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Enhance Your Home Décor with Outdoor Clocks

Enhance Your Home Décor with Outdoor Clocks
By AcuRite Team
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Enhance Your Home Décor with Outdoor Clocks

Among the best things about warm weather is spending time outside, lounging on decks and patios, floating in pools, and working in gardens. Part of the fun, for many people, is finding the perfect accent pieces to help create a relaxing outdoor living space at home.
When choosing accessories for your backyard paradise, outdoor clocks should be on your shopping list. Outdoor clocks are different from other types of wall clocks, in that they feature special weather-resistant housings and electronics, enabling them to withstand the elements, from hot, sunny summers through cold, snowy winters.
Outdoor clock and thermometer models measure temperature, in addition to the time and some outdoor clock models even feature a built-in hygrometer, enabling them to measure humidity as well, so you can easily see whether conditions are comfortable to spend time outside.

AcuRite outdoor clock

Because of their combination of durability, function, and beauty, outdoor clocks are perfect for any patio décor, garden décor, or outdoor wall décor. Here are some reasons an outdoor clock may be right for your home:

  • Convenient Time Telling– While we wish our lazy weekends will last forever, we still need to keep track of time so we know when to start dinner, put the laundry in the dryer, or simply get ready for the work week. With a quick glance, an outdoor clock lets you check the time and stay on schedule. As an added bonus, outdoor clocks are handy when barbecuing. They can help you know, for example, how long the steaks have been on the grill. For added convenience, you can choose outdoor clocks that feature atomic clock technology. These keep time with split-second precision and automatically update themselves for Daylight Saving Time (DST).
  • Important Environmental Information – Various outdoor clock and thermometer and hygrometer models tell you the time, temperature, and often humidity too. Thanks to oversized numerals, you can simply look out your kitchen or bedroom window to know how to dress before heading outside.
  • Perfect for Home Décor - Not only are outdoor clocks functional, they are a beautiful addition to your patio décor, garden décor, or outdoor wall décor. Available in an array of diameters and styles, looks range from classic to antique, to rustic, to modern. Aesthetic features include a choice of Arabic numerals or Roman numerals, frames in attractive materials like copper, bronze, and pewter, plus highly detailed or understated clock faces.
  • Complement Other Outdoor Elements– When choosing an outdoor clock, you can have some fun coordinating it with additional decorative accents in your back yard. For example, a copper-framed outdoor clock would look nice near a set of copper rain chains, and perhaps a copper finish rain gauge. If you have wicker patio furniture, you can choose an outdoor clock to match. In fact, outdoor clocks can accentuate a slate tile patio, a love of animals, and much more.
  • Outdoor Clocks Are Great Indoors Too – Just because outdoor clocks are designed to stand up to Mother Nature, doesn’t mean they can’t be mounted inside a home. Their attractive designs and selection of styles make outdoor clocks enhance practically any room. And in the case of outdoor clock and thermometer / hygrometer models, they are also handy for maintaining indoor comfort levels.


All-in-all, outdoor clocks can be just the item that visually ties your relaxation place together, while adding function and convenience. With all the styles, sizes, and types to choose from, there is certain to be an outdoor clock that’s perfect for you.

May 25, 2018
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