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Access Weather Sensor Data on a PC

PC Connect is a new way to access your weather data. AcuRite weather stations with PC Connect include a 5-in-1 weather sensor that measures 1) temperature, 2) humidity, 3) wind speed, 4) wind direction and 5) rainfall. The 5-in-1 sensor wirelessly delivers the measurements it collects to your PC in a data file, and enables you to stream your data online. PC Connect weather stations can operate in several different modes, ranging from a standard weather station with no PC connection to a weather station that streams data to online weather station software, like Weather Underground or AcuRite's complimentary AcuLink My Backyard Weather.


How it Works

PC Connect weather stations come with a display that connects to your computer through an ethernet cable and a weather sensor. 

To use PC Connect, the sensor should be positioned in the location where you'd like measurements to be taken and monitored. The sensor wirelessly transmits it's data to the weather station's display. The display plugs directly into a PC through a USB connection. Then, the data can then be accessed and utilized on a PC in one of three ways:

1. Download data to the PC in a data file (CSV, or comma-separated values, record). Measurements are recorded at 12 minute intervals (example pictured above).
2. View data on your PC's screen as a weather widget.
3. Stream the data to online software, like AcuLink My Backyard Weather, for access from a web browser or mobile device*. Measurements are sent every 18 seconds.
    *Requires the display to be connected to an always-on computer with an always-on internet connection.

The AcuLink My Backyard Weather software allows you to monitor your sensor's data and weather forecast remotely from a web browser by visiting http://www.aculink.com, or from a mobile device by downloading the free AcuLink app from the iPhone App Store or Android Market.


PC Connect USB Utility

System Requirements

 PC Connect System Requirements: Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP SP2 or higher; Intel Dual-Core 1.6 GHz or higher, 1 GB RAM, Available USB port


Setup, Software & Instruction Manuals

Quick Start Guide: PC Connect Quick Start Guide [PDF]

Instruction Manual: PC Connect Instruction Manual [PDF]

Download PC Connect Software: Download v3.9 PC Connect Software  [EXE]

Register for My Backyard Weather software: www.aculink.com

Software Archive: This is NOT the most current software: Download v2.0 PC Connect Legacy Software  [MSI]

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