AcuRite-Customer Pact

As a consumer, you need a company you can trust and rely upon. After all, when you purchase something you want to know that it is going be a quality product and will live up to the standards and description. As a company, we need customers who are loyal and will continue to trust our brand time and again. Together, we can fill each other’s needs in this area.

A pact, by definition, is a formal agreement between parties. At AcuRite we’d like to make a pact with you, the consumer. We promise that we will make every effort to ensure you are completely satisfied with every purchase you make. We believe in open and honest communication and we are here to listen to your concerns, address your questions, and provide the helpful information you need.

By doing these things we help assure that you will remain a loyal customer. And that’s what every business wants and needs in order to succeed. We know what it’s like to be a customer, as well as an employee, and we will always strive to treat you with the respect and candor that you deserve.

We have identified five practical areas of measure for both AcuRite and the consumer that offers the best possible relationship:
Customer Pact
AcuRite's Promise
Customer Promise
Be Real.
We will always use a friendly, conversational tone with our customers. We will avoid any scripts and corporate deceitful language.
Be Kind.
Treat our employees how you would want to be treated by being respectful and kind.
Be Personable.
We strive to have a personal touch by empowering employees to share their own experience with AcuRite.
Be Real.
Let us know who you are so we can build a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.
Be Accessible.
We make it easy for you to contact us and seek accountability.
Be Forthcoming.
Understand that problems do arise and that it’s only fair to give us an opportunity to fairly address the issue at hand.
Be Prepared.
We realize that there will be issues and we are ready and willing to handle them and meet your expectations in doing so.
Be Honest.
Give us a fair shot at being able to solve any problems for you by coming straight to us with the issue.
Be Candid.
Our employees are prepared to speak simply and candidly with you about any issues that may arise.
Be Candid.
Have an open mind and give us the benefit of the doubt that will try to be fair about resolving any issues.