Give Your Home Some Love

Give Your Home Some Love

Feeling like you’ve been ignoring your home maintenance and interior decorating since you put away the holiday decorations?! Well you don’t have to wait until the warmer temperatures and fresh air get you pumped up for your spring cleaning. You can start giving your home some love and attention during the chilly and dark winter months in the spirit of Valentine’s Day!

Let’s start with those cracks in the walls and ceilings…

Most patchwork material recommends temperature and humidity thresholds for ideal curing before sanding and painting. Also, most paint dries best in low humidity and cool temperatures. Place temperature and humidity sensors in rooms that need some love before you start your projects. I love these sensors because they report online to the My AcuRite app and website so you can monitor from anywhere, AND they have a little display right on the sensor!

Woman smiling and painting a wall with blue paint using a paint roller

A bonus feature - when your data is reporting to My AcuRite, you can setup text and email alerts based on your data. If I'm about to start a project, I would love to be notified when the conditions are just right to start painting!

How about that stuff stored in the attic, crawlspace, or garage?

We all have important stuff stored all over our house and we’re usually the only ones that know about these hiding spots! But maybe the attic isn’t the safest place for old photos, or the old wedding dress isn’t safe from water damage in that upstairs storage closet. Placing temperature and humidity sensors with water detection sensors in these hidden storage spaces can help keep your valuables as pristine as possible. Also, check out tips in this article to best preserve vintage instruments.

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With your sensors reporting to My AcuRite, you can setup alerts to notify you when your valuables may be in danger based on these conditions.

Time to do something about those old, leaky windows...

As for those leaking doors and windows, check out some helpful information and ways to monitor Water Leak Detection For Your Home and how to Prevent Frozen Pipes during the cold of winter. Before taking on the cost and effort of replacing windows, doors, and pipes, gather some data first by monitoring these problem areas to help you make informed decisions on how to fix the problems.

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February 12, 2018
George Sevast
February 18, 2018
great info .... keep it coming. one caution: keep senors away from heater vents direct output unless you want this info to be a refection of heating or cooling system variations in the house.
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