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May 2019

Under Pressure: Headaches, Joint Pain, and Weather

By AcuRite Team May 13, 2019 542 Views No comments
A question: if you suffer from migraines or joint pain, do you notice a difference in your pain when the weather changes? ... Read More

Mother’s Day: Three Easy Ideas for Treating Mom Right

By AcuRite Team May 7, 2019 1287 Views No comments
Let’s get this straight: moms do an insane amount of work. Long days, which turn into long weeks, which turn into 18+ years of care, nurture, feeding, cleaning, and bandaging up your knee that time you fell off your bike. We all owe it to mothers to treat them like the heroes they are, and that means (depending on where you are in your life) your mom, grandma, wife, and/or daughter. If they’ve done the heavy work of child-rearing, they deserve to be celebrated. Yes, every day, but on this day in particular. ... Read More