Digital Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer 00380 / 00381

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Weather the day with confidence with your own accurate and up-to-date information – right from your own backyard. The AcuRite Digital Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer features precise, reliable temperature readings. The bold, easy to read LCD screen displays the current indoor or outdoor temperature with daily high and low information. Stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable. The outdoor sensor features powerful wireless technology, a weather-resistant design and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

AcuRite Digital Indoor / Outdoor Thermometer 00380

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Digital Display Features:
• Indoor / outdoor temperature (ºF or ºC)
• Daily high / low temperature
• Tabletop or wall-mountable design
Indicator for wireless sensor signal strength

Wireless Outdoor Sensor Features:
• Wireless technology transmits data through walls & from a distance
• Integrated hanger for easy mounting
• Durable, weather-resistant design
• Wireless signal LED indicator
• Strong signal penetration (enhanced 433 MHz)

Includes: Digital display, wireless sensor, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty

Display: 3" H x 2.5" W x 1.3" D

Outdoor Sensor: 4.8" H x 1.6" W x .9" D

Indoor Temperature Range: 32º to 122º F, 0º C to 50º C

Outdoor Temperature Range: -40º to 158º F, -40º C to 70º C

Temperature Accuracy: up to +/- 4°F; Learn More

RF (wireless) Range: 165' (50m)

Data Reporting: 30 second updates

Power: Display: 2 AAA alkaline batteries (not included) , Sensor: 2 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries (not included) *Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4°F/-20ºC

  1. not too happy yet Review by ray

    I have two of these one strictly for out side and one for in...Called company and was told to make sure of using lithium batts outside and Ray-O-Vac inside because of their purities...spent some money on batteries again but off 10/11 degrees on outside and 5 degrees inside. I have both displays side by side and labled IN and OUT. They were working ok when first bought but over 8 months they're both going to hell it seems....Have to call company to see what can be done or try 2 more new sets. (Posted on 2/1/14)

  2. Unreliable Review by Weatherman

    I have a wired in/out thermometer; used it for at least 10 years. Change in circumstances here in the home and wanted more flexibility with a wireless. Chose AcuRite for the name and price. What a mistake. Today, outside reading stuck on 64, even though serious cold front went by and display unit did not react for 105 minutes. Why did it take almost 2 hrs to show 4 bars on sensitivity icon, up from zero? In all my testing over the past 5 days, never within 4 degrees of outside air temp, when it worked at all.My observations suggest serious quality control issues.

    BTW, I am a retired USAF Air Weather Service forecaster with an Engineering background.

    PS: It is now 30 min after the previous was written, and the sensitivity icons have once again disappeared (after updating the display to outside temp +3 deg). ....And now the icons are back. It is NOT line of sight to the sensor. It would appear the placement of the two modules is critical to the success of the product. (Posted on 1/5/14)

  3. Dont bother Review by Bozo

    As other buyers have stated this thermometer is inaccurate. I have mine installed 4" above our Nest thermostat and they differ on the internal temperature by 4 degrees. I know the Nest is accurate. (Posted on 12/16/13)

  4. Landlord Review by James

    I have been using this product in our properties in Buffalo NY. We place the sending unit in the apartments, next to the thermostat, and it gives us a heads up if the tenants have a temperature in the apartment which exceeds that where the thermostat call for heat. Our thermostats are set at 72 to 74 degrees. If the units tells us its 85 in the apartment we can investigate. Since we pay for heat, it allows us to determine we need to pay attention to a tenants use. It has provided not a legal standard, but we have found tenants adding heat with a gas range. Not only does it save us money, but alerts us to several dangerous situations. Works great unless the tenant deliberately frustrates the unit. (Posted on 12/15/13)

  5. So So Review by Lawrence

    Had much trouble getting this thing working correctly , first all new alkaline batteries , fresh , temperature does not get under 4 degrees ,waited put batteries in sensor first then in readout unit , had 1 foot apart waited half hour as written , to acclimate to with signal , did good , 4 bars , went in yard hung on garage put readout on kitchen table , lost signal shortly after , 15 feet apart , moved unit off of garage thinking the aluminum siding caused problem ,moved and put 30 feet apart under swing set in view in protected area , NO SIGNAL , changed with fresh batteries 3 times , then checked batteries with voltmeter , they ALL are OK !!! then hung unit in plain view in open area I can see thru window , still no signal , finally called and was told they will send new sensor , most likely faulty , anyways waiting for sensor to arrive I finally put readout gauge directly on window in direct view of sensor got 4 bars and readout , I can,t believe this don,t have ability to go thru a wall and get signal , I guess for $10 I should not complain .... my story , Larry B. (Posted on 11/15/13)

  6. Unhappy Review by Larry B.

    Bought Yesterday , put batteries in unit inside temperature works , but inaccurate , by 3 or 4 degrees , out side not working says its 58 degrees when I know it is 27 degrees , brought in house to change batteries it must of sensed 58 degrees .. when changing batteries , that's where it is stuck , moved around yard 3 times different locations , no bars showing on screen so its not sensing transmitter ... I wish I could say a positive statement , but I can,t ... will keep trying , but NOT HAPPY !!! (Posted on 11/12/13)

  7. So far - So Good Review by Bill

    Had it for 2 days now and it's working fine. Instructions were easy to follow and it started working immediately. (Posted on 7/26/13)

  8. Great value Review by curmudgeon1929

    A great value.
    Took me a little time to create the proper place to put the remote outside sensor (out of direct sun and rain). Once located and allowed to settle in for a few hours, it does a good job of telling me when to wear my snuggies and when to wear my shorts. ---
    I've checked it several times against the local weather report and it's right on ! (Posted on 7/12/13)

  9. Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer is great Review by sfgpeo

    I bought this to use in my car. Wanted to know in and outside of the car. So I put the outside sensor out of the sun near the windshield wiper on the driver side. It is working super.
    The product was delivered quickly and as advertised.
    Very satisfied customer.
    S.G. (Posted on 7/11/13)

  10. good product Review by Northstr

    Met my expectations plus. (Posted on 6/17/13)

  11. Excellent Desk Thermometer Review by Edward

    Recently I had one quit working for some reason. I called Acurite and they sent another one to me under warranty. Things happen and I was without my instrument for about a week and a half, missed it. Acurite stands behind thier products and that is why I actually have three thermometers around the house. (Posted on 6/17/13)

  12. very accurate and very inexpensive Review by brangusdad

    The outdoor function on my LaCrosse atomic clock died. Was not the sensor, so rather than throwing more money away, all I wanted was an outdoor readout. I mounted the Acurite sensor right next to an industrial mercury-type thermometer which is lab-calibrated. The AcuRite readout is always within a degree of the mercury thermometer. So far its been operating for two weeks. The display is large enough to see across the room. Temperature ranges have been 50 to 98 so far. Soon, 76 to 106 will be the normal until October. (Posted on 6/17/13)

  13. Have three Review by ydrup

    I use three of these to monitor the temperature in three of my tunnels that I grow vegetables in. They're all placed about 200 feet from the house. Have had no problems with them and they are quite accurate. A good value for the price. (Posted on 6/14/13)

  14. Good for the price Review by ATLGA123

    It works fine. Sometimes the signal between the transmitter and receiver is interrupted (I think due to other wireless devices). I just put them next to each other so the signal is refreshed. It's only been a month, but so far it's working fine. (Posted on 6/14/13)

  15. AcuRite Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Review by jjdcamper

    I have been using this unit now for about 3 weeks. To check it's accuracy, I measured it against the report on The Weather Channel. There is about a 2 degree difference but I'm not sure if it's the Weather Channel giving a correct reading or this thermometer. So, I subtract 2 degrees from what the Acurite thermometer reads. If it holds up, I may buy another unit to take camping with me as I'll know the inside temp as well as the outside temp. I paid $40.00 for a LaCrosse unit and it was a piece of junk. Never worked from day 1. Had to box it up and send it back. I'm out $40.00! (Posted on 6/13/13)

  16. Awesome and simple! Review by MaineMiser

    I have had this for two weeks. I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars only because I can't say how long it will last. But if it lasts at least two years then I will buy another, then another. It seems to be accurate along side my mercury thermometer and better than my spring (dial) thermometer. The best thing about this is that it is SIMPLE and I can read the display without my glasses! The second best thing is that the Hi/Low for the day resets itself AUTOMATICALLY! I have had several where you must remember to do so - but I refuse to be a slave to a device and I am not a paid weatherman. You never have to remember with this one! The only improvement would be to double the width and show both inside & outside together without having to push the button, but that would likely double the price. (Posted on 6/13/13)

  17. Excellent product Review by kevinmc2000

    Have had it for over a year now and it works perfectly. I use it in Celsius system, and it is really useful in the morning to know the outside temperature before dressing up! (Posted on 6/7/13)

  18. Does what it's suppose to do Review by George

    Works like it should, I need another one. (Posted on 6/5/13)

  19. Excellent Choice for Motorhome Review by Casey

    This product is great for use in motorhomes for reading indoor and outdoor temperatures. It allows you to monitor for black ice on the road as well as general use. Its large digital readout is easy to read while traveling. A couple of nylon ties will hold the sensor on the motorhome structure out of direct contact with rain. (Posted on 4/10/13)

  20. I like it - worth the price Review by Bernie

    I bought it to replace an older (non-Acurite) wireless weather station. Even 'tho less sophisticated (e.g. reads indoor/outdoor temp but not humidity), it does a great job and is easy to read across the room with minimal light. (Posted on 2/1/13)

  21. Great product Review by bigal

    Has worked well for over a year and reports accurate temperatures. Battery life is good, around 12 months. Like the self resetting of high and low temperature. Very satisfied. (Posted on 12/10/12)



  23. Works very well, great price Review by furfaces

    We bought this for my Mom because her old one broke. She loves it. It works well and is easy for her to see the large numbers. Would buy another one in the future providing it continues to work.
    (Posted on 11/5/12)

  24. Excellent thermometer Review by chony

    This AcuRite wireless thermometer gives accurate indoor and outdoor temperatures. It has a very large display and well worth the price. No regrets. Highly Recommended.
    (Posted on 7/10/12)

  25. Indoor/Outdoor Thermometer Review by abcsc

    This product has performed excellently since purchase about 2 months ago. The only suggestions is a backlight for easier reading at night.
    (Posted on 6/20/12)

  26. So Helpful! Review by Riggerson

    I can now sit at my desk and at a glance see the temperature inside my small greenhouse. Works like a charm - excellent product for the money! (Posted on 3/10/12)

  27. Love it! Review by Loosh62

    I can see the # from across the room! I like the high low temp readings. Real good value for what it does. (Posted on 1/4/12)

  28. Good Review by 03Bugeye

    just As Accurate as the window hanger. This is a great product for the price point. (Posted on 12/20/11)

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