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What's a Bomb Cyclone?

What's a Bomb Cyclone?
By Kari Strenfel January 3, 2018 861 Views No comments

The first week of 2018 brought extremely cold arctic air to the Eastern states, with temperatures as much as 20-25 degrees below normal as far south as Georgia and Florida. A powerful and rapidly intensifying nor’easter - which many called a Bomb Cyclone (nickname for Bombogenesis) – moved up the Eastern Seaboard.

Bombogenesis is a meteorological term defined by the National Weather Service as rapid intensification of a cyclone (low pressure system) with a surface pressure expected to fall by at least 24 millibars in a 24 hour period.

Bomb Cyclone was a big hype story the first week of 2018, with a strong nor’easter moving up the East Coast that first brought snow and ice to Florida and Georgia. Brrr. And over a foot of snow across parts of the Eastern Seaboard.

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