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Barometric Pressure


Dew Point

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Moon Phase

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Weather Alarms

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 Wireless Signal Reception Icon

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Weather Forecast or Future Forecast

The Weather Forecast icon is a prediction of conditions for the next 12 to 24 hours. The forecast is based on the data observed from your outdoor sensor combined with the barometric pressure for your location. AcuRite weather station forecasts increase in accuracy after the two week Learning Mode has completed. AcuRite weather products come with one of two different forecasting methodologies to provide a weather forecast: 1) Self-Calibrating Forecasting for 12-24 hour future conditions, and 2) Precision Forecasting for a morning, noon and night forecast.

Please note: Under special circumstances, like strong winds, mountainous surroundings and high altitude pressure readings, an unpredictable weather forecast may result. People living in those type of regions should take extra caution when planning activities where the weather will play an important factor. 

Below is a chart of AcuRite weather forecasting icons by product model number and the icon definitions explaining the type of weather to expect:

Forecast Version


Forecast Version


Acurite Icons Version A
Version A

75075, 75077,

Acurite Icons Version B
Version B


 00436, 00502, 00608, 00615,
00621, 00623, 00634, 00638,
00639, 01010, 01015, 01033,
01056, 01086, 01097, 01098,
01099, 01500, 01502, 01514,
01515, 01602BPDI, 01602BPDIA1, 02001,
02008, 06017RM, 75329

Acurite Icons Version C
Version C



00251W, 00252W, 01050, 01055, 01055A1, 01506
01512, 01524, 01528, 02005, 02007,
02010, 02014, 02015, 02030, 02031,
02036, 02037, 03001, 06035RM

Acurite Icons Version D
Version D

00250, 00838, 
01025, 01035, 01036, 
01525, 02032

Acurite Icons Version E
Version E 

00439DI, 00589, 00821, 00828, 00829, 
01301, 01604, 02016, 02038W, 02039CA, 
02040CASB, 02041CASB, 02048, 13230

Acurite Icons Version F

Version F

 00622, 01604, 02022, 02026,
02027, 06022RM

Acurite Icons Version G
Version G 

00828BPDI, 00829
08575, 08580





What-to-Wear Icon

AcuRite What-to-Wear weather products provide a clothing recommendation based on the data observed from your outdoor sensor. Below is a chart of all available how-to-dress icons by product model number:

Version #1

Version #2

acurite what to wear icons

Models: 00526, 00536, 00837

acurite what to wear icons

 Models: 00827, 00837W, 02045W