AcuRite Access and Amazon Alexa

AcuRite Access and Amazon Alexa

Is Alexa the most popular name in your home? “Alexa, order dog food”, “Alexa, play country music”, or my kids’ favorite—“Alexa, tell me a joke.” I don’t know about you, but the first part of my morning routine is to ask “Alexa, what’s the weather today?” What if you could ask Amazon Alexa about weather conditions in your backyard or she could tell you the temperature in the baby’s room? Well, now you can!! The new AcuRite® Access™ now has the capability to connect to Amazon Echo.

Alexa, ask My AcuRite about my backyard weather

Our technical engineers at AcuRite have developed a skill for Amazon Echo that will make it even easier for you to interact with My AcuRite and the environmental monitoring data your devices are reporting. Just ask Alexa:

  • "Alexa, ask My AcuRite what are my current conditions"
  • "Alexa, ask My AcuRite about my backyard weather"

With these simple commands at your disposal, you will have quick access to the information you need to ensure that your family is prepared for the day’s conditions and get everyone out the door geared up for the day. Umbrella? Check. Winter coat? Check. Sunscreen? Check. You get the idea. Planning your Day with Confidence on those hectic mornings just got even easier.

The integration of AcuRite Access with Amazon Echo is just the start of AcuRite integrating with the technology that you rely on daily in your smart home. As a busy mom, I can't wait to enable the My AcuRite skill on Amazon Alexa to make my life easier. Already have an AcuRite Access? Enable the skill today and let us know what you think.

April 20, 2018
Jay Gatlin
April 28, 2018
Just added the AcuRite Skill to my Alexa. Works like a charm!
joe C
May 4, 2018
I would like to add the room temperature, with humidity sensor
Tom Hartman
May 8, 2018
The Alexa skill works quite well for me. I look forward to the growth of Alexa app functionality such as joe C suggested and customizing the Alexa app. This is a great start and a welcome addition to my Alexa home!
May 11, 2018
When will the Skill be available in Canada?
Kari Strenfel
May 14, 2018
We are working on improving the skill for the US, then we will work on making it available in Canada. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!
May 19, 2018
You need to get the access working. Mine is a month and a half old and does not work at all
Fred Forman
June 2, 2018
I have two Acurite home bases (in two different houses) and each has several sensors. Is there a way to ask Alexa about a particular home or even a particular sensor? Right now, she only gives me the report for one of the sensorts and it isn't even for ona at the home I am at!!
Kari Strenfel
June 4, 2018
Currently, when you ask Alexa "Alexa, ask My AcuRite my backyard weather" she will read the sensor data in order of your sensors listed in your My AcuRite account. She should then ask if you would like to hear another, and if you say yes, she should continue reading through your list of sensors. We are currently working on additional skills like requesting Alexa to read specific sensors based on the names you have assigned them.
Mark Simon
June 6, 2018
It would be great to be able to ask about a specific sensor.
James Roberts
June 18, 2019
I have the same problem. Have you found a solution?
Mark Simon
June 6, 2018
It would be nice to be able to ask for a specific measurement like temperature instead of all conditions.
Kari Strenfel
June 6, 2018
I agree! We are working on adding both of these skills referring to a specific sensor or a specific measurement. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.
john sorrentino
June 7, 2018
When do you get it setup for Google Home?
Kari Strenfel
June 14, 2018
We are also working on setting up My AcuRite with Google Home, we hope to have it functioning by the end of the year.
John Sorrentino
June 14, 2018
That is Great and I look forward to using the two products together.
Daryl Raverty
November 18, 2018
Any news about my integration with Google home?
AcuRite Team
February 8, 2019
There are no new updates at this time regarding Google Home integration. If we decide to release an integration we will be sure to notify the community. In the meantime we recommend signing up for email notifications if you haven't already so that you will always know about new releases.
Barbara Northrup
January 24, 2019
When will Google Home be available?
AcuRite Team
January 24, 2019
We don't currently have a date as to when that feature will be available. We recommend signing up for emails so that if it becomes available, you will be notified.
joe smith
June 14, 2018
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June 16, 2018
No AcuRite for Canada???? Why?
June 18, 2019
a year later and still not available for use in Canada!
AcuRite Team
June 18, 2019
While the skills function is not currently available in Canada, we will be sure to pass the request on to our development team for consideration.
June 18, 2019
They managed to get Google Assistant working but still no Alexa in Canada? What a bloomin' pity!
George Johnson
June 16, 2018
I sure hope you'll also have AccuRite work with Apple HomePod.
June 18, 2018
I just got this setup yesterday. Works great! A graphical interface on the Echo Show would be a wonderful update down the road. Also, specific sensors and specific measurements would be ideal and it looks like you're working on that.
February 26, 2021
I totally agree, having a display like the one I my iPhone for the echo show would be a huge feature.
June 29, 2018
It's not available in Canada yet! Bummer. When? When?
June 26, 2019
Is this skill available in Canada? I do a search for the skill ad nothing shows up.
AcuRite Team
June 27, 2019
Not as of yet, but we will be sure to pass your request on to our development team for consideration. Thank you
Charles Shurtz
July 17, 2019
Will this work with the Amazon Fire Stick TV with the Alexa ?
AcuRite Team
August 15, 2019
Hi Charles, Yes, the My AcuRite skill for Alexa will work with your Firestick.
Joe Muise
October 7, 2019
Looks like my acurite does not work with google home in Canada. Will the acurite atlas work with google home in Canada?
AcuRite Team
October 7, 2019
Google Home can only communicate with the My AcuRite app, it cannot communicate with the Atlas Weather Station directly. This feature is not available in Canada, but we are always looking to add additional features.
October 11, 2019
I have 2 Access devices and 7 sensors per.Access. 1 is for outdoor temperature, 4 are for two fridge/freezer units, 3 are for temperatures at 3 distinct locations inside my motorhome, and the balance are to.monitor areas in the "basement"of the motorhome that I do not want to freeze.during I know how to ask for the Outdoor temperature but cannot find how to ask the temperature for individual sensors or preferably have Alexa read a group I sensor data to me. Is that possible? If not, will that detail ever be available?
AcuRite Team
October 14, 2019
At this time, the capability that you described is not available with Amazon Alexa. AcuRite continues to be committed to developing high-quality products with features customers love. Thank you for the feedback, we can definitely look into adding this feature in the future.
October 14, 2019
I’d like to see this feature as well. I have the Atlas Pro and 7 additional sensors. I have 3 in the “basement”of our bus. They monitor the water bay for freezing temps. Thanks for your consideration.
October 22, 2019
What are your plans for Apple HomeKit support?
AcuRite Team
October 22, 2019
At this time, our products are not compatible with Apple HomeKit, however we are always looking to incorporate new features and capabilities that our customers will love.
October 22, 2019
I would also like to see homekit compatability. This is our current deciding factor in upgrading.
AcuRite Team
May 4, 2020
Thank you for your feedback! While our stations are not compatible with Apple HomeKit at this time, I would be happy to pass this along to the appropriate parties!
Sharing with Weatherunderground
February 21, 2020
When setting up Access with Weather Underground, when asked for "PASSWORD" you actually insert the Weather Underground "KEY" and NOT Password. It will drive you nuts if you didn't know this! Your Welcome :)
Francis Chabot
October 6, 2020
Echo Show support with the info displayed on the screen would be great. My smart plug does that it shows on the screen via the skills if it's on or off.
Craig Allen
November 8, 2020
Hi My Acurite app team. You Acurite products have been available for quite a while from and with the exception of limited timezones, I use west coast time, and the need to adjust the wind direction vane by 180 degrees it works perfectly in Australia. We love it. I purchased my Acurite 5 in 1 system from and also have a Smart Home and Alexa system. Your My Acurite Skill is currently not available in AU and I am really hoping you will be able to make it available to AU or ALL English speaking countries. I understand from Amazon support that is just a matter of checking a check box at your end
AcuRite Team
November 9, 2020
At this time, this skill is only available in the US and Canada. We are working to add other countries, such as Australia, and we hope to implement this in the future!
Larry Thornton
June 13, 2021
Really would like to check my current conditions at my home, on my apple HomeKit. I have the AcuRite smart hub and the 5 in 1 weather station. Do you think the soon coming matter protocol will make this possible?
AcuRite Team
June 14, 2021
My AcuRite is not currently compatible with Apple HomeKit but we appreciate your feedback and will certainly pass along your request to the appropriate parties!
October 28, 2021
Hi there, any update on when the Alexa skill will be available in Australia? Bought this off Australia's Amazon site and it says it works with Alexa. Spent ages trying to add the skill only to finally read it isn't available in Australia. Would be good to either fix so that we can use this with Alexa, or clearly advertise that it isn't the case so we can consider alternatives. Thanks.
AcuRite Team
October 29, 2021
At this time, Alexa compatibility is not available in Australia. We are hoping to add this in the future. We apologize for any inconvenience.
October 29, 2021
How do I get Alexa to read other sensors? Current always gives me the 5-1. I also have a Bedroom Temperature and a Pool Water Temperature sensor. how do I : “Alexa, ask my Acurite what is pool water temperature?” (This does not work. Do you know what does?)
AcuRite Team
October 29, 2021
Once Alexa has finished reading the data from your 5-in-1 sensor, Alexa will ask if you would like to hear more. If you say "yes", Alexa will read off readings from your other sensors. We have provided your feedback to make it easier to access data from your other sensors through Alexa to our Development Team and we will look at adding this feature in a future update!
June 9, 2022
What is it that holding back making My AcuRite access to work with Apple HomeKit? I invested so much in the AcuRite platform of sensors and weather stations and were waiting for this to happen.
George Cardona
July 30, 2022
I am in Canada I have added Acurite weather station skill to Alexa My Acurite and when I ask her Ask my acurite my current conditions she replies with No Text is prepare for this model LightningT. I am in Canada
AcuRite Team
August 1, 2022
We apologize for any inconvenience that this has caused you. We are aware of an issue between the model #06045M Lightning Detector and the Alexa Skill. Our Development Team is currently investigating the issue and we hope to have it corrected in an upcoming update. Please feel free to reach out to our support team via live chat or email request on the AcuRIte Support website if you have further questions.
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