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AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E. 08510

NOAA Weather Radio with S.A.M.E.


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  • AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E. 08510 AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E. 08510
  • AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E. 08510 AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E. 08510
  • AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E. 08510 AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio with S.A.M.E. 08510

NOAA Weather Radio with S.A.M.E.

Quick Overview

Weather the day with confidence with your own up-to-date weather information and national weather alerts. Tune in to emergency alerts, storm alerts, tornadoes, floods, disasters, amber alerts and public announcements with the AcuRite Emergency Weather Alert NOAA Radio. This handy radio is digitally tuned to NOAA Weather Radio (NWR), providing continuous weather information including warnings, watches, forecasts and all hazards 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sounds a loud alert siren when emergency conditions occur. Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) ensures you will only receive advisories, watches and warnings that are intended for your specific location. Warnings relevant to your local area scroll across the backlit LCD display and color-coded LED's indicate alert type. AC powered with automatic battery-powered backup during power outages. Setup is simple. Power on the radio and you are ready to receive emergency alerts - there are no subscription fees or other costs. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Model #: 08510, 08510OTP, 08510HDSB

Availability: In stock




• Emergency weather radio with NOAA National Weather Service alerts for your location
• Automatic notification: emergency, weather & public announcements
Responds to all hazards and warnings for NOAA / NWS / Dept. of Defense & Weatheradio Canada
• Sounds a loud siren when emergency conditions occur
• Listen button - hear local weather report at any time
• Backlit LCD displays scrolling messages
• Color-coded LED's indicate alert type
• Multilingual display: English / Spanish / French
• 50 mile signal scan receives 7 digitally tuned NOAA channels
S.A.M.E. technology ensures local info
• Phase Lock Loop (PLL) digital tuning
• Time & date with automatic Daylight Saving Time (DST) adjustment
• Backlit display
• Headphone / accessory jack
• Volume controls
• Low battery indicator
• Battery operated or AC adapter powered

Includes: Weather alert radio, AC power adapter, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Weather Alert Radio Specifications

NOAA Wireless RangeUp to 50 miles
Power4.5V power adapter (included); 3 AA alkaline batteries (not included)
Dimensions2-inch Height x 5-inch Width x 6-inch Depth
  1. Nice Add to My Weather Devices review by John on 6/12/2017

    Nice add to my weather devices including 5-1 Weather Station.

  2. Acu-Rite NOAA Weather Radio with S.A.M.E. review by Joseph on 6/26/2015

    Living in Central Illinois, I've seen some pretty wicked weather and I felt I needed a weather radio for me and my family to be prepared for anything that comes along - Acu-Rite NOAA Weather Radio with S.A.M.E. fits my needs perfectly. Thanks for a great product and keeping my family safe.

  3. weather radio review by Bill on 2/8/2014

    Very easy to set up. Works great here in South Florida.

  4. Love my Weather Alert Radio! review by Rob on 12/26/2013

    Got it for Christmas, took it out of the box went on line to get my FIPS code entered my code and ran the quick set up. Works great! Excellent reception. I work in the public works field and this radio will be an excellent addition to our department. Great product, Thank You!

  5. Works pretty well review by John98103 on 6/7/2013

    This unit works fine - just seems much bigger than it needs to be - takes up a lot of space on the counter.

  6. Great Weather Alert review by Soupy299 on 6/7/2013

    We have peace of mind when we go to sleep great alert system We live in Tn. a must.

  7. Easy to set up review by Momnelmo on 6/6/2013

    The set up is simple you just have to get a code online. The back lighting makes it much easier to read. It has battery backup in case you lose power and is a nice looking unit to keep your family safe.

  8. Excellent Insurance review by conch on 6/6/2013

    We purchased the weather-system radio because we live in a hurricane-prone area on the Florida Keys. Here, tornadoes can occasionally form in storms and the storms themselves can range from mild to fierce. Alerts and warnings keep us aware of what is going on around us so that we may take protective action.
    Shortly after we purchased the radio, we were hit by heavy rains and flood warnings - before and during which the radio performed admirably and gave us the knowledge and advanced warnings that we needed to protect ourselves and our property.
    We would recommend it to anyone who lives in an area where weather can turn violent.

  9. Easiest ever to program review by graceie on 6/5/2013

    The quick programming was great, took only a few minutes, and I really like that it can be set to only start alarm if there is an actual warning. during advisorys and watches I can set it to get flashing light instead

  10. Already sent notice review by mikeazwi on 6/4/2013

    I purchased two of the Weather Radios. One for a friend in Wisconsin one for myself in Arizona. I'm not expecting mine in Arizona to get much of a workout, but the one in Wisconsin has already paid for itself by warning of sever thunderstorm in the area and my friend was able to get her dog in and get the car in the garage and close things up before a massive storm blew through. Many cars in the area had hail damage but my friend was able to get her car in the garage before the storm hit because of the warning.

  11. Great wx radio review by RadioPrepper1911 on 6/4/2013

    I really like the AA battery backup as that is a common size that we use. Programming was simple. SAME technology is fantastic. Our old wx radio has sent us to the basement a few times due to late night tornadoes in our county in VA. Otherwise, it just sits there on guard duty to let us know of inclement wx.

  12. Great Weather Radio review by Patrick M on 4/12/2012

    I choose this weather radio based on reviews I read by other buyers. The reviewers knew a lot about weather radios and I trusted what they said. This radio was easy to set up, I used the S.A.M.E function b/c the first night every alert from the whole metro area sounded and completely disturbed our sleep, so we now have it only set to alert our county. Works great and I feel much safer having it next to the bed

  13. Tornado Alley review by Al B on 4/12/2012

    We are in Birmingham, AL and recently slept through a tornado siren. The tornado caused tremendous damage. We needed something to wake the dead and this Weather radio will do the trick. No one could sleep through its siren!

  14. Perfect Weather Radio review by Sir on 4/12/2012

    We bought this after a EF0 came by us. With the power out, and it being dark out, we were wishing we had something like this so we'd know if worse weather was coming. This radio's alarm is LOUD, has battery back up, and I can press a button at any time to hear the forecast. It takes up very little space and was very simple to set up. Can't go wrong with this radio.

  15. Weather Radio review by Don on 4/12/2012

    It took me about 5 mintutes to set it up, the manual was very easy to follow. As I was looking on line to see if I did every thing right, and how to tell if the radio was working, the alarm when off telling me my county was under a tornadoes warning. I could not believe this, the TV had just told us we were in the clear. Because of this radio my family and I when to the basement of our home and was safe. I awoke this morning to find others was not so lucky.

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