AcuRite Merchandise for a Good Cause

AcuRite Merchandise for a Good Cause
By AcuRite Team
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AcuRite Merchandise for a Good Cause

We’re excited to announce a partnership with the National Weather Association Foundation. By launching our AcuRite merchandise products, we’re donating 20% of all sales profits of our AcuRite T-shirts, stickers, and magnets to the NWAF.

Why buy a T-shirt? Because you’re a weather geek and you want to embrace it. Or you know a weather geek that hasn’t totally accepted it yet…‘Tis the season to let them know with a t-shirt.

Why buy weather stickers?  Because you love to load up your laptop with cute designs. Or you have kids or nieces and nephews that would love some stickers!

Why buy magnets? Because you’re a full-on weather nut! You may not be an official storm spotter, but you often find yourself driving towards peculiar cloud formations.  You need a weather magnet on your vehicle! (Okay, I guess on your fridge is cool too.)

Or Order one of each just because you simply love supporting a great cause like we do!

Happy Holidays from AcuRite!

December 1, 2019