Weather Environment System with Wind and Rain 01055A1
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The AcuRite Weather Environment System includes an AcuLink Internet Bridge, a weather station display for 5-in-1 sensor data, and a 5-in-1 PRO weather sensor.

Monitor temperature, humidity, rain, wind speed and wind direction remotely for any location, track historical records and customize email and text alerts to know when conditions change. View your weather from virtually anywhere on a smartphone, tablet or computer with the AcuRite app or website, or easily publish your weather reports on Weather Underground.

One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

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AcuRite Online & AcuLink App

• Visit to view your sensors from virtually anywhere using a laptop, tablet or desktop computer

• View your sensors on any Apple iOS or Android mobile device with the free AcuLink app from the iPhone App Store or Google Play Store

• Setup email & text alerts to notify you when conditions change or your presets are reached

Alerts can be triggered by events like rainfall, flooding conditions, high wind speed, high or low temperatures or humidity conditions, oncoming storms and more

• Easy-to-read, comprehensive trend observation with graphic charts and historical data storage

• Sensor data can be monitored privately, shared with others, or be reported to online weather communities like Weather Underground

AcuLink Internet Bridge

• Uploads sensor data to the AcuRite app or website

• Works with all AcuLink compatible sensors

• Reports data for up to 3 sensors simultaneously (additional sensors sold separately )

• Easy setup: Ethernet cable plugs into your internet router

Display for 5-in-1 Sensor

• Morning, noon & night (4-hour, 4 to 8-hour, and 8 to 12-hour) Precision Forecast of high / low temperature, cloud cover and precipitation

• Patent-pending Precision Forecasting Technology pulls data from a sensor in your yard to generate the most accurate forecast for your exact location (North America only)

• Daily, weekly, monthly, annual and all-time high/low weather records

• Indoor temperature / outdoor temperature (ºF or ºC) with trend indicator

Indoor humidity / outdoor humidity (%RH) with trend indicator

• Wind speed: current, peak, & average (MPH, KPH or knots)

• Wind direction

• Rain data

• Barometric pressure with trend indicator

• Heat index, wind chill and dew point

Intelli-Time clock and date (month/date)

• Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST)

• Tabletop display design

5-in-1 PRO Weather Sensor

• Measures temperature, humidity, wind speed, wind direction and rain

• Two solar panels power the internal fan to maximize ambient temperature accuracy

• Wireless range up to 330 feet (100 meters)

• Transmits data every 18 to 36 seconds

• Automatic self-emptying rain collection cup

• 2 year battery life

• Durable, all-weather construction

• Easy installation includes mounting hardware

Weather Environment System Includes: Digital weather station display, AcuLink internet bridge, 5-in-1 PRO Weather Sensor, mounting bracket, debris filter, mounting hardware, Ethernet cable, AC power adapter, quick start guide, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


AcuLink Internet Bridge Specifications

AcuLink System Requirements Mobile device with app access and/or PC with Internet. PC/mobile device is NOT required to use this product.
AcuLink Text Alerts View compatible mobile phone providers
Power 4.5V power adapter
Dimensions 5-inches Height x 3.5-inches Width x 5-inches Depth

Display Specifications
Indoor Temperature Range 32 to 122 degrees Fahrenheit; 0 to 50 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy +/- 2°
Indoor Humidity Range
1% to 99% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy+/- 5% from 0% to 10% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
Wind Direction Indicators
16 points
Power3 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Dimensions5.3-inches Height x 5.8-inches Width x 1.3-inches Depth

5-in-1 PRO Weather Sensor Specifications

Temperature Range -40 to 158 degrees Fahrenheit; -40 to 70 degrees Celsius
Temperature Accuracy +/- 2°
Humidity Range
1% to 99% Relative Humidity
Humidity Accuracy +/- 5% from 0% to 10% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 10% to 20% Relative Humidity
+/- 3% from 20% to 80% Relative Humidity
+/- 4% from 80% to 90% Relative Humidity
+/- 5% from 90% to 100% Relative Humidity
Wind Speed 0 to 99 mph; 0 to 159 kph
Wind Speed Accuracy +/-2 mph below 10 mph
+/- 3 mph from 10 to 30 mph
+/- 4 mph from 30 to 50 mph
+/- 5 mph from 50 to 99 mph
Wind Direction Indicators
16 points
Rainfall Capacity 0 to 99.99 inches; 0 to 99.99 millimeters
Rain Gauge Accuracy +/- 0.05" per inch of rainfall
Wireless Range 330 feet / 100 meters depending on home construction materials
Wireless Signal 433 MHz
Power 4 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries
*Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4 degrees Fahrenheit / -20 degrees Celsius
Data Reporting Wind Speed: 18 second updates
Wind Direction, Temperature and Humidity: 36 second updates
Dimensions 10.8-inches Height x 5.6-inches Width x 13.8-inches Depth
AcuRite Environment Systems Compatible Yes

Customer Reviews

Love it Review by Bruce
This is my third five and one, the very first one I had problems with the first year, the seconded one I had for 10 years with no problems. This one Is performing very well after three weeks & is starting to build the data nicely. I love the idea that I can get the information on my phone. (Posted on 10/22/14)
Good system Review by Richard
I have had several different weather station but have enjoy this one the most. I would give it a 5 but unlike other systems I had to make a bracket to mount this station on my tower. Access to data via internet is ok but would like an avenue to share with more than just weather underground (Posted on 10/22/14)
good so far Review by Orangeville WX
It was easy to set up. As advertised. Working good so far. Could use a better mount. Had to build something to make it work. The iPhone app is good. Could use indoor info. The forecasting part of it is a joke. Does not work. Could use the space on display screen for other data to be displayed. Rain gage seems to be off. I compare it with a column type. May need to calibrate. Haven't got that far yet. We will see how long it works after a year. Others manufactures have failed on me. (Posted on 9/17/14)
Could be so much better Review by Joseph
The Sensor is great does a good job on almost anything....unless its just drizzling out then it will continually read 0mm despite the fact that it has been drizzling out for hours. The bridge once its set up is great and the main reason I decided to buy this unit, however the accurate server is often unresponsive and the app is lacking and has some errors that need to be corrected as well as a speedier update. a push system would be a great addition to the app. The display is annoying as it is battery only so it only lights up when you press the button and as the contrast is low you need the light on to see it properly. It also does not display much on the screen so you are constantly moving it back and forth for example it can auto rotate through but it takes time to see whats important to you aka temp/wind/rain/feels like but it only displays one at a time the professional display that I also have is nicer as it always can be light as it had an ac adapter as well as it displays much more info at a glance. this wouldn't bother me as much if the app and the bridge worked better. (Posted on 9/17/14)
Great weather station Review by Shawn
I had a bit of an issue connecting the base to the sensor, it appears that my laptop wireless card was causing the interference. It has been operating flawless all summer. I love the network bridge for accessing it on my phone with the app. (Posted on 9/6/14)
Ok for price but display and software pretty bad Review by pe1125
Had installed for several months and so far so good. Acu-link bridge and a automatic upload to Weather Underground without having to have a computer always on is the big plus. Display unit and Acu-link dashboard are the real weak points which I'll go into below.

First problem on install was mounting the sensor unit to a mast. Seems to be designed for mounting to a flat vertical surface rather than a round mast, so it took some handywork to get it on a mast with some height above the roof. Next problem was that my choice of 1/2" metal conduit was not sturdy enough to keep the sensor from whipping around in the strong (40-60mph) winds that come through the canyon, with the result that the rain gauge kept falsely reporting phantom rainfall. Switched to a 1" wood closet pole with guy wires and that seemed to solve the problem at least until we get 80 mph winds.

Display unit shortcomings:
First, the contrast in quite low, really only readable in fairly bright light.
Second, display on really shows one parameter at a time instead of all the usual relevant stuff at once as on most competing products. You have to scroll through 11 different data to find what you're looking for. (Personally, I just want the raw data (temperature and humidity inside/outside, pressure, wind and can do without Wind Chill and Heat Index.)
The "Precision Weather Forecast" is really a joke. I don't think mine has ever forecast anything but 99% probability of rain even though we are in a 10 year drought and right now we have clear skies and 18% humidity. Forecast at this moment is again 99% rain, with the 4 hour high/low temperatures 83/82 (current temperature is 91). The 8 hour and 12 hour temperature predictions are for highs of 73 and 55 and lows of 74 and 66. Yes, you read it right: the lows are higher than the predicted highs.

So at least you can turn on your computer and get a nice customizable display of current conditions. There's an option to display a chart of historical data, but that doesn't work on my system with Internet Explorer, only with Chrome. Even then the java script is flawed and doesn't let you change the time interval of the plot because another control obscures the one that lets you change the time interval.
Fortunately you can get at all of this data on weather underground, and at least there is a slim chance Acurite will upgrade their software.

The real test is how well the unit will hold up in the intense sun and heat of New Mexico. A neighbor has an identical unit (which by the way reproduces my data quite closely, so there seems to be reasonable accuracy on the sensors), so we will have two potential data points on failure rates. If I can get 5-10 years I will be quite happy. (Posted on 9/1/14)
Satisfied with my purchase Review by JeremyW
I am satisfied with my purchase. Just recently mounted it and placed, very east to set up. So far, it is performing great! My 5 in 1 is a great investment for me and my family. Now we can a more accurate measurement of rain in our own backyard without always seeing it on TV where they report their precipitation amounts from the airport, which is about 10 miles from town here. My kids love the fact of viewing their own weather statistics, all from one unit. Gets them interested in the concepts of meteorology and how weather is a part of our lives. Thanks for a great product AcuRite. Educational for kids and adults! (Posted on 8/28/14)
good value if.... Review by Wayne
If it will last this is a good value. Ive stuck with acurite/chaney for 4 years, going through 6 5in1 sensors....bearing failures and humidity sensor failures.....why am I still with them??? Exceptional customer service. They have never blinked an eye when contacted about the issues and have been quick to send out replacement sensors. This kind of service will keep my faith that they do make attempts to improve the product and show the customer that they want their business.they explained the new improvements in my conversations with them in the replacement processes. My current sensor is 7 months old, and still works fine. The longest time so far has been 11 month's. Recently purchased this system mainly for the bridge, which installed without any problems. Im using my old display and 7 month old sensor...when it goes, hopefully awhile from now, ill have a new 5 in 1 waiting! You can't fault anyone that admits they've had issues, and shows they are improving them. Keep up the good work guys...your customer service means more than you may know!!! (Posted on 8/9/14)
Quality unit and dependable help from the company Review by SteveLW
When I received the 5-1 Weather Station, I found that it did not take me long to set it up. I used a four-inch PVC pipe which was 10 feet long to set the unit on. The pipe was set in concrete and made the Weather Station much easier to balance. Two features I liked about the unit was that I used it while on vacation in Texas and California to observe my weather on my iPhone using Backyard Weather and Weather Underground. I gave my website address to my friend in Switzerland and she observes my weather at any time. I talked my sister-in-law into getting my brother one for Father's Day. I can now check his weather in my hometown where I grew up anytime day or night. However, one key thing I like about AcuRite is the very knowledgeable help I get from the company. ANY problem is solved within minutes and saves me time trying to figure out a problem. Great people to work with. I did buy the dual solar panel and a 1500 sensor. I would buy the 5-1 Weather Station again. (Posted on 8/6/14)
Good readings but disappointed in upload to WU and Display unit. Review by Chris
This station is replacing a Costco La Crosse station that I have had for several years that I had to use a USB and PC to upload to Weather Underground (WU). I didn't have any issues setting up this station in it's place and getting it connected. I like the aspirated temperature and the unit seems fairly accurate. I am disappointed that it doesn't do Rapid Fire to WU and does not provide rate of rainfall. I also don't like that it only uploads to WU every 20 minutes. I think there should be an option to set how often data can be transmitted to WU. My old station did 5 minute intervals. (Posted on 7/25/14)
Very Good But Not Perfect Review by Nick
I like this product. However, I have trouble keeping the connection from the 5 in 1 to the bridge even though it only about 75 feet away. This makes checking the weather on line a bit less than ideal.

Additionally, I appreciate the web interface and the iPhone app but they are not real intuitive and could definitely be improved in both form and function.

Regardless, this is a great product for the price. You should get one, (Posted on 7/25/14)
Love my "5 in 1" BUT.... Review by Dakota Shopper
I recently purchased this unit together with the "bridge" to connect the weather station to the internet. There is much to like about the 5 in 1 - appearance, ease of installation, amount of information gathered - very nice. The indoor display is not easy to read but does have lots of information and retains history very nicely. I would like to end this review here but....

Some drunk must have written the program for the display unit as least as far as it relates to the rainfall reports. The system keeps track of the current rainfall, week total, month total and year total. Now for the hand of the drunk.

One of the useful settings on the display is called auto cycle. In this setting, the unit displays each of the unit reports such as wind, pressure, temperature indoors and out. Unbelievably the rainfall page displayed on auto-cycle presents the amount of rain the system has measured since it was put in service! This would have to be the most useless information one could contemplate. After 2 or 3 years of service, who but the most entangled OCD sufferer, could possibly care about that amount? The only way to clear this element is to clear all totals so you lose weekly, monthly and yearly totals. If you set the unit so that it does not cycle the only static page for rainfall is the silly total since implementation. Sorry folks but this is stupid.

Finally, my bridge did not work out of the box if moved more than about 20 feet from the 5 in 1. Acurite provided a return number - at my expense - and I have received the replacement unit. They returned the identical unit to me and I suspect it was never opened. At 30 feet I am l lucky to get one bar. Finally I bought a WIFI extender and put the bridge out in my backyard shed about 20 feet from the 5 in 1. There I get 3 bars except that at once in the first week it simply stopped transmitting to the WIFI. You can look at my backyard weather on Weather underground select zip code 57501 and under "change station" on the default page, select "Near Jefferson School"
The system would get 5 stars for me but it lost one for the silly rainfall default and another for the wimpy bridge. Strangely the in house display for the 5 in 1 shows a strong signal regardless of where it is in the house. So Chaney does know where to get a receiver they just decided not to put it into the bridge. (Posted on 7/21/14)
Great choice Review by Dean
After two months of researching various PWS, my decision to buy the 01055 was based on functions and price. The name Acu-rite was also recommended by local meteorologists.
The product arrived well packaged and in decent time. It took only two hours to mount the outside unit, sync the eBridge and the inside unit, register with Acu-Link and Weather Underground and install my iPhone app.
We haven't had too much harsh weather since I have installed the unit, but everything is working great. The alarms I have set for adverse conditions are working great. Although I have not had the system long enough to gather data for a decent forecast, I imagine in a year or so the data gathered will give a fairly nice forecast for my location. (Posted on 7/15/14)
What a weather station should be Review by Bart
So far a great product. Great price, easy setup, no pc needed to upload to wunderground, and accurate. I had a competitor's weather station and was disappointed from day one with it. Sure glad I bought this station. (Posted on 7/15/14)
Exactly what I was looking for Review by Jarrod
I was looking at weather stations for quite some time, but I could not find one that wirelessly connected to the internet without needing a computer and a USB, then I found this one. I Mounted the 5 in 1 sensor on the roof, installation took about 20 minutes including installing a mount, I get 5 bars of strength on my display which is on the main floor of my house. The internet bridge is in my basement with my router and it still gets 3 bars. I was up online using the app in 15 minutes and was able to see my info on weather underground the next day. I wish you had a package which included the 5 in 1 sensor, internet bridge, and full color screen, I would have gladly paid a little extra to get the better screen. The only thing I wish it would do is when display scrolls to rainfall, it shows cumulative, not last event. You have to specifically manipulate this on the display to see it. Otherwise seems very accurate when compared to other stations in proximity. Easy to use, and so is the mobile app. Very Happy!!! (Posted on 7/12/14)
So far, excellent machine,quality design & build. Review by ''TRICKY''
I have only had the 5 in 1 in use for a few days but have checked it to Weather Underground measurements and it is right on. I had a high quality instrument from a different manufacturer for several years and didn't realize how inacurate it was until I purchased the AcuRite 5 in 1. I will purchase the add on dual solar panel if it deems necessary but so far , not needed. I'm a 78 year old retired Teamster and don't fish anymore so I have lot's of time to play with gadgets! (Posted on 7/12/14)
Have had issues with the new station Review by Joey
Have had issues with the new station staying connected to the bridge. Other then that it seems to be working fine. Even works with my old AcuRite station. I got this one mainly to check what its doing at home while I am working. (Posted on 7/6/14)
Great Product! Review by Greg
I wanted a backyard weather station that allowed me to see weather data online and on my Android phone. This unit provides that and though it's still "learning", provides accurate rainfall, temp and humidity data. I expect barometric pressure to be accurate after the unit is finished "learning". I also like that the unit can be manually calibrated if necessary. For more accurate temp data, I strongly recommend the replacement dual-solar-panel fan that does a better job of negating the effects of solar radiation on temperature measurements. (Posted on 6/14/14)
Nice Unit, Great Weather Station Review by Kraig
I really like the Weather Station, it was easy to setup and really easy get online.

So far 3 of my friends have ordered them since seeing mine.

I will be busy exploring what I can do with this! (Posted on 6/13/14)
Love mine! Got another for my Dad - Father's Day Review by Joseph
I've had mine running since February, and love it.
I ordered one for my Dad, and his is up and running now as well.
So far, so good! Love these things!

My station on Weather Underground: (Posted on 6/11/14)
Jury is still deciding Review by Eric
I bought this, mainly, because of the wireless option. I was so excited about the possibility of accessing my own weather station on my phone or pad, and be able to share it with Wunderground. Setting it up was a piece of cake, and I ended up extending the sensor height and accessibility by using PVC pipe and male/female connections to get it above my roofline while still being able to get access for battery changes (unscrew PVC and take it down).

Setting up the wireless bridge was a different story. Mine initially connected and upgraded the firmware, but I decided to unplug it AFTER setting it up on the site to get closer to the sensor unit. Once it was plugged back in, it never connected again. Fortunately, AcuRite has a great program for turning these around quickly, but I did have to pay for return shipping.

Still awaiting return of the bridge to see if it's all I was hoping it would be. (Posted on 6/5/14)
Easy to setup and use Review by CY
This is a very nice PWS for the money. So easy to setup and use. I added the pool temp sensor to my and now I can see the temp of my pool from anywhere with my iphone. Great kit. (Posted on 5/28/14)
A feature I wish it had Review by Tom
Where I live we get these mini power outages fairly regularly. We lose power for maybe 10 seconds and then it returns. Every time this happens the station resets and all the settings and data disappear. Considering that the base unit has 6 batteries in it, would it not be possible to have the unit hold onto this data? So far this my only complaint. (Posted on 5/24/14)
Works great. Review by donw
It was easy to set up and worked as advertised out of the box. I have only had it a couple weeks so not a lot of experience yet.

I shared my link with weather underground and that was easy to do, however the Iphone app is showing someone else as the owner of the station, but the windows version is correct, not sure whose problem that is yet.

I would recommend it to a friend.

Only thing I would have liked to have a packaged deal with a different monitor, but not too big a problem since I use the apps to look at it most of the time. (Posted on 5/22/14)
easy to set up Review by Randyrwb
Love it easy to set up and it works great ! (Posted on 5/20/14)
Weather station 1050 Review by Buckwheeze
I thought I was getting a nice weather station that would perform as it is advertised. Sorry Acurite, but this weather station does NOT predict the weather in my area or anywhere close to my town correctly. When in fact, The forecast segment is not accurate at all. I have tried all of the geographic locations including the one for Los Angeles which is the closest "big city" and I still get predicted rain, rain, rain! You know the old saying, "it never rains in Southern California". Other than that the weather station is pretty accurate. The internet bridge works great for getting my weather on the IPAD or smart phones! Acurite needs to change their forecast part of the display to pick up weather forecasts via zip codes or something else to be accurite. Sorry, but I won't be buying another Acurite weather station until this is fixed. (Posted on 5/19/14)
Excellent!! We even got the remote bridge to work with a Verizon JetPack 5510L!!! Review by Debbiedo
I purchased a weather station for ourselves and my parents REALLY enjoyed keeping track of our weather on their laptop/smart phones so I purchased one for them one also. The first installation was flawless! However, I ran into a couple issues with the second weather station.
1. One of the remote bridges wouldn't display the barometric pressure and the signal wouldn't reach very far. I called the company and after troubleshooting, ended up sending the bridge back to them for repair. AcuRite repaired the bridge and returned it to me quickly and it has been working properly ever since.
2. My parents' only source of internet is a Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 5510L as they live in a remote area not served by dsl. The JetPack does not have an ethernet port to physically connect the bridge and we couldn't find ANY help with this issue. After calling many Verizon stores/support techs which had no clue how to resolve the issue, I turned to the internet and after much research finally found the following to resolve the issue:

I purchased a CradlePoint MBR95 router. Amazon also carries this router now. I setup the CradlePoint MBR95 router as a "WiFi as WAN" connection by performing the following steps:
1. I connected an ethernet cable from my laptop to the router and logged into the router by opening a web browser and navigating to
2. I used the default password which was the last 8 digits of the MAC address of the router (located on the bottom label of the router) to log in to the router.
3. The setup wizard popped up and I setup the basic settings for the router. On page 1, I changed the default password and the time zone. On page 2, I changed the WiFi network name to a personalized name that I would recognize. On page 3 I left the APN settings set to the default settings. Page 4 displayed a summary of the settings. They all looked to be correct so I then clicked the "apply" button. A popup appeared stating that making the changes could cause network interruptions and I clicked "ok".
4. On the top left of the admin interface under the CradlePoint logo, I clicked the "Basic Mode" button to toggle over to the admin to "Advanced Mode".
5. I clicked on the "internet" tab and selected "WiFi as WAN".
6. Next to "WiFi Client Mode" i clicked "Wifi as WAN" to enable it.
7. Halfway down the page I saw "Site Survey". After a few seconds a list of all the wireless networks that were in the range of the router to connect to appeared. I selected my Verizon Jetpack® 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi® 5510L network by clicking on the personalized name of it.
8. Above the list of available WiFi networks I clicked "Import" and a popup appeared asking for the Verizon Jetpack MiFi 5510L password. I entered the password and clicked the "Submit" button. After several seconds, the red status light on the top of the admin page turned green and I was then connected.
9. Once connected, I plugged in my AcuRite wired bridge and registered the bridge, and then voilà..... my AcuRite Weather Station 1055 was reporting the weather statistics to the AcuRite internet location and I could view the readings online and from my AcuRite app on my Samsung Note3.
I turned on the wireless connection so I could connect to the router with my phone/laptop. I disconnected the cable from my laptop to the router and the CradlePoint MBR95 router has been working exceptionally well with my Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot MiFi 5510L and has even increased the network range of the 5510 jet pack substantially. I was a little worried regarding the usage of data it might take for reporting the AcuRite Weather Station information, but it looks to be very minimal data usage on my daily jetpack data usage charts. I would definitely recommend using the CradlePoint MBR95 if your only source of internet is a hotspot/jetpack that only transmits a wireless signal to your other devices.

The only SIGNIFICANT design we wish was different, is the battery placement on the outdoor weather station itself. It would be nice if you could access the batteries from the top of the unit (we realize this would take some doing to keep it sealed and weather resistant), but my hubby is NOT looking forward to having to change the batteries when they die! (Posted on 5/16/14)
Very Good for the money Review by Mikey
The product performed as expected. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. The unit is well built and seems to be reliable. The forecast segment is not very accurate however. Overall, I'm very happy with the product and the connectivity to the internet. Will recommend this to others who have an interest in meteorology. (Posted on 5/14/14)
Great product for the price Review by jeff
Very quick and easy to set up. The Android app works well. Cant view indoor temp from your smart phone unless you have another sensor. Dont forget to order it at the same time you order the weather station. Also, will only update every 15 minutes or so on Weather Underground. (Posted on 5/10/14)
Almost 5 Review by WanderingJohn
For the price, a good weather station. Might have been a 5 if the rate of rainfall worked better. As a skywarn observer, the weather service wants to know the rate of rainfall during a storm. This has been a complaint by others for over 2 years. Maybe someday acurite will listen. Very good instruction and manuals on line. (Posted on 4/27/14)
Meets all expectations Review by CJ
Based on what it advertised, it's been great so far. The wireless range is excellent and the data is easily sent to WU.. Very happy with product. (Posted on 4/15/14)
Mostly OK Review by Norris
Everything seems to work. The just 4 stars is for what is missing/not quite right.

The bridge and display unit don't agree on the forecasts. The display unit keeps a running total of rain with no obvious means to removing the "rain" caused by calibrating the unit.

The bridge does not upload "wind gusts" to Weather Underground that is displayed on the display unit. The bridge data is not accessible via programming, only by intercepting the transmission to a remote site. It only updates Weather Underground every 15 minutes. (Posted on 4/9/14)
Decent product for the price Review by DrewShock
This is my second Acu-Rite station and I have had it setup for just over 3 months now. I find them to be pretty accurate overall with a few issues.

This unit has the smaller display which you have to scroll for weather data or wait for it to scroll. I prefer the larger displays of their other models which show all the data at once. However, this is the only one that came with the AcuLink Internet Bridge and for the bundled price it's hard to beat. I mostly view my data online, so the smaller display is not a big issue. It is bright and clear when you find the correct viewing angle. It takes 3 AA batteries, an AC adapter would be nice, but that is not an option.

The 5-in-1 sensor takes 4 AA batteries and I find that a good set will last 8 months to over a year. The data from the sensor is very close to other stations around my area. I have noticed that during heavy rainfall events, the gauge tends to be about 10% to 20% higher than surrounding stations. On rainfall events below .20 of an inch it's about the same. I haven't checked or tried to calibrate the gauge yet so maybe I can get that worked out. All other 5-in-1 sensor data seems spot on. The wind gauge moves at the slightest breeze, very nice.

The internet bridge and the display unit both have barometric sensors in them. I have never got them to show an accurate pressure, no matter how long or how many learning periods I tried. And this is true of my other older station also. The display unit has no way to adjust the number. Online you can add an adjustment factor, then it works great.

With both my units, I have trouble getting accurate forecast on the My Backyard Weather online. Rain is in the forecast way too often, even with a negative % adjustment for moisture. I've been working with the Acu-Rite folks trying to figure this one out. The display unit forecast is fairly accurate.

Overall this is a pretty solid unit at a great price point. The Acu-Rite folks are great in dealing with any issue or replacement part. If you thought decent weather stations were too expensive, I recommend you give AcuRite a try. (Posted on 4/8/14)
Great weather station Review by Bleacher
This is a great weather station and it is very easy to setup. The only downside I found was the display unit does not have an AC adapter and does not have the option to add one. But I bought this model to upgrade an aging previous model that came with a display unit that did come with the AC plug so not a problem. Connecting to my old display unit was easy. (Posted on 4/4/14)
A great entry level internet-ready weather station Review by Joanna
I had to replace my old Honeywell gear bought from Costco about 5 years ago, and wanted something that could upload to Weather Underground without going through my computer. The 5-in-1 with weather bridge fits the bill for a great price. Installation was easy, setting up the Acu-Link webpage and uplinking to Weather Underground was easy. Didn't have any signal issues where I mounted the sensor.

The battery-operated display is all right. I have it set to display inside temp, and scroll through when i want to see outside temp. A big change from the always-on Weather Display software I used with my old station, but then again, I don't have to leave my computer on 24/7.

Since I can add another sensor, I plan to buy a thermo/hygrometer to put in my egg incubator so I can monitor conditions via My Backyard Weather app from work.
I really like that so many parts are available for the 5-in1. Just about anything that looks breakable has a replacement for sale very reasonably on the Acurite site - wind scoops, solar panels, etc.

What I don't like about it is that there is no wind gust feature. We live in an area with frequent windstorms and I like to be able to check on conditions at home during the day.

Another negative is that the weather app doesn't calculate daily rainfall totals. It does some odd rainfall event total, measuring rain for a period of time, then resetting when there is an 8 hour stretch of non-rain. The daily totals still show up on my WU station page, and I can get an amount if I pull up a chart on the weather app, so not a total bummer.

All-in-all, this has been a good purchase and I would recommend it to anyone interested in an internet-friendly weather station without the expense of a Davis or similar brand. (Posted on 3/29/14)
I love it Review by Matt
Hope they fixed humidity problem from last model 1010.
I love it overall pretty much on the money all of time....
(Posted on 3/21/14)
Excellent choice!! Review by Bob
I am quite happy with my system, and have recommended it to several friends.

Internet and smartphone access is a very nice feature. (Posted on 3/18/14)
Good Product -- Instructions were very basic Review by Vince
For $130 it's hard to beat all the featurs of this product espcially connection to the internet for accessing live data. The web site says you can add up to two other tempurature/humidity sensors (which I did) but what they don't tell you is you can't see them from the Home Display unit. You can only see them on the live Aculink program on your phone, tablet, or PC. If it is possilbe to see them on the Home Dispaly unit they don't mention anything about it in the insturction manual and it's not obvious looking at the Home Display unit how to make this happen. Also, getting the My Backyard Weather account set up is best done from a PC. I had problems activating my internet Bridge from my smart phone. But once activated it works well on my smart phone and PC. (Posted on 3/4/14)
Works as advertised. I like it. Review by quicky
When you buy the weather center make sure you also buy the indoor temperature sensor for $8.00 so that you can monitor the indoor temperature remotely.
(Posted on 3/3/14)
Awesome! Review by Jackson
I love this product! It works great and I love being connected to my weather all the time. (Posted on 3/3/14)
Great Station, Great Connectivity, Weak Display Review by Temporal
This is a great bundle for the price, but the display keeps it from getting 5 stars.

If you've shopped other brands you know it's hard to find an affordable unit that connects the internet. Other reputable brands are downright kludgy in this regard. But Acurite's 5-in-1's with the Aculink Internet Bridge does this better and more seamlessly than anyone else. About thirty minutes after opening the box, my station was on the internet, albeit the sensors were in a temporary location.

My only one significant criticism is the 01055 display. I knew it was B&W display when I ordered it, but the picture in the ad is misleading in that it's depicted with the back-light on, which is not its normal mode of operation. Without the back-light the display has almost no contrast making it virtually unusable as a display.

In fact, since the Aculink software works so good, I use the 01055 display, co-located with the bridge, more as a signal meter than anything else. That speaks well of the Aculink software, but not so well of the display, which after all is supposed to be a "display".

Nonetheless, the whole bundle works very well for the price and I'd recommend it for any budget-minded weather enthusiast or hobbyist.

Here are my other suggestions:

(1) Needs to be self-powered or have a remote power supply. The sensors are no better than their siting, so when properly sited the 5-in-1 is hard to service. Therefore internal batteries should either be rechargeable by the solar cell or the unit should come with a remote battery pack and about 20 feet of wire.

(2) Stronger, adjustable, mount point. The two sheet metal screws on the back of the unit are pretty weak and I had trouble screwing them into the mounting hardware. A more robust and adjustable clamp on the underside would probably be easier to adjust and more secure.

(3) Different bridge lights. The bright flashing lights on the bridge itself during "normal" operation is unnecessary and distracting. Soft steady function indicators or a LCD display would be better.

(4) On bridge signal indicator. The RF signal strength is VERY sensitive to location, so an on-unit signal indicator would be very helpful, either lite bars or an LCD read-out.

(5) WIFI Enabled Bridge. The RF signal from the outdoor sensor is so sensitive to location that either the Bridge should be WIFI enabled or Aculink should recommend that the bridge be plugged into a movable WIFI extender rather than a fixed router.

I hope this helps any prospective buyer!

Thanks! (Posted on 3/1/14)
Perfect Appliance Review by KGAKENNE19
I've had a remote Acurite basic thermometer for years, and when the actuator finally died I decided to upgrade. The 5-in-1 was a breeze to install and set up, and even publishing its output on Weather Underground was shockingly easy. At the current sale price, it doesn't bust the budget, and although I've only had it up for a couple of weeks, it gives every indication of being durable. The iOS apps also work well, making where to place the readout unit in the house less of an issue. With just a little internet study and some observation over time, you really get the feel of the weather patterns, and it's remarkable how close you can get to the NWS predictions.

Depending on where you live, it may be a challenge to find a spot open enough in all directions to give a true indication of wind direction, but by looking on wundermap you can get a consensus from the reporting stations nearby and adjust your placement to better agree.

I really appreciate the engineering that went into making such a comprehensive weather station readily available to those of us who are interested in following the weather, but not sufficiently fanatic to invest in professional grade equipment. (Posted on 2/28/14)
Really awesome and reliable product. Review by Myron
Really awesome and reliable product. (Posted on 2/27/14)
Not yet reviewed Review by chadb
I just ordered my PWS today. I will give a full review once installed. I have 2 questions? First I am looking for users in Wisconsin to monitor in mybackyardweather app. Please post Mac addresses. Second I im surrounded by woods (30' around my house). What would be the best place to locate my 5-1 sensor?
(Posted on 2/13/14)
Excellent Product, easy to install and easy to connect to internet Review by Ryan
I would recommend this product. I purchased it in January, it was easy to install and easy to connect to the internet. It is very nice to be to use the app or the internet to check the weather conditions when I am away from the house. (Posted on 2/12/14)
Good but could be great Review by Eastjack
I bought this unit to replace my 10 year old lacrosse unit that had finally bit the dust. The price was good although I did find a 20% off coupon but not until after I had bought it.
Installation went without a hitch and the internet bridge works as advertised. The unit has been operating since January 26th without problems. The barometric pressure is not yet correct and the unit suffers from elevated temperature readings whenever the sun shines. This is quite evident on the graph and is a least 3 to 4 C high. My old unit had separate sensors and I used a Stevenson screen for the temperature and the wind sensor was on the roof. Although the 5 in one design is convenient, it makes it impossible to locate optimally. I may have to buy an additional temperature sensor and put it in the screen. No rain yet so can't comment on the rain gauge. Here in Canada it has only snowed since I have had the Acurite unit.
I was disappointed to find the display had no power supply and that the temperature shows no decimal places. I also was aware that the update to the web was only at 15 minute intervals but hope Acurite will improve this in the future. With some additional sensors and more frequent web updates this unit could be great. (Posted on 2/12/14)
Lots of fun Review by fisheggs
So far, (have had this a week), it has been a blast. It's winter here, so I don't have a "final" placement out in our yard, but it is doing fairly well just out on one of the stakes we use for our deer fencing. We got this with the goal of using the smaller tower sensors in a cold frame/greenhouse that we will use later in the spring, and I see no reason why this won't work perfectly. I'm going to have to stop obsessively checking the temperature in our house online during the day! One use will also be to monitor our home temperature remotely when we travel - great for knowing if/when we have to ask the neighbors to check on the place during the winter. (Posted on 2/11/14)
Love this Review by Robert
I only have a couple of "minor issue" that I would love to see enhanced.
1) the alarm setpoints for the app should have a dead band to prevent repetitive alarms on the same value.
2) the ability to access the database directly would be fantastic (mysql??)
Other than that this things works flawlessly. It DOES take a little while (couple weeks) for the device to learn your pressure properly, so don't be surprised if you are quite a few tenths off from whatever your local weather source says. Got mine for christmas and it's 6 weeks later and it's spot on now. Also, you won't be able to trust the "weather forecast" until it swings thru a full cooling and heating cycle most likely....waiting for spring to assess that but I can see it learning already.
3) I remembered one more thing - the anemometer is a pulse type (counts the revolutions over a period of time and determines the speed on that count). The count time is 18 seconds - it would be nice it the firemware were capable of doing faster counts over shorter periods to catch wind gusts. Other than that, and certainly for the price, this thing is fantastic. (Posted on 2/10/14)
Like the station, but monitor..... Review by EJP
I have wanted a weather station for quite a while, and being able to see my home weather on line was a bonus. I did have trouble getting it to sync, but a quick call to support and all was taken care of. I am disappointed in the included moitor though. it only will display one thing at a time, example, you can see indoor temp or indoor humidity, or outdoor temp, or outdoor humidity, or outdoor wind, or outdoor wind chill, or outdoor heat index, etc. You can set it to automatically step through each of them one at a time and it stays for 5 seconds, but the description of what it is displaying is so small and faint, that you have to be within a couple feet and directly in front of the display to read what it is showing at the time. It would help even if you could select which ones it stepped through, but that is not an option. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Great weather station. Review by Gus
I purchased the 5 in 1 at the first of this year. Shipping was fast and the setup was easy. The Android app for my phone let's me keep up current conditions when I am away from the desktop. I work out doors the weather has a big effect on my day.
I like this unit enough to purchase one as a gift for a family member while it was on sale. (Posted on 2/8/14)
Great Product Review by Levi S.
For the price you can not buy a better weather station, simple as that. (Posted on 2/8/14)
What a nightmare!!! Review by Tom
Recieved 01055 from Acurite and installed following instructions. Could not get the Acu-link to work at all, called tech support a number of times with no help! Answer was alway send it back and we will test it,,, at my expense. After 3 days and many hours, I finally figured out that as long as there were batteries in the 5-1 sensor, the acu-link would not work, pull the batteries out of the 5-1 sensor and the acu-link would work perfectly. Called tech support again and again, answer was send it back and we will test it,,, at my expense. Not happy with tech support or company policy of "send it back and we will test it,,, at my expense." I have bought numerous other acurite products, but never again! (Posted on 2/8/14)
Excellent products easy to install function as advertised Review by mewsha29
Overall 5 stars. Everything checked out indoors 5 in 1 plus 2 tower sensors.
Like the calibration function. Temperature variation from calibrated source only varies + or - 2 degrees. Calibration easy. Nice touch to allow renaming devices in settings function for each sensor.

Now see why so many reviews raved about the product. Great job.
Also customer service was prompt and knowledgeable in assisting force of bridge registration after I made a mistake in the MAC address entry.
mewsha29 (Posted on 2/8/14)
Exceptional Value for theprice Review by Doug A
Easy to order and great customer Service.

Was easy to set up and operate.

I cannot believe the number of features in this budget priced unit! (Posted on 2/5/14)
Simple, inexpensive, does what I want! Review by jems
I've been looking for a PWS for a couple years, on and off. Last month I looked again and saw this device. It seemed to be exactly what I wanted.
My goal was to have a home device with a home display, and also able to send data to an online site such as Weather Underground. To achieve this with other vendor software, it seemed very complicated. Usually they involve purchasing cables which connect to the home display, which connect via USB to some dedicated PC running Windows, which needs to be running some special software, which is configured to post data online.
When I saw a complete solution from AcuLink which cut out all these complicated layers, I was sold. And the price was very appealing!
Set up was actualy pretty easy, and everything went as documented. I really had no problems getting everything working. However, there were some observations worth noting.

1) The signal strength between the "5 in 1" and the bridge is very week. However, the signal strength between the "5 in 1" and the display unit is strong-- even if sitting side-by-side.

2) I've not been able to remove the rain mesh protector on the top. It needs to be removed periodically, from what I've read, to clean out all the stuff which will eventually land there. I didn't want to break it, so I didn't apply much pressure, but I'll have to cross that obstacle when the day comes to clean it.

Wish list:
1) I'd love to be able to hit the bridge directly with a web browser to get data. Currently, there's an undocumented web page displayed which will return signal strength, battery condition, and all the devices it currently sees.
2) That's about it. Just that 1 thing. :)

I've already recommended this device to several people; it's definitely worth it!
(Posted on 2/4/14)
undecided Review by Rwill
5 in 1 sensor seems to operate well. But the console is touchy on were you can place it, and ether the sensor signal is weak or the console doesn't receive the signal well compared to other AcuRite console/tower sensors combinations I have . Most disappointingly is the bridge that doesn't function at all. With only robo responses over a week after sending an email to customer service about it. (Posted on 2/4/14)
Generally good value but some issues Review by Dave
First of all this weather station cost a little over $100. I was also looking at Davis but it would have been around $500 for the configuration needed to report online. I just didn't want to spend that much as a newbie so chose this unit to get started with.

- Very good value
- Fairly simple to get online and setup at wunderground
- The 5 in 1 sensor seems pretty decent. (we'll see how it holds up over time)
- I made a customer service call and a real person answered on the first ring and addressed my concern 100%. (I had a defective Bridge that wouldn't report barometric pressure. The replacement arrived in about a week after my call.)

- I'm only getting one bar of signal strength at 125' from sensor to bridge. I tried multiple locations but it didn't improve. However one bar has been fairly reliable.
- It seems like there are some servers lapses in reporting to acu-link and wunderground. (I don't believe this is a sensor to bridge signal strength problem)
- The documentation is really poor!! (incomplete)
- The console's LCD display is terrible. It's very ancient LCD technology. (dim, poor viewing angle and confusing shadows from non active LCD segments).
- The console seems very finicky in picking up a signal from the sensor. (much more so then the bridge)
- The bridge was defective and wouldn't report pressure. (the replacement does)

Improvement Suggestions:
- Console needs a better display
- I'd love to see a WiFi bridge
- Improved range
- Better Documentation

(Posted on 2/3/14)
needs some modivations Review by Spanky1
the display is too light also needs to have a AC adapter. Cannot get bridge to work correctly. (Posted on 1/31/14)
Awesome Product :-) Review by Scott
The features you get for the price is just fantastic. I couldn't wait till i got mine and when I did it came on a day were it was -20 with wind chill down here in KY, I still weathered the conditions to get it up and running which was a breeze. I am loving all that it tells you and can[t stop watching MY BACKYARD on my computer and my smartphone. Thank you ACURITE for putting a professional weather unit out there that does so much and for a reasonable price. (Posted on 1/28/14)
Excellent Product Review by MikeSatter
I previously owned an Acurite Wireless Thermometer and it was so accurate that I decided to go with the Acurite name when purchasing a new weather station. I went to their website and was overwhelmed by so many different models and was disappointed that I could not tell the timeline of their models. I always like getting the latest model of things I purchase, so I called Acurite and waited on the phone for about 15-minutes before the representative answered. Their representative mentioned a new model coming out in March and also about the model 01055 and answered all my questions. I decided to go ahead and purchase the 01055 and it arrived packaged well and it was very easy to setup and get on the internet to publish my weather data to The display is a smaller than I would have liked, and I wish It had a direct computer connection besides the Aculink because their are faster ways to publish data using a computer. I believe the unit should have came with both options included. The unit works great and is accurate! (Posted on 1/28/14)
Good Buy Review by Denver
I purchases this unit on 1/16/14 and it arrived in mint condition on 1/22. It is a cold and windy time this winter in north central Ohio, and I wanted to get it up ASAP. I screwed it down to a 2X4 about 6' long, and mounted it to my deck railing. I will move it in the spring, but I wanted to see how well it works. In comparison to stations within a 5 mile radius on Wunderground, it is right on except for the barometric pressure. Maybe after the 14 day learning period, it will get closer. Also, I noticed the pressure on the desk unit and the pressure on the My Backyard Weather are considerably different. One other issue I had was that the barometric pressure on the Acu-Link would not read when I first connected it. After almost 24 hours, it started reading, and it seems fine now. During the first 12 hours, I called AcuRIte Tech support, and they immediately sent me out a replacement, but I probably won't use it as this is working fine now so I will ship it back. I like the Android phone app as I can see what is going on at home from where ever I am. I don't think you could find anything close to this for the price. Living out in the country, it is nice to see exactly what is happening outside, even when you are away. (Posted on 1/27/14)
Good Product Review by DJS
It is easy to set up and the internet feature is really nice. I preferred the old display which showed all readings on one screen, and the fact that it worked on AC also.

I would recommend the product. (Posted on 1/27/14)
1055 pro weather station Review by RayBonz
OK so I have to say I am really pleased with this weather station! I can't imagine a better weather station for the price..
What's to like you ask? I like the online Acu-link site which is loaded with info including trending for temperature, barometric pressure, rainfall, wind, humidity etc.
The smartphone app is also great but less detailed than the web but still handy for backyard info on the go.
You can also broadcast your weather at weather underground website which is being improved.
All these features are included so all you pay for is the weather station.
Would I buy the model 1055 Acu-rite weather station again? Yes, I feel it is a great value and helps you to understand what influences weather.
The weather base works OK but I tend to look at the web and phone apps more often. (Posted on 1/23/14)
Great station Review by Friz Wiz
I have had Oregon Scientific & La Cross stations (both of which the rain and wind sensors failed) and this one is a better value. Only wish it could update faster than 5 minutes. (Posted on 1/22/14)
Great product working perfectly Review by River Rasin Randy
I waited a long time to purchase to see the reviews and comments. Now have this unit up and working for this next storm and reporting to Weather Underground...Weatherbug and PWS thanks to Kevin Key App. Loving it! (Posted on 1/21/14)
Great Equipment Despite Low Cost Review by StormPanther
All the equipment setup was very easy, right down the line and everything works fine and is giving accurate readings. The only issue I am having right now is setting up the link, and it's likely I'm just doing something wrong (the instructions are a bit confusing, but once I went online and found more data, I found some answers). When I have the time, I will try and set up the link and troubleshoot it again. However, I have a portable scanner, a battery-operated radio, and the station itself is battery-operated and will provide me with accurate, timely and crucial weather information here at the house even if the power goes out.
I am very pleased with the product thus far and will recommend it.
When I figure out what I am doing wrong, I will post it in several places so that everyone can see it. (Posted on 1/20/14)
Useful Review by Kioti
I farm for a living and the 5 in 1 weather station is a helpful tool. So for it has worked flawlessly. I can keep up with rain fall and most of all I know what conditions are at the farm no matter where I am. (Posted on 1/19/14)
Mixed feelings on this product Review by RogerB
As a owner of a product that has been installed for one week For the most part the Weather Center was the best part of the purchase. I would have thought AcuRite would have had provided a better display and instruction manual with this station. The display provided has no brightness control nor a ac power adapter. Even the backlight did not provide much light and if one is watching the tabbing of screens, 10 seconds is not much time. The instruction manual did not provide much details. I can see why they have a helpline. Maybe they should think of a 24/7 online chat support line.
On a good point I did find that the set up was relatively easy. However, again the instructions were short on details. Seriously, at this point I would be hard pressed to recommend this unit unless a different better display was furnished. Of course, from a selling point AcuRite would not have customers buying more displays to replace the poor unit that is sold with this unit. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Great Product Review by Kevin
Very pleased with this product. Easy to setup and use. Like other reviewers have reported the weather ticker is a little awkward and hard to read, but most of the time I am checking with my smart phone or on the computer. (Posted on 1/14/14)
Good value Review by Rick_in_NWOH
This product has a way better price point than other hobbyist weather stations with the same features.

The bridge was the first thing I set up, since I already had a previous Acurite model with a compatible tower sensor, and I could test it with that signal. Everything went smoothly, once I allowed cookies for the Aculink website in my browser (I tend to block them from most sites). Having read the posts on the forums, I knew to delete the default sensors from Acurite. Apparently my bridge had the latest firmware and didn't need to download anything, as I was looking at the numbers from my sensor in no time at all. Initially, I had a little trouble shutting off the blue flashing lights. I think I typed in the wrong IP address from my router setup page. Anyway, on the second try I was able to navigate to the bridge's setup page and toggle the lights off. By the way, I set up a shortcut on my desktop so I can quickly go in and turn them back on if I need to do any troubleshooting later. The signal strength varies between 2 and 3 bars for the 5 in 1 sensor, depending on atmospheric conditions or rf interference, I'm not sure which it is. The distance from the bridge is about 60 foot and at a height of 11 foot and is passing through an exterior wall with aluminum siding. The bridge is also sitting right on top of my PC, so I would call this a challenging scenario, yet it hasn't dropped the signal once in the last 4 days. The tower sensor stays steady at 3 bars and it is at a distance of about 30 foot, but it has to go through two interior walls and an exterior wall with aluminum siding. I also ordered an extra tower sensor for the basement, which is a steady 4 bars at a distance of 20 foot and passing through the floor. I am using a free third party refresh utility to update the website automatically. I got the link for that from the forums too. What I like about the Aculink site is that you can go into most of the sensor parameters and set plus or minus offsets to fine tune your sensors. The tower sensors and 5 in 1 were all within plus or minus 1 degree of a calibrated analog thermometer I have, but it was nice to be able to tweak them. This can be done for the forecast as well, with respect to the % moisture used in the forecasting algorithm.

The 5 in 1 sensor just seems to be just about perfect. It seems that any of the issues that were detailed in the forums have been fixed. Since it is January, I can't say yet whether I'll need to get the optional dual solar panel accessory to improve summertime performance of the internal fan. Maybe this should become standard? The one thing I did notice is that the wind direction vane is a bit skittish. According to the forums, you can drill a small hole and attach a short streamer to help stabilize it. I'll have to wait and see how that works out.

The 1055 display is not as snazzy as some of the display models, but what I like about it is that you can "calibrate" the temp, humidity, and barometer readings. This should be available on all models, in my opinion. Also, I like the fact that it labels readings like heat index and wind chill with actual words, not "universal" symbols. Personally, I don't care for the symbols. Since I've only had it up and running for 4 days, it's too soon to comment on the forecasting accuracy.

Overall, I really like what I got for the money. If the hardware holds up well over time and the forecasting turns out to be reasonably accurate (60 to 70% is a realistic expectation), then I just don't think you can find a better deal. (Posted on 1/13/14)
Home weather station :) Review by John
Online setup is super easy. Plugged up and everything worked no problems. Temps are accurate. It’s a really nice product. Apps are nice. You can install and checkout demo site to see what you are getting. The wireless is just like any wireless device, the more walls you go through the worse reception you get. We have old plaster walls and wireless doesn't go through them that well. Moved the base closer to the 5 in 1 to fix low signal. It lost signal for couple hours when I bumped the base and changed the direction. I had 1 bar of signal going through 3 walls and around 80ft. It would be nice to have a better mounting bracket. Maybe a pipe mount kit or something like the arm for satellite dish. Very happy with purchase. I hope it holds up. (Posted on 1/13/14)
Fun product Review by jkova
Online setup is super easy. Plugged up and everything worked no problems. Temps are accurate. It’s a really nice product. Apps are nice. You can install and checkout demo site to see what you are getting. The wireless is just like any wireless device, the more walls you go through the worse reception you get. We have old plaster walls and wireless doesn't go through them as well. Moved the base closer to the 5 in 1 to fix low signal. It lost signal for couple hours when I bumped the base and changed the direction. I had 1 bar of signal going through 3 walls and around 80ft. t would be nice to have a better mounting bracket. Maybe a pipe mount kit or something like the arm for satellite dish. Very happy with purchase. I hope it holds up. (Posted on 1/13/14)
Pretty good so far Review by Thomas
Just finally got it installed today, so haven't had much experience with it. However, out of the box, it seems to work just fine.
My only beef is with the setup - and attempting to get it to link with Wunderground.
The instructions, while not exactly vague, are most confusing, and it took 4 attempts plus a printout of the complete instruction manual to finally figure out what to do, and where to go to get the correct listing tables. I'd say, off hand, that you need a new english to whatever native language the writer used translator. At least one that makes more sense.
It is possibly worth 4 starts after some experience with it. (Posted on 1/12/14)
Just what I was looking for Review by DZACK
Works great does what it is supposed to do.
only complaint is shipping smart post - it takes longer to get here fed-ex drives past my house daily (Posted on 1/10/14)
Great product, but broken iPhone app Review by CharChar
I just received the 5-in-1 sensor for Christmas. It's great. The desktop site is also great. This app is most certainly not; it rarely connects to update (see other reviews in iTunes store). Very disappointing yet quite fixable. Please fix the app! (Posted on 12/31/13)
Easy set-up, remote monitoring great! Review by Daniel
Was surprised how quick and easy evrything went with the set-up.
(Posted on 12/31/13)
Just what I was looking for Review by Firemanjim
This weather station is just what I was looking for.
Got it as a christmas gift and it works perfectly. I particularly like the fact that with the addition of the 592TXR sensor that I have mounted inside my house, I am able to monitor my house temperature while not at home. It will even send me an email or text if temps fall below or above what I have set it at. I don't have to rely on neighbors or friends to go in and check my heating system when I am not at home.
This is the perfect solution. (Posted on 12/31/13)
Easier to set up than I expected Review by Seaview Farms
I really thought this would be more difficult to set up than it was. The bridge downloaded the software in about a minute on a 3 Mbit connection. In under an hour after installing the station outside, I had the display and bridge working and a site on weather underground. It's all pretty amazing! I had a few questions and the customer support person was great.

The only problem is my main reason for getting this was to more accurately track rainfall. I live in a rainforest that can get 10 feet of rain in a year. Far too often power and/or internet goes out. When this happens, all the data accumulated is visible on the display, but never gets uploaded. So it rained 3 inches today, but because power was out, only .5 inches got uploaded. It basically means the data online at acu-rite and weather underground will always be wrong and undercounted. This means I still have to manually count and record daily rainfall totals and put it in a spreadsheet if I want accurate records. This seems like it should be an easy fix. If the display correctly shows rainfall, this should be uploaded to the bridge and uploaded once power/internet is back on. Instead, it is lost forever!

Still, this seems like the best affordable option out there and I'm very happy with it!

Hopefully the iPhone app will improve with time and perhaps a software update to the bridge will address the lost data problem. Would have given 5 stars if not for that. (Posted on 12/30/13)
Impressive Review by Lake Weather station
I received a Professional Weather Center for Christmas. It was easy to set up, easy to link to Underground Weather, and I couldn’t be happier. (Posted on 12/27/13)
Outstanding product ! Review by Brian
I used the competitions weather station and it just didn't hold up to the great outdoors (my back yard in suburbia). I replaced it with the Pro Weather Centre and it has held up perfectly and is a much superior product. Easier to install, easy to use and getting very useful information is a breeze (pardon the pun).

I now have three Acu-Rite products and they all easily interact with each other. I now have friends phoning me for local weather alerts or updates; especially during stormy weather season.

The weather ticker is not well lit nor very visible, but that is the only thing I would change on this unit. Overall this unit gets all the stars!! (Posted on 12/27/13)
Excellent Value for the Money Review by Brad
This weather station was easy to install and connect to the internet. This unit replaced an aging a mostly dead Oregon Scientific weather station. The integration with could be better - updates are not often enough for all data points. Even with that complaint it is an outstanding value. (Posted on 12/27/13)
Great system and easy to setup Review by Paul
I just installed Model 1015 which was easy to install and setup. This was my wife’s Christmas present and we are very pleased with the 5 sensor unit, the display unit, and the Internet AcuLink. I can now see the weather at home from any computer Online or my iPhone. They also have an App that worked with my wife’s Android phone.

The one thing that was not in the setup information was how to remove the Acu-Rite's sensors in Lake Geneva, WI from your Online account. You have to click on 'View a friends sensor' and delete the Acu-Rite’s sensor.

I am very pleased with this Acu-Rite system and would highly recommend it.
(Posted on 12/27/13)
ACU-RITE is the way to go Review by Capt. Andy
I have a Model 1015 which I love because of the multi-function display. After a year and a half the 5 in 1 sensor malfunctioned. I was going to replace it and also get the ACU-LINK. As it turned out I could get the Pro Weather Center with AcuLink for less money and with a Christmas deal it was even better. Got it through Amazon. Came in a couple of days. I am not crazy about the display that comes with this unit because it changes from one function to the next and you have to wait till it comes around again, each function last a few seconds, my mind takes longer, but the good thing is I can still use my other display also (both at the same time).

The really good thing I like is the AcuLink. I can now see whats going on from any computer on line with no monthly fee. Also my Android and it all works. The one thing I was not told was that when you get everything up and running you are not looking at info from your sensor but Acu-Rite's sensor in Lake Geneva, WI. You have to go to your account from the upper right hand corner (its your email address) and click on 'View a friends sensor' and delete Acu-Rites sensor and add yours. Yes, I had to call support but they are great and helpful.

The next thing is to hook up with Wunderground and make my weather station one of their local weather stations.

All in all, I am very pleased with my experience wit Acu-Rite and would highly recommend them to a friend. (Posted on 12/26/13)
great Review by Michael
I love the product - however the wireless transmitter has a tendency to fail on the Temp and Humidity sensor..... so keep your warranty info... replacements are fast and easy. (Posted on 12/25/13)
good unit Review by mike
This is my second acurite weather station. My old unit did not have a rain gauge but has been operating great for 3 years. I bought this version so i could link to it. So far the computer readings differ from the display. First couple of days of use, may need to contact customer support. Other than that shipping was fast, set-up is a breeze and if it is as good as my other I know it will be durable. (Posted on 12/24/13)
Great product at three times the price! Review by mccmaple
Recommend this weather station. Works very well and excellent support for any questions that arise. A lot of features for a very reasonably priced unit. Great to be able to monitor weather conditions remotely via the internet. Good job Acurite!! (Posted on 12/24/13)
Pro Weather Center with AcuLink Remote Monitoring & App 01050C / 01055 Review by William
My Pro Weather Center with AcuLink has now been up a week. First of all, let me say how easy everything was. In less than a hour I was viewing the weather on my pc, iphone, and ipad. It seems to be very accurate I am very happy with this 5-n-1 Weather Center and would recommend it to everyone interested in the weather. From first times like myself to very experienced. (Posted on 12/24/13)
Love it Review by Michael J
Have had my unit for a little over a month and love it, it was very easy to install and set up, have joined up with weather underground and am shareing my back yard weather with the world, I am very happy so far (Posted on 12/18/13)
Overall good. Iphone app struggles Review by Scott
So far I have been pleased with the unit. The Iphone app does however struggle to connect to the server way too often. I don't have that problem with the Android app. (Posted on 12/16/13)
Very easy to set-up and monitor with the bridge. Review by Richard
I don't think this product could be any easier to set-up. The quality seems very good at first set-up. The unit is by the ocean so I will have to wait to see how the elements effect the long term outcome. (Posted on 12/15/13)
Good Product, Some Odd Quirks Review by Mark
I've been operating this for a couple of weeks on my horse farm in Connecticut. In terms of measurement quality, it appears to be doing an excellent job. I mounted it on an inch and a quarter fence post which I pushed up into the base.

The mounting capabilities are limited and irritating. I needed a freestanding mount and have many fence posts which could be home to the unit.

However, the screws are very small and easily dropped. The holes in the bracket are small and the plastic is very tough, making it hard to use more easily handled or robust screws without drilling - this is what led to my decision to pole mount it - fortunately I had a spare fence post of the right size to push into the mounting base. The unit cannot be mounted to a round post larger than this using screws in both sides, because the screws are too short, so you would need to mount it on one side if you chose to mount that way.

With some experimentation, I was able to find a good site where I could have the unit about 150 feet away up a hill about 40 feet tall. and still get signal through my living room unit to the display and the internet adapter. I do only get one or two bars, however, but as long as I don't move things, this signal level is very reliable. It's a good idea to find a way to test locations - for most people I'd recommend putting whatever your mount is (2x4, fence post, etc.) in a bucket of rocks and then moving it around to the right spot before committing.

The unit is very robust. We get quite a bit of wind gust here (up to 40 mph) as well as snow and ice storms and we've had a bit of everything in the last couple of weeks.

I did have to restart the internet adapter once immediately after installation, but since then it has worked fine.

Registration for internet access is fine, but don't mess up your email address or you will need help from tech support to get access to your account.

The phone app is very handy, though it occasionally times out, probably due to issues with the AcuLink Server, as I have typically had many bars of cell signal when experiencing the problem.

I like the desktop weather app, but it has odd limitations around charting - you can't just chart anything you want together - you can only chart certain things together, they don't seem to refresh, so you have to refresh to see up to date charted readings. Otherwise, I like it a lot.

Overall, a great weather unit, just a few oddities. (Posted on 12/14/13)
Overall its an 8 out of 10 Review by KYMEDIC121
I must say even after all of the problems with shipping and then the faulty bridge the Acu-Rite 5 in 1 with Acu-Link is absolutely awesome. The instillation of the sensors was very easy and so was activating and configuring the bridge. The hardest part is deciding a suitable location for sensor placement and height due to needing to have sufficient signal for the interior bridge to receive the radio signal from the outdoor sensors. The ability to upload data to the WX Exchange, Weather Underground and other resources is very functional. The unit itself is very accurate although I would recommend improving the readability of the storm ticker on the inside display unit. When you look right at the display you cannot read the ticker unless you hold it at an angle. Overall I give the unit 8 stars out of 10. If they could correct these small discrepancies the system would be a 12. All is well now and we will see how it performs over the coming months and years. (Posted on 12/14/13)
Very easy setup Review by chooch
Got the unit and had it ALL installed and running within and hour. AcuLink proved to work as advertised and was not a problem to register and set up. So far everything is working well with the exception of the display screen. The information is difficult to read unless you are at certain angles for viewing. I've read other reviews where the same problem was identified. I'm hoping Acu-Rite can help me with this as this is a major concern. This is the only reason I am not giving 5 stars.
Overall am very happy with my choice on purchasing this unit. (Posted on 12/4/13)
Best Station Yet Review by Barry
Delivered in 5 days
Minor problem getting PWS to show on Weatherunderground by call to customer service fixed problem pronto!

Bridge does seem a bit insensitive to signals but I can tweek that.

Very Happy with this sixth! (Posted on 12/3/13)
Great product Review by Bradley
I purchased the product 11/23/13 and installed it 11/30/13. Installation of the 5 in 1 unit was a breeze. It is compact and well built. My old D-Link router did not like the internet bridge. Tried to hard code the MAC address into the router and locked the router up. No matter what I did , even resetting the router back to the factory defaults I never did get back into the admin page of the router. I purchased a new router and everything worked great. Based upon the experience to date I highly recommend the 5 in 1 unit. (Posted on 12/2/13)
Good product and easy installation Review by Hal
Got the 5 in 1, bridge and Acculink and literally was up an running in less than an hour. The Aculink worked exactly as expected and, as soon as the blue lights started flashing, loaded my data for remote viewing. I set up a WeatherUnderground account and KNCRALEI100 is now on-the-air! I bought a second Tower tempo and humidity sensor for my garden coldframe, so I can watch the condition there with my winter vegetables. No rain yet, but I look forward to seeing how accurate the rain guage is. For now, all was as expected and installation was simpler than I thought. (Posted on 11/29/13)
Well worth the price Review by Edwin
5 in 1 sensor: Good - Display unit: OK - Website: OK - Bridge: Iffy – Customer Service: Excellent

I purchased the Professional Weather Center as an upgrade from another company’s weather center which had been in place for several years, It was working fine, but I wanted remote monitoring capability and this system was nearly equivalent and cost less than getting the several items needed to go online with the old system.

I was very impressed by the speed of shipping – ordered and shipped the same day, and arrived the second morning after ordering.

I was hoping to have a record set-up time, so once the box arrived I started a timer and went to work. First task was to connect and power up the bridge and let it do what it needed to do while I got the rest of the items going. Next I installed batteries in the display and sensor, performed a quick check that the sensor was being received by the display, then went out to mount it. Luckily the mount is very close to the diameter of ¾” pipe my old station was mounted on, so one station off and another one on. The other station’s sensors were not a combination, so most of the time involved was taking the old sensors down. The 5 in 1 is a bit heavier and less balanced than the suite of individual sensors it replaced, but I didn’t need to add any extra supports for it. It is worth noting that once you remove the sensor from the packaging there is not really a good way to set it down until it is mounted as it will end up resting on either the wind vane or the anemometer cups.

So far so good. In under 15 minutes from opening the box I had the sensor in place and could see sensible data on the display. The bridge was flashing both lights, so I hit the register button and tried to check the online function. I created my account, but it would not recognize the bridge. I checked my network and while it saw activity it did not recognize a device. So much for a record set-up….

I tried rebooting the bridge and basic network troubleshooting (cable and port checks) before I gave up and called the customer service number. After a relatively short wait I got to an agent who was able to force the on-line system to activate the bridge, but then although the bridge could be seen there was no data. After some further troubleshooting we concluded that the bridge was malfunctioning and he said he’d ship another one to me and include the return label for the bad one with it. A couple of hours later I had an e-mail shipping confirmation that the new one was on it’s way. Unfortunately, rather than direct Fedex this shipment went Smartpost, and instead of basically 1 day in transit it spent 5 – which is quite unfortunate as the only way to log data with the system is on-line, and without the bridge that can not be done. When the new bridge arrived, I had the same result - it simply rebooted itself time and time again. The odds of 2 bridges having the same fault was pretty low, so troubleshooting focused on my network - and it turned out that the bridge does not work with a Westell 7500 router. I borrowed a linksys router from a friend and suddenly it all worked as intended.

So in summary, aside from the issue with the bridge, it is a very straightforward system to setup. The biggest hassle is physically mounting the sensor, and if it’s your first station and you have not identified a suitable location plan on spending some time doing that.

As to the components….

The 5 in 1 sensor is a very good design. I wasn’t upset with having had individual units before, but it is much easier when they are all combined in one housing, and the “breakable” parts all seem to be available as fairly reasonable individual spares. I particularly like the solar powered aspirating fan as my old system did not have a fan and sunny day temperatures were erratic at best. I also like the cup anemometer design better than the fan design the old system had – my experience is that cups are less prone to unreasonable gust measurements. The only improvement I can see is to put an additional bubble level on the bottom of the unit on the bottom for better visibility when mounting it overhead. It is worth noting that any all-in-one sensor will involve some trade-offs in mounting; for example the best place for wind and rain measurements are counterindicitive. One other item is that the wireless signal seems very sensitive; I moved the display 2 inches on my desk and it went from 4 bars to a lost signal, and I have also had issues with the internet bridge having good signal and losing it with no movement of the bridge at all.

The display is basic and functional. I would like an AC adapter and a display with PC connect, and my preference would have also been for a “quick look” display page like there was on my old station where on one page I could see outdoor temperature, outdoor humidity, and wind speed and direction. Instead each measurement is on it’s own, and to get an overview requires watching the display (in scrolling mode) for over 45 seconds if you look at it when the last of these has just gone off. It also would have been nice if the display unit was directly wall mountable, instead it folds the stand for the tabletop display to 90 degress and so sticks out a couple of inches from the wall.

The bridge generally works as intended, but it has a few issues. First, the indicator LEDs are far too bright - with the house lights off it is like having a police car with it's lights on parked in the room where it is located. Bright LEDs are good for flashlights, not for indicators. Second, there is no way to directly tell if the bridge is connecting to a sensor without going on-line. This is a problem because I found the bridge has less capability than the display, sometimes not picking up a sensor when placed directly next to the display which is receiving it at 3 bars.

The website is OK, I'd prefer if there was more flexibility in the displays, or at least an option to download all the data at once and work with it in a different program.

Customer service is excellent. In my dealings with them I had very short holds before getting a person, and then they knew what they were doing and seemed genuinely interested in the issue and comitted to resolving it. (Posted on 11/24/13)
Easy setup and accurate mearsuments Review by Sginter
Station came in the mail yesterday, very easy setup to get online and transmitting to Wunderground. Seems to be accurate to other stations in the area. So far so good. Scott. KMOHOLTS3 (Posted on 11/24/13)
Great weather station! Review by James
My 5 in 1 weather station came in today and it took me maybe two hours to set it up and to have it broadcasting to the monitor in my home and also to the Weather Underground web site.

It is a nice product, and ever so easy to set up! Thank you!! (Posted on 10/24/13)
Love it but room to improve Review by Truk Meister
-Value - THE best out there for the $.
-Fast setup
-iOS app is great - I use it every day w/o fail!
I have the app set up to text my cell and email me when the internet bridge does not send a signal for longer than 15 minutes - aka my internet is down for more than 15 minutes etc.
I have texts at 0.20 inch rainfall
-I like the webpage you get from the weather station. The page could have more options and needs a little attention in my personal opinion. I still like it though. By far the app for my iPhone is the best interface to the live data.

I have had a weather station for several years now that reports or has reported to weather underground (WU). The 01050C / 01055 was my replacement for the other brand that died. The other brand was the worst nightmare to setup to send data to WU. Also for the data to be uploaded to WU my computer had to be on 24/7. This Acurite unit, with the internet bridge, once it is registered with takes less than 20 SECONDS to setup to send to WU Yes it was that fast. That blew me away - THANKS developers. Also your computer does not need to be left on to upload data.

There are a couple things that still need correcting. The internet bridge does not upload all the data needed for a complete upload to WU. It is missing wind gust speed and rainfall rate. if you want to see visit ( or the WS is KUTCENTE3

I love that the whole thing is in one unit. It was easy to install in just a few minutes. It took me a little to figure out that i had to register my internet bridge at and not This is because I hate to read manuals and had i read it thoroughly I would have got it right off. Once i got that figured out it took only less than 20 to 30 minutes to be up and running.

Also as a side note. I have had my WS for just short of 3 months and I have found out that their customer service is GREAT. My internet bridge went bad and I told them what process I went through to ensure it was properly connected etc and they did not make me do any long drawn out process of do this and that and connect this etc. They just said it sounds like you need a new bridge and let me confirm that your address is this . . . . ? I said yup. She said it’s on its way and please send back the bad unit back following the instructions we will send.

That by far the best EVER experience I have had with CS over a phone! For that alone they should get 5 stars but the WU needs to be fixed and the internet page is not quite what I would like to see but for what I spent I should not complain!! (Posted on 10/11/13)
Un must Review by Lariat
J'ai installé cette unitée mi-juillet, l'installation est fort simple, même si les instructions sont en anglais et que je ne parle que français. Tout fonctionne à merveille, même le pont internet. Mon seul bémol: les prédictions ne sont pas fiable, même si je change de zone, même après un reset aussi.
Pour le reste 10 sur 10, Bravo!

Reste à voir cette hiver, je suis au Canada et des température de -30 degré celcius c'est fréquent. (Posted on 9/26/13)
great product and easy setup Review by Lance
the best thing about this 5 in 1 weather station is ease of setup, like apple products, it just works! really like that it links to weather underground.
If there are any gripes I wish it would update data faster. the "other company" has theres update at 3 second intervals, this one is only 18 seconds. I am roof mounted 25' from the ground and signal strength is very good.
this is a lot of weather station for the money!!! (Posted on 9/11/13)
Best Weather Station Ever Review by Richard Myrtle Beach
I have purchased many brands and this by far is the best 5-1 weather station out there. I have had it a year now and it works great. Had a problem with the display upon receipt , contacted customer service who replaced it rig away. I highly recommend the weaker station. It provides all the info you need ALL IN ONE ! (Posted on 8/14/13)
Great weather Station! Review by Christopher
Received this unit August 12th and was easy to install and setup. Took me only about an hour to get it mounted and set up on the internet and on weather underground. The display console has great range and gives me 5 bars throughout the house. The only downside is the AcuLink device. It does not have close to the same range as the indoor unit. Side by side, I get 5 bars on the display console and only 1 to 2 bars on the AcuLink. When I place the AcuLink by a window in direct line of the outdoor unit, strength increases to 3 bars. Why the AcuLink has far less range than the monitor baffles me. Perhaps the signal strength may be the same, but are computed differently when it comes to how many bars it represents. I only gave it 4 stars because of that. Anyway, here is my station.

KSDSIOUX20 on Weather Underground

(Posted on 8/13/13)
Outstanding for the money Review by john
I bought this product last summer. Setup was simple. Worked out of the box. It weathered a winter with high winds and temps to 0 degrees in the mountains of NC. Lithium batteries lasted all winter. Remote monitoring worked well. The only shortfall is that the range is nowhere near what was advertised. (Posted on 7/22/13)
Great price, great product - couldn't be happier Review by William
I love the 5 & 1 unit - all monitoring devices built into one unit. Installation couldn't be easier and the Internet and Apple applications connections were simple, even for a novice like myself. I took one reviewer's suggestion to download the "reload every" feature available for Firefox to get the most immediate readouts. The wind sensor is very sensitive to the mildest of air movement. Minor negatives: Updating only 18 seconds (some competitors update in 2 or 3), wind cups appear to be fragile and the Backyard Weather site is somewhat inflexible. This unit is such a value that any minor inconveniences are just not worth discussing. AcuRite got it Right! (Posted on 7/19/13)
Great value, easy to setup, will get more! Review by William
I love my AcuRite weather station! After running Pete and Oregon's in the past, the value and convenience here is immessurable. One unit for everything outside, plus 15 dollars more and you can measure two points in your house - WIN. Couple of clicks on the website to enable reporting - WIN. Awkward website design - FAIL

Just one feature request - Serial output on the internet bridge, oh and get a good ui intern in :) (Posted on 7/8/13)
Great Product Review by Dave
I have had by weather station for about a year. It has worked great and is very accurate. My only complaint is the strength of the arms on the wind guage. During a light hail storm a hail stone hit the one of the arms and snapped it off. I have purchased a replacement uppper unit in order to get everyting up and running again. I would suggest stronger arms in order to withstand hail. Otherwise a super product! (Posted on 7/3/13)
Useful for planning irrigation Review by doug
I really like my Acurite weather station for the live weather readings. I'm employed in farming and the temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction are important to know when i'm planning a spray application on my crops. it's also important to know the amounts of rainfall we recieve to plan irrigation if needed. (Posted on 6/14/13)
Gardener Review by John N
I grow a vegetable garden every summer. I installed a drip irrigation system for it with a timer. I can calculate the equivalent inches of rain to the length of time the timer stays on. The garden needs 2" of rain per week when in full production. Having an accurate rain gauge allowed me to set the timer each week for the perfect watering with out wasting water or over watering. The graphs that backyard weather provides makes a manual chore much more automatic!!! (Posted on 6/14/13)
Installed at vacation house Review by Michael G
I have the AcuRite weather station with 5 in 1 wireless sensor and acu-link internet bridge installed at a vacation house. I've also installed an additional temperature sensor inside my house. This package allows me to remotely monitor weather conditions at my vacation house as well as temperatures inside the house. In the winter, the programmable alerts provide peace of mind over concerns that temparture in my vacation house is abouve the freezing point and that water pipes will not freeze. (Posted on 6/13/13)
Works well Review by Steve
I use the system to see the current weather at my house in Florida using the internet. I like getting the real time actual data at this location. The wireless/solar feature is a hands off approach that works well for me. (Posted on 6/13/13)
Excellent product Review by John, cumming, ga
Received 5 in 1 as christmas 2012 gift. Absolutely love it. Its been on my deck since the first week of january 2013. Have Internet bridge as well. I track the weather religiously from an app on my iPhone. My only beef is that I don't have a great area to track wind speed. The station is 16ft off the back of my house, but I sit downhill in my neighborhood & the trees block the wind. I have no better place to put it except at top of the driveway.

The forecasting is okay, but that's what the weather channel is for. The rain gauge may need a screen to block out trash. I missed a rain storm of 7", & only showed 2". (Posted on 6/12/13)
Very nice for the price Review by Bruce
The install and setup of the 5 in 1 sensor went well, but I had to use a different mounting setup, using a pipe and flange. The supplied plastic mount wasn't long enough to use. The range of the 5 in 1 to the receiving units has been very good. I've enjoyed the weather dashboard on the internet, but like some reviews, I wish I could arrange the output differently. Also like some reviews and comments, the temperature sensor can read a little high in the early morning and late evening when the sun is still shining but not directly on the solar cell to run the fan. I purchased a tower sensor to adjust for this, and I can see the temperature difference on the dashboard. I've also set it up to send to Weather Undergound, which is very neat, but it is too bad the bridge doesn't support sending the temperature data from the tower sensor instead of only the temperature data from the 5 in 1. (Posted on 5/25/13)
Been waiting all my life for this. Review by a6asics
After waiting approximately 6 months for the 1050C to arrive in stock, I finally was able to purchase one in January. It was SO worth the wait! Setup was fairly straightforward and weather data has been pretty accurate for the most part. Someone mentioned in a previous post about auto refreshing the's a breeze with Firefox or Chrome - just install a "Reload Every" add-in, set the parms and voila! The support from Acu-Rite has been very fast whenever I had any questions. I too set it up to work with Weather Underground....I have shared my link on Facebook and many of my friends have been impressed. My next wish from Acu-Rite is that they upgrade the Backyard Weather app to allow the user to customize and relocate the icons...other than that - it's amazing.
(Posted on 5/2/13)
Pleased Review by Brittany
The weather station was easy to install as was the internet bridge. I've been sharing with Weather Underground and setup was easy. I've been so excited with my weather station. I live between two larger cities and wanted to know what the weather is doing right here not to my north or my south. I am eager when it rains to see how much we receive. I hope to pass my enthusiasm to my kids as I share what is going on with the weather and the station on a daily basis. (Posted on 4/2/13)
Good equipment, good service. Review by Mike-KD9KC
I had the LaCross system for about 2 years. In that period the wind speed sensor quit 3 times. The first time it was warrantee. The second time I had to pay for it. After the third time I donated it to the trash man.

A friend told me he had the AcuRite system, and it was even connected to the internet. I was able to log in and see his weather. This system went on sale over Christmas, so I bought it. I also bought a 1015 display unit extra.

Several months after setting it up, the bridge failed. I spent about 2 weeks trying everything I could to get it working. I was not successful, so I E-mailed for help.

The E-mail was a little slow in getting replied to. But once in contact, the replies were quick enough, and within a day a new bridge was on the way.

Although sent Fed-X, the bridge took 8 days to arrive. After unpacking it, I had the entire system up and running again in 30 minutes.

So I guess my only complaint is that service was S-L-O-W. (Posted on 3/25/13)
Great family fun Review by Sandra
I received this as a gift while all my family was around. Installing it and setting it up was a lot of fun and a great learning experience the younger ones.

I am amazed at all the information I am able to get and love sharing with my friends. (Posted on 3/18/13)
Worth the wait for the bridge & awesome customer service Review by Greg
Overall, I am very satisfied with my 1055 Weather Station. The internet bridge has been worth the wait and delivers the ability to publish data to online web portals without the need for always on PC connection I had hopped.

Done Wells:
• Internet Bridge broadcast weather data to online web portals and an older 1035 display
• Internet Bridge removes the need for always on PC to send data to online web portals
• The ± trend on the 1055 display is easy to read and a handy feature
• The 1055 4, 8, & 12 hour forecast has been accurate and is an excellent display enhancement

Could Do Betters
• Internet Bridge does not publish peak wind gusts to wunderground
• Internet Bridge blinking blue lights could be a little less frequent (they can be supressed via the web interface for the bridge, but this takes away the visible indicator the bridge is receiving and sending data)
• Would like to have the option for AC and DC power to the display like the 1035 does
• Internet Bridge set up, although fairly well documented, is not as intuitive as the set up story board suggests
• The 1055 display, although smaller and more ergonomic in design is not as easily read as the one view page display on the 1055
• Backlight display on the 1055 is a little short.

Also, here is a shout out to the AcuRite Customer Support team for a job well done. Any engagements I have made with Support have been quickly addressed, root cause of issue explained and resolved with 100% satisfaction. The Support team is first class and customer focused to be sure.
(Posted on 2/17/13)
After an extended setup time it works perfect Review by MM
I purchased the unit from Costco and everything worked great excep-t the bridge. Customer service sent a new bridge and it still did not work. After some time, I gave up and wrote it off then received a email from Costco notifying me of the problems. Contacted support again and presto the bridge started working. I have learned that the sensors work better if they are close to the bridge, I think the directions say 300 feet but don't believe that.
If it had worked as well initially as it is now, I would have given it 5 stars. It is now aqbout 2 years old. (Posted on 1/29/13)
Totally satisfied so far Review by Thomas
Very quick delivery and had it up and running in no time. Had to download the manual for the 5-1 and the indoor display with no problem. Got the My Backyard on my wife and my computer and both our phones. Set up was a breeze for us. My bridge is about 50 ft. from unit and is by a large laser printer and couple other electronic devices but it works great. The phone app works great from all over so far. Haven't had any snow since I put it up, so will see if it effects the operation of it. (Posted on 1/16/13)
Excellent Weather Center Review by JCoop
I have a 5-in-1 mounted in my yard at about 6 feet above ground level. I also have a Davis VP2 but with its anemometer at 24 feet above ground level. I ran comparisons of the Acu-Rite with the Davis. The Acu-Rite anemometer is more sensitive than the Davis anemometer. The 5-in-1 detected as much wind at 6 feet as the Davis at 24 feet. My suggestion, mount the 5-in-1 in a convenient location where it can be serviced.
The wind threshold on the Acu-Rite is lower than the Davis. You don't need to mount it high because it is very sensitive. (Posted on 1/10/13)
Couldn't live without it Review by Matt
Received this product and setup was pretty simple. I had to mount the 5-in-1 on the eave of my house, with our pool there is no room for a pole to keep this isolated so had to just go for height. After that was done it was all just plug-in batteries and sign up online to get everything working. Following the instructions that come with the products, everything just works. I setup the app on my Android phone and then I set it up on my wife's without a hitch. We also bought an extra monitor that I hung in my office as well as placing one in our kitchen for everybody to marvel at. Our family does a lot of outdoor activities so being able to see the temp, wind speed, precipitation and barometer we know exactly how to prepare for our excursions out and around the house.

Living in AZ it doesn't get really cold here but I have the texting turned on for when it gets below 32 degrees, so I know to auto start my vehicle in the morning so the kids don't freeze on the way to school. This also works without a hitch, it doesn't tell you what the current temp is just that your indicator for temperature was reached. The same for the other alarms, it indicates a high or low for a particular alarm was reached but not what it is currently at. A simple application switch gives you the live temp, wind speed whatever but that was not what I had expected but a really minor flaw if you could even call it that

My only gripe is the weather prediction, always calls for rain. So like a stopped clock it is right when it is actually raining, otherwise it'll be sunny out with no clouds and the weather stations seems to think all signs still point to future thunder storms. But I did not buy this for my little ecosystem weather prediction, just to tell me what is going on at any given time and for that it works absolutely perfect.
(Posted on 1/9/13)
Nice at a reasonable price Review by Jerry
I received my 01050C / 01055 yesterday. It was fairly easy to setup and the learning curve was low, but I am a technical kind of guy who reads instructions. :-) I have owned the 3-in-1 station for the last 9 months and it easily connected to the same bridge as the new 5-in-1 station. I have both sensors mounted in totally different areas of my yard, and it is interesting to watch the differences in wind speed, humidity etc.

It took me about 2.5 hours to complete setup including mounting the sensor, updating the bridge, setting up the bridge and setting up the dashboard.


Both my 3-in-1 and 5-in-1 sensor can be viewed locally and shared in the dashboard among friends.

The dashboard is easy to read and understand.

Has built in share with weather underground! (See cons)

Price is very nice for such a complex weather station.

Cons: Although you can share all sensors with friends, they have it limited to sharing only one sensor with Weather Underground. I setup two stations with Weather underground only to find the dashboard limits me to sharing only one sensor at a time. Big mopey face.

The dashboard can not be customized to place your gauges in a sane order. This is an issue with multiple sensors. If you only have one sensor it probably makes little difference.

The dashboard must be refreshed in order to see changes in gauge readings. If it is hard to make the gauges "live", it would be easy to create a view mode that auto refreshes every 15 or 30 seconds. 1 line of HTML code will fix this.

Overall, a very good value for the price. The cons I have seem to be easy fixes if acurite decides to fix them. I rated 4 stars, I would change this to 5 stars if my cons were addressed. (Posted on 12/2/12)
So far so good Review by Twin Oaks
I had an older 5 in 1 system that didn't connect to computer or internet. It was fine but did have few problems over a couple years. I wanted this system especially to keep up with conditions away from home. After getting the bridge to talk to my router it has been great. I've had it hooked up less than a week but love the set up so far. Great idea, great support and hope the support to this isn't interupted and the app stays up to date. I do like the 1015 monitor which works with this set up as well. Really like the historical data on the website and app. (Posted on 12/1/12)
Accurate Unit Review by modcookieparty
I also decided to purchase a quality unit and this hasn't disappointed so far. It also arrive in less than a week and wasn't too difficult to set up. It is transmitting well and the iphone app is very unique. The manual could definitely use some work but I'm fairly tech saavy and haven't had any issues so far - other than getting the time to update correctly.
(Posted on 11/30/12)
Awesome!! Review by Weather Dude
Can't beat this product.. I've had it over a year and love it. Love the Android app (Iphone app also) ... Great item !! Keep up the great work.! (Posted on 11/25/12)
1050c Review by Derrick E
All I can say is "WoW". Acurite really did their homework on this model. The bridge is flawless with 4 out of 5 bars signal and the sensor is 80 feet away. Environment Canada weather station is only 2 miles away from me and the readings were virtually the same with just a small barometric pressure adjustment. Love this !!! (Posted on 10/22/12)
A lot for a little Review by Bborden
"5 in one weather station up on my roof - track from my PC or smart phone (Android in my case).

Brand new product - wasn't even on company website to register it when I received it (subsequently fixed).

There are some rough edges, but all of the data goes to the cloud & can be tracked. I've set alerts, but haven't had an occasion to receive any yet - for example, we've had no rain since I installed it.

Data seems pretty accurate from the other sensors I have around the house. Lots of things I want improved & I've posted some of them on their forum. Quick responses from Acu-Rite staff.

Took me about an hour to install on an old antenna pole attached to my chimney.

Overall very positive experience.
(Posted on 8/22/12)
Great Weather Station for the price! Review by RetiredOma
Having had a much more expensive weather station for years, decided to purchase the AcuRite because of its web-based features. Delivery from Costco was within days! Had trouble setting up the bridge to communicate with our router but manufacturer's customer service was outstanding and replaced it when we determined the bridge was at fault. Setting up via internet a breeze and the data is comparable to our $500 weater station that is still set up but only available manually. (Posted on 6/26/12)
Great instrument after a shaky start Review by Worldtraveler83
This weather station turned out great and reliable after a shaky start. Basically, you must put the weather gauge near the bridge. In other words, I had it in the backyard, well within the 300foot requirement however, there were too many walls in between the bridge and the gauge. I found I had to reset the bridge constantly to get the link to work. After many calls to the helpful and friendly customer service, I moved the weather gauge to the side of the house within "clear" range of the bridge. It now works perfectly. I can view the weather in my yard through " My Backyard" app on my iPhone and iPad anywhere...traveling or not. Love it! (Posted on 2/5/12)
The Bridge Review by paulyr
I am a big weather buff and was very excited about this unit. When it works the APP and online function is great and fun and accurate to see what is going on at my house. However, it is disapointing that I have to constantly reset the bridge every week in order to get the weathr online or on my phone. They say there working on itm, but are they really!? (Posted on 1/10/12)
Quite pleased Review by DesertArray
Being a National Weather Service meteorologist, I am quite picky with my data, and thus far have been quite pleased with the Acurite system with its new internet bridge. (Posted on 12/7/11)
Love the App Review by Kevin
I love the iPhone app it is helpful in keeping track of things throughout the day. Keep up the great work. (Posted on 12/7/11)
Good Purchase Review by MargeH99
Pros: easy to set up, easy to read big numbers
So far, we really like this weather station. We've had several in the past and this one is by far the easiest to set up; much simpler to get it up and running than LaCross or Weather Channel unit. The numbers are big and easy to read from across the room. It would be nice if the history covered a longer period than 12 hours. Also, it would be nice if the unit could read from more than one sensor. You can set the channel to A, B or C, but not to A&B or A&B&C. (Posted on 11/1/11)
Bringing Acu-Link Weather Station to our Police Department Review by Chris
I am a Police Officer in CT. I am a former computer engineer, now turned Cyber Crime Investigator. Weather is a hobby. I just submitted a proposal to bring an Acu-Link Weather Station to our Police Department and Website that I built and manage for the town.

This will give our residents live data and weather alerts. This will
also assist our local schools during a weather emergency: (Posted on 9/20/11)
Excellent weather center Review by Weather Nut
I bought My Backyard Weather center on Costco's web site. Set it up in an hour including the iPhone app, and computer link. Works wonderfully. Even my friends can see all my weather stats with my permission on their devices. Best deal around. Their tech support is in WI and is free and friendly. (Posted on 9/17/11)

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