American Red Cross and AcuRite

American Red Cross
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American Red Cross and AcuRite

Red Cross banner, AcuRite Atlas display and video monitor with My AcuRite

I am a Disaster Action Team Manager and Logistics Lead at The American Red Cross in Romeoville, Illinois. I personally own multiple AcuRite devices and sensors at home. After years of tracking and monitoring the environmental conditions at home, we have decided to install an AcuRite Atlas™ at our facility. We respond to multiple natural disasters and watch the weather closely for incoming issues every day.

AcuRite Atlas Weather Station on a cloudy day
Wide View of AcuRite Atlas above building

We use the AcuRite Atlas™ with AcuRite Access™ for remote monitoring daily in our EOC (Emergency Operations Center). When grey sky events occur in our chapter, and when daily blue sky operations are in place, we rely heavily on accurate weather data. As a disaster response agency, we need up-to-date information constantly.

The lightning detection is really helpful as we are outside maintaining our disaster relief trailers and vehicles. The first detection of lightning and we bring our volunteers and staff inside. We incorporate the AcuRite weather data and emergency weather alerts into our IAP's (Incident Action Plans) to keep situational awareness as accurate as possible. We also respond to floods, so having the rain gauge measurement helps us plan our deployment. We mounted the display on the wall in the EOC and one at our front desk.

AcuRite Atlas at twilight
My AcuRite on multiple electronic devices

Ron Leffler
Disaster Action Team Manager / Logistics Lead
American Red Cross

January 6, 2020
Francisco Ramirez
January 14, 2020
Is incredible, I wish if I can have one, here in Puerto Rico the weather station always is broke, last year we lost the weather news for weeks and the station received the information from Florida.
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