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Clemson 4-H Weather Project

4-H student in South Carolina
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By Elizabeth Stokes - Stokes Family Farm
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Clemson 4-H Weather Project

Clemson University Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development uses a learn-by-doing approach to help youth gain the knowledge and skills to be responsible, productive, and contributing members of society. Local kids around the region in South Carolina participate in this 4-H program, and although much is different in 2020, the 4-H program has been able to maintain some normalcy for the students. This year, a very motivated and hard-working 14-year-old named Elizabeth Stokes took on the Wildlife Food Plot Project, and added a significant advantage that may help her take this ongoing project to the next level!

While the university supplies the seed for the plot of land that grows the wildlife food, Elizabeth is responsible for recording daily weather data. The Stokes Family Farm is located in a rural area with hills, valleys, and creeks, so the official weather data recorded at the nearby airport is not representative of the weather observed at her wildlife food plot. Elizabeth needed a way to have accurate and reliable weather data with live updates, data recording, and remote monitoring if possible. The refurbished AcuRite Atlas remote weather station was the answer!

The university will look at all the data from her logbook, which she records daily from My AcuRite, to award the best weather records of each food plot. Her weather data observations come from her wireless weather station mounted within the food plot.

Acurite Atlas Weather System
“I am using the weather station to enhance my data collection for a Wildlife Food Plot program offered by Clemson University. I hope by collecting differential data from my weather station that I can provide a new outlook on the effects temperatures, humidity, UV index, light/dark time, rain measurement, and barometric pressure have on wildlife, but also on the growth pattern of the seed plot. I have placed the Atlas weather station in the middle of my food plot, this will allow me to provide data on the effects of UV index on that border versus the opposite border that is covered by shade. I hope by using the donated refurbished Atlas weather station from AcuRite that I not only win my county level, but proceed to win my region, state, and national level competitions!
Elizabeth Stokes"

Additional Information on the Clemson 4-H Program

The Wildlife Food Plot Project is a hands-on environmental education program and an independent-study project that allows youth (ages 5-18) an opportunity to establish, maintain, and observe a wildlife food plot. Youth learn concepts of wildlife conservation, plant identification, and habitat management and have the opportunity to put that knowledge into practice.

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How do you help your kids with school weather projects or learn with your kids by tracking weather conditions for your home, garden, or farm? Share your stories about how you incorporate education into your home weather monitoring.

December 10, 2020