A School’s Greenhouse Depends on AcuRite!

A School’s Greenhouse Depends on AcuRite!
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A School’s Greenhouse Depends on AcuRite!

Mackintosh Academy Littleton is a small school (PreK-8th grade) in Littleton, Colorado, committed to environmental sustainability. Last year, we won both the National Green Ribbon School award and a gold level award from the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program. Our many "green" initiatives include solar panels that power the whole campus, a robust recycling and repurposing program, and a very productive hydroponic greenhouse.

We have a greenhouse to teach the students about planting and growing their own produce for sustainability. This helps them learn about the ideal environmental conditions for various types of plants. A sensor system like AcuRite’s Access ™ with remote temperature and humidity sensors would significantly enhance our greenhouse program and enrich the educational experience for our students.

AcuRite Sensors shown on My AcuRite

After installing the AcuRite sensors and Access unit, we have our greenhouse officially up and running for the 2019 school year! Next, I'm planning that the students and I will have the hydroponics systems hooked up and "planted" within the next week.

Students in greenhouse using Acurite Sensors

The sensors not only show us when the greenhouse is too hot, but they are also essential when informing us of low temperatures during the winter months. We will use the temperature and humidity data we collect in the greenhouse for use in our math classes (PreK through 8th). This is an authentic part of our math inquiries and valuable component of our "Green Programs" at Mackintosh Academy Littleton.

Alison Weems
Sustainability Coordinator
Green ribbon Schools

February 28, 2020
Donald Marshall
March 5, 2020
Sounds great. Do they use the data to plot graphs?
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