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Fall Cleaning: 3 Tips for Weather Station Maintenance

Leaves overflowing in a gutter
Posted in: Measuring Weather
By AcuRite Team
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Fall Cleaning: 3 Tips for Weather Station Maintenance

Happy first day of Fall! Just like the first day of Spring, it’s time to some basic, semi-annual cleaning around your home. While you’re checking on the status of your home, make sure to also check in on your weather station. A clean weather station is a happy weather station!

Here are 3 tips for weather station maintenance during the Falsl season:

Tip #1: While you’re up there…
While you’re up on the roof cleaning out the gutters, make sure to also clear the leaves out of your weather station’s rain bucket. We recommend rinsing your rain bucket out a few times with warm, soapy water to remove all the gunk inside.

Tip #2: Look for cracks
The hot summer sun can wreak havoc! Make sure your wind speed and direction measurements are accurate by taking a peek at your anemometer and wind vane to make sure they are not cracked and can spin freely.

If these parts are not spinning freely, try cleaning the sensor with warm water to clean dirt and dust off of the bearings. If you notice a cracked anemometer or wind vane, you can visit for weather station replacement parts.

Tip #3: Face due south
Your solar panels must be cleaned regularly to maintain highest functionality possible. When the photovoltaics are dirty or dusty, the station is not receiving maximum power available. Warm water and soap will do the trick. Also, for highest efficiency the solar panel should face due south in the northern hemisphere; north in the southern hemisphere.

September 22, 2018
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