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Barometric Pressure History Chartbarometric pressure chart

A pressure graph tracks and displays the historical barometric pressure over an allotted amount of time up to the current time. The chart curve represents the rate of change over this allotted time period. An example of a 12-hour barometric pressure history chart is pictured on the right:

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Dew Point

The dew point is the temperature at which the air becomes 100% fully saturated with water. The dewpoint temperature will always be lower than or equal to the air temperature. When the air temperature equals that of the dewpoint (a relative humidity of 100%), clouds and fog begin to form. As the air temperature gets cooler, the dewpoint must also fall, causing precipitation as water vapors are rapidly removed from the air. During warmer seasons, the dewpoint temperature can be a good indicator of how humid the outside air feels, as well as with how likely it is to rain or storm.

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High / Low Records

AcuRite products track a variety of high / low record types: daily, 24-hour, monthly and all-time.

• If the unit has a clock the daily high / low record is the highest / lowest data recorded since midnight. 

• As a general rule of thumb, if the unit does not have a clock, the high / low records clear every 24 hours. The time records clear each day is determined by the time the battery was installed. For example, if the battery was installed at 6:00 pm, then high/low records will reset at 6:00 pm daily.

Monthly high / low is the highest / lowest data recorded throughout the calendar month, beginning on the 1st day of the month and clearing at midnight on the last day of the month.  

All-time high / low is the highest / lowest data recorded since the unit was first powered on or since batteries were installed.


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Humidity Level Icon

AcuRite's weather and environment products that track indoor humidity feature a humidity level icon, or home comfort icon, to easily convey a low, high or ideal humidity level for your health and home environment. Humidity can have a large impact on your personal comfort, health safety and valuables (learn more). The ideal humidity level, or home comfort, is determined through relative humidity (RH) levels, per the chart below:

low humidity home comfort

humidity OK for home comfort

humidity HIGH for home comfort


LOW Humidity Level
Less than 25% RH
Humidity level is low relative to the temperature. This makes for a dry environment.


OK Humidity Level
Between 25% - 55% RH
Humidity level is OK relative to the temperature. This makes for a comfortable environment.


HIGH Humidity Level
Over 55% RH
Humidity level is high relative to the temperature. This makes for a humid environment.


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 Humidity Trend Arrow

The Humidity Trend directional arrow icon will show one of the following three humidity trend directions, indicating potential future conditions:

humidity trend icon

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Learning Mode

Learning Mode is a time span during which AcuRite products utilize a unique algorithm to analyze changes in pressure and temperature over time to determine your altitude. During Learning Mode, AcuRite products have a Learning Mode icon on screen. After 14 days, the Learning Mode icon disappears from the display screen. At this point, the self-calibrated pressure is tuned in to your location and the forecaster is fairly accurate, however Learning Mode continues to calibrate for a total of 33.33 days. Learn More

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Multi-Variable History Chartmulti variable weather history chart

AcuRite multi-variable history charts feature a selectable history mode that tracks and displays the changes in conditions for more than one type of data over an allotted time period. Examples of the type of information that multi-variable charts track include barometric pressure, temperature, humidity and wind speed. You can toggle between the multiple charts. The charts allow you to monitor the rate of change over time up to the current time (typically the last 12 hours: -12, -6, -3, -2, -1, 0). An example of a multi-variable chart is pictured on the right:

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Pressure or Weather Trend Arrow

Subtle variations in barometric pressure greatly impact the weather. The Weather Trend directional arrow icon will show one of the following three barometric pressure trend directions, indicating potential future weather conditions:

pressure trend icon

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Temperature Trend Arrow

The Temperature Trend directional arrow icon will show one of the following three humidity trend directions, indicating potential future conditions:

temperature trend icon

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Weather Forecast or Future Forecast

The Weather Forecast icon is a prediction of conditions for the next 12 to 24 hours based on the data observed from your weather sensor.

Forecast Version


Forecast Version


Acurite Icons Version A
Version A

75075, 75077,

Acurite Icons Version B
Version B


 00436, 00615, 00608, 00621,
00623, 00634, 00638, 00639,
01010, 01015, 01033, 01097,
01098, 01099, 01500,  01502,
01515, 01602, 02001, 02008,

Acurite Icons Version C
Version C
(Precision Forecasting)



01050, 01055,
02005, 02007, 02010, 
02014, 02015, 02036,

Acurite Icons Version D
Version D

00250, 00251W, 00252W, 00838, 
01025, 01035, 01036, 
01525, 02032

Acurite Icons Version E
Version E 

00439DI, 00589, 00821, 00828,
00829, 01301, 01506, 01524, 01604, 02016, 
02038W, 02039CA, 02040CASB, 02041CASB, 13230

Acurite Icons Version F

Version F

 00622, 02022, 02026, 02027

Acurite Icons Version G
Version G 

00828BPDI, 00829
08575, 08580



What-to-Wear Icon

The What-to-Wear icon provides a clothing recommendation based on the data observed from your weather sensor.

Version #1

Version #2

acurite what to wear icons

Models: 00526, 00536, 00837

acurite what to wear icons

 Models: 00827, 00837W

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Weather Ticker

The Weather Ticker automatically streams your real-time weather information and alerts as scrolling text on the display unit. You can customize which messages or data you'd like to be displayed. Standard Weather Ticker messages include a text readout of: forecast, moon phase, indoor comfort, "feels like" temperature, weekly / monthly / all-time high and low records, etc.

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Wind Chill

Wind chill is a measure of how cold it feels outside. Wind chill occurs due to the loss of body heat when exposed skin is in direct contact with the wind and cold temperatures. Heat is drawn away from the body at a faster rate when wind speed increases. 

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Wind Speed

Current Wind Speed: AcuRite's 3-in-1 sensor and 5-in-1 sensor transmit wind speed data every 18 seconds. Current wind speed is the highest wind speed recorded over that 18 second window.

Average Wind Speed: An average of all wind speed readings collected over the past 2 minutes.

Peak Wind Speed: A rolling value showing the highest wind speed recorded over the past 60 minutes.

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Wireless Signal Reception Icon

For easy setup and superior performance, AcuRite wireless products feature signal reception indicator icons. If there are a low number of “bars” present, you may experience no data display ( “--” ) or inaccurate data. In either case, you may need to relocate the display, the sensor or both for improved reception. Keep in mind, wireless products must be positioned away from electronics that may interfere with the wireless communication (such as TVs, microwaves, computers, etc).   

If most or all 4 of the bars are present, wireless reception is good and no action is required:

wireless reception icons

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