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Plan the day with confidence with your own weather and weather prediction information – pinpoint accuracy right from your own backyard. The AcuRite Digital Weather Station uses patented Self-Calibrating Technology to provide your personal forecast of 12 to 24 hour weather conditions. Self-Calibrating Forecasting is generated from weather data measured by a sensor in your yard - giving you the most accurate forecast available for your exact location.

The bold, easy to read LCD screen also includes indoor / outdoor temperature and humidity with daily high / low information, barometric pressure history, moon phase, and Intelli-Time clock and calendar. Intelli-Time clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time. Display stands upright for tabletop use or is wall-mountable. The outdoor sensor features powerful wireless technology, a weather-resistant design and an integrated hanger for easy mounting. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

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Digital Display Features:
• 12 to 24 hour weather forecast
• Patented Self-Calibrating Forecasting pulls data from a sensor in your backyard to give you the most accurate forecast for your exact location
• Indoor / outdoor temperature (ºF or ºC)
• Indoor / outdoor humidity
• Daily high / low temperature & humidity
Intelli-Time clock & calendar (month/day)
• Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST)
Moon phase
Barometric pressure history chart
• Bright blue momentary backlight
• Tabletop or wall-mountable design
Indicator for wireless sensor signal strength

Wireless Outdoor Sensor Features:
Sensor based forecasting data
• Wireless technology transmits data through walls & long distances
• Integrated hanger for easy mounting
• Durable, weather-resistant design
• Wireless signal LED indicator
• Strong signal penetration (enhanced 433 MHz)

Includes: Digital display, wireless sensor, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Display: 6.5" H x 7.8" D x 1.8" D
Outdoor Sensor: 4.8" H x 1.6" W x .9" D
Indoor Temperature Range: 32º to 122º F, 0º C to 50º C
Outdoor Temperature Range: -40º to 158º F, -40º C to 70º C
Temperature Accuracy: up to +/- 4°F; Learn More
Indoor Humidity Range: 16% to 98% RH
Outdoor Humidity Range: 1% to 99% RH
Humidity Accuracy: +/- 5%
RF (wireless) Range: 330' (100m)
Data Reporting: Outdoor data: 16 second updates; Indoor data: 60 second updates
Power: Display: 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included): Sensor: 2 AA alkaline or lithium* batteries (not included) *Lithium batteries recommended for temperatures below -4°F/-20ºC

Customer Reviews

Really Great Review by Amy
This product was a snap to install! The screen looks great and has all the info we were looking for. (Posted on 1/15/14)
Does a lot of things well. Review by David
This is an attractive unit with nice legible display. It reads outdoor temp and humidity town to something like ten per cent, which is great. It shows present barometer and barometer twelve hours ago and draws a straight, rising, or falling curve between the two readings to easily see the trend.

Handsome device. Good display. Good illumination.
Capacitive setting/panel light buttons won't get cranky as it ages.
Your choice of Celsius/millibars (they call them hectopascals) or Fahrenheit/inches of mercury.
Holds MIN and MAX readings for indoor and outdoor temp and humidity from midnight of the current day. You can also manually reset the MIN or MAX readings from the panel.
Tracks Daylight Savings Time automatically.
If your neighbors don't have similar machines you can potentially have up to three remote sensors, and the price of the remotes is right.
Connecting to a remote sensor is straightforward and not picky.
Barometer automatically trains itself over two weeks to adjust to your altitude when you first power on..
Battery life seems very good. The reviewer mentioning frequent battery changes has a defective unit (maybe with the light running when it shouldn't be?).
The desk stand is effective (and can be removed by pulling from the middle).
Customer service is responsive.

The shiny bezel is a magnet for obvious fingermarks, and that's where the "buttons" are. Best you put a hanky over your finger when you use them, unless you like polishing.
Picture display for the near forecast can be rather confusing. Would have been better if less pretty had they used text for the forecast.
You have to take the battery cover off (or modify it) to switch among multiple remotes.
Barometer does not show an actual graph of the last twelve hours of pressure, only the two points (now, and now - 12h) with a pretty line drawn between them.
Barometer automatically trains itself over two weeks to adjust to your altitude - any time you change the batteries. Nothing is saved when you change batteries. Also, of course, you can't carry the thing around on a trip and set the barometer to correspond to your altitude.
If you lose the remote signal the signal strength bars go away but the device holds the last reading. It would be better if it dumped the reading and showed you an empty display instead.
If build quality (consistency) were better they wouldn't have to use their excellent customer service so much.

On balance a fine device - if you get a good one. I recommend it highly, with the caveat that if it doesn't behave like a fine device you'll have to ask for another one. The display should be stable and not appear to blink or flash at any time. The panel light should not come on by itself. Reception from the remote should be fairly stable and not simply stop when it feels like it (but if it's lost the signal, switch to a different channel on the main unit and then switch back. If it recovers, and doesn't do that too often, you're ok). (Posted on 6/23/13)
Great buy for the money Review by Tug Hill Snowbound
More features than I expected. A high quality weather instrument. (Posted on 6/18/13)
Everything I need - check every day Review by Trickles
We purchased two of these units. They have all the information we need.

It's really nice to know what the weather is like before going out the door. (Posted on 6/18/13)
Love my weather station Review by misliving life
My husband absolutly loves it we bought one for his dad for his birthday. It is right on weather everytime!! Recomend this weather station!! (Posted on 6/18/13)
EXCELLENT Review by David
This product is fantastic. Very accurately displays the information in an easy to understand format. Customer service and support went well above and beyond to resolvea problem I experienced with my unit. I could not be happier with this unit. Thanks for a great product at a great value (Posted on 3/14/13)
Battery Usage Review by Duffer
The unit works very well but my Duracell Alkaline Batteries last 13 days. I'm on my 4th set of batteries in 2 months. (Posted on 2/4/13)
Great Review by Van
I've only had it a few days, but it seems pretty accurate with the forecasts. I like it. 5* (Posted on 11/9/12)
I was plesently surprise Review by Fish
Well design unit. Sensor range excellent.
5 minutes from box to operation
(Posted on 9/26/12)
Acu-Rite Deluxe Digital Weather Forecast Review by Randy
Big numbers; Easy to use; Can hang on wall; Back lit
(Posted on 7/5/12)
Easy Setup Review by RiverRat
Installation and set-up was extremely easy. Nice large backlit display. Instructions are easy to read and follow. Outdoor sensor needs better attachment or mounting points to prevent wind from blowing it off the wall. String hanging sensor does not seem a very good idea. Overall it should do the job, only time will tell. (Posted on 4/24/12)
AT LAST Review by Don Rodunt
Great product from a company that treats customers like they are important. recommend! The only reason I gave 4 stars and not 5 is because I wish humidity was larger, but it's still very legible. (Posted on 4/4/12)

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