AcuRite and Weather Underground

AcuRite and Weather Underground
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AcuRite and Weather Underground

Broadcast your weather to the online weather community

If you are the local weather expert in your neighborhood, make sure to share your AcuRite weather data online by joining the Weather Underground personal weather station network.

Quickly join the nation’s largest community of personal weather station owners on Weather Underground with the AcuRite Direct to Weather Underground Wi-Fi weather station. Simply connect to Weather Underground directly from the Wi-Fi display!
Additionally, most AcuRite weather sensors are compatible with Weather Underground, as long as you have the AcuRite Access™ for remote monitoring. This device pushes your AcuRite weather data to My AcuRite, which is AcuRite's complimentary cloud-based platform. From either the My AcuRite app or website, you can enable Weather Underground sharing for viewing on the Weather Underground website and app.
Register to join the free Weather Underground personal weather station network to contribute to the global weather community with over 250,000 personal weather stations reporting worldwide!

AcuRite Connect Weather Stations

May 31, 2017
richard mierop
March 20, 2023
will my 01516 acu rite work without weather underground?
AcuRite Team
March 22, 2023
Absolutely! The indoor display and outdoor sensor will continue to communicate without the use of the Wi-Fi feature. If you have further questions, please reach out to our support team via live chat or email request on the AcuRite Support website.
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