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Celebrate Earth Day by Learning More About the Weather

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By AcuRite Team
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Celebrate Earth Day by Learning More About the Weather

Planet Earth is an amazing and fascinating place. The only planet known to sustain life, Earth’s unique atmosphere is made up primarily of nitrogen and oxygen. Acting like a big blanket of protection, these gases, along with carbon dioxide and ozone, regulate our planet’s climate and weather patterns.

So, what’s the difference between weather and climate? Climate is the term used to describe weather patterns over a prolonged period of time. Weather describes conditions in the atmosphere over a short period of time, and can vary daily, weekly and seasonally.

Like the weather, our climate is changing all the time. Some changes occur naturally as part of global climate cycles while other changes may be the result of human activity.

Much in our lives depends on Earth’s climate and the resulting weather patterns can bring about amazing and even troubling changes on our planet. Droughts, avalanches, blizzards, the polar vortex, bomb cyclones, tornados, flooding, lightning, and even calm sunny days all can provide moments of jaw-dropping wonder or awe-inspiring beauty, though they can sometimes be destructive and dangerous as well.

In honor of Earth Day, AcuRite is doing its part on the weather monitoring front by helping to educate kids about weather through school events and the broader community through partnerships with local organizations from fire departments to zoos. AcuRite also invites you to do your part by monitoring and tracking weather patterns in your area. By studying the weather, you will learn more about what drives fluctuations in our climate and be better able to predict changes to climate and weather patterns in your region over the long term. You can do this at home with your own weather monitoring device like the AcuRite Atlas or look to trusted global meteorological sources like NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) National Centers for Environmental Information.

Happy Earth Day and Happy Forecasting from all of us at AcuRite.

April 22, 2019
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