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Common Problems:

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Top AcuRite Support Solution to Problems



1) Use good quality (name brand) alkaline or lithium batteries. DO NOT use rechargeable or heavy duty batteries, or mix different batteries.

2) Bring display unit and outdoor sensor (if applicable) side by side. Remove and re-install batteries.

3) Change the order in which you install the batteries: indoor unit first, then sensor and vice versa.

4) Move indoor and/or outdoor units to different locations and away from laptops, computers, tvs and other electronics.


1) Ensure the unit and/or sensor are away from things that can impact readings, such as vents, direct sunlight and metal surfaces.  

2) To verify if inaccuracy is location related (digital products only) bring both indoor/outdoor units side by side and allow to sit together for 30 minutes. Units should read within 4 degrees of each other.

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