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April 2019

April Showers Bring May Flowers: The Importance of Measuring Rainfall in Your Area

By AcuRite Team April 29, 2019 2366 Views No comments
They say “April showers bring forth May flowers,” but are April showers really responsible for bringing out the flowers? Depending on where you live, the answer may surprise you. ... Read More

Celebrate Earth Day by Learning More About the Weather

By Kari Strenfel, AcuRite Meteorologist April 22, 2019 15325 Views No comments
Planet Earth is an amazing and fascinating place. The only planet known to sustain life, Earth’s unique atmosphere is made up primarily of nitrogen and oxygen. Acting like a big blanket of protection, these gases, along with carbon dioxide and ozone, regulate our planet’s climate and weather patterns. ... Read More

Kari’s Earth Day 2019: State Park Cleanup

By Kari Strenfel April 19, 2019 718 Views No comments
Kari and her family volunteered at a nearby state park! What are you doing for the environment this year?! ... Read More

Weather Day at Miller Park: Partying for Science, Children

By AcuRite Team April 18, 2019 1557 Views No comments
On April 17th, approximately 10,000 schoolchildren descended upon Miller Park in Milwaukee to learn science, watch baseball, play with gadgets, and eat hot dogs. ... Read More

Teaching Kids About Weather Can Spark Interest in STEM

By AcuRite Team April 16, 2019 2196 Views No comments
Kids have a natural curiosity, and love to explore the world around them—including all things weather-related. But did you know that teaching kids about weather monitoring... ... Read More

Severe Weather Preparedness

By Kari Strenfel April 8, 2019 4824 Views No comments
Spring is underway, and that means time for a refresh on severe weather safety to keep you and your family safe. ... Read More

Become a Storm Spotter!

By Kari Strenfel April 3, 2019 5237 Views No comments
If you already have your eyes on the sky, then maybe you are ready to step it up a notch and become an official storm spotter! ... Read More