up more complicated. Some forecasters don’t require an altitude input and consequently aren’t very accurate.

So go ahead. Plan your day with confidence! It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.


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