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5 Ways to Make Garden and Lawn Care Easier

5 Ways to Make Garden and Lawn Care Easier
Posted in: Why Weather Matters
By AcuRite Team
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5 Ways to Make Garden and Lawn Care Easier

5 ways to make garden and lawn care easier

5 Ways to Make Garden and Lawn Care Easier

We've compiled a list of the most useful gardening tools to make your spring gardening a breeze. Save time, money, and energy by following our gardening tips and tricks. Get a head start on the planting season with these Green Thumb Gadgets. These also make great gifts for the gardener in your life.

Digital Rain Gauge with Wireless Self-Emptying Rain Collector 00899

Manage watering frequency with a Digital Rain Gauge

Are your plants getting enough water? Are they getting too much water? Put your mind at ease with a Digital Rain Gauge. Its self-emptying rain collector takes out the maintenance that goes along with monitoring rainfall totals. It features rain and flooding alarms, allowing you to take action before potentially harmful conditions. Not sure how much precipitation your plants have received over the past few days? Look back at the rain gauge's rainfall history for the current event, day, or 7 days.

Starting at $34.99

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Soil Thermometer

Plant a Soil Thermometer

Determining when to plant certain types of plants is essential to getting your garden off to a fast start. Depending on the type of seed, you'll need to check that the soil is warm enough to ensure good germination. Take the guess work out of determining soil temperature with a Soil Thermometer from AcuRite. Next time you're looking to add plants to your garden, grab a soil thermometer to plant your seeds, beans, or vegetables at the optimum temperature.

Basic Analog Soil Thermometer, MSRP $9.99

Advanced Digital Soil Thermometer, Starting at $54.98

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Easy read rain gauge

Mount an analog rain gauge to track rainfall totals

Want to track rainfall but don't feel you need the added features of a digital rain gauge? Try an analog rain gauge, like the Easy Read Rain Gauge (pictured on left). It collects up to 5-inches of rain that can easily be read from across the yard. Analog rain gauges vary in size and collection capacity. They are inexpensive and easy to use - you simply empty the container after obtaining a measurement.

Starting at $3.99

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14" Faux Slate Indoor or Outdoor Clock with Thermometer & Humidity 02418

Keep an eye on the time, temperature, and humidity during yard work

The day can get away from you when you're spending time in the garden. Outdoor clocks (14" Faux Slate Outdoor Clock pictured on left) feature temperature and humidity readings, and will make sure you stay on schedule. AcuRite outdoor clocks feature a weather-resistant construction for durability all year round. Available in Fahrenheit or Celsius degree scales.

Starting at $12.99

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rain monitoring app

Weather monitoring with alerts for flooding and frost

Get all the info you need right from the comfort of your home on your smartphone or laptop with an AcuRite Rain Monitoring System. How often you need to water your plants greatly depends on outdoor temperature and rainfall amounts. Quickly determine whether you need to grab the gardening hose and head to your garden, from a glance online at MyAcuRite.com or by using the free My AcuRite Apple iOS or Android apps. The app captures rainfall information, historical records and trends, and allows for remote monitoring. Protect your plants from flooding and frost, and customize your own email and text alerts when it starts to rain or when flood conditions are present.

Starting at $99.99

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May 4, 2018
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