Cullman Weather Authority uses AcuRite

Cullman Weather Authority uses AcuRite
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Cullman Weather Authority uses AcuRite

Cullman Weather Authority is a Facebook group in Cullman, Alabama that supplies weather and traffic reports for Cullman, Walker, Winston, Morgan, Marshall, Blount counties in Alabama. With over 24,500 followers and growing every day, we provide daily weather reports and severe weather coverage for Cullman County, Alabama, and the surrounding areas. We use the AcuRite Atlas™ Weather Station to gather weather information like the wind speed, temperature, and rainfall so our followers will have the most accurate and reliable weather data reported to them in real-time. This up-to-date information keeps them safe and informed in the weather event of severe weather and dangerous conditions.

The Atlas was installed at the home office in Good Hope, which is in Cullman County, AL. By mounting the station on a pole, we were able to place the unit higher than the nearby obstacles and obstructions. This helps us capture the most accurate weather readings possible for temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction, as well as rainfall. Our followers can look on the Cullman Weather Authority site to get the latest weather information and historical weather data.

As soon as we got the wireless weather station installed and reporting to My AcuRite, we saw the first cold air of the season. The arctic blast came in strong with the high temperature of 69°F measured around 3pm that day, then steadily dropped down to 33°F overnight with a Wind Chill value of 19°F overnight.

Follow our weather data on Weather Underground at KALCULLM26 and see what we’re up to on by visiting our Facebook page!

December 9, 2019
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