Grilling Tips for Masterful Sizzle

Grilling Tips for Masterful Sizzle

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    Get the most out of your charcoal or propane-fueled grilling experience with these grilling tips from AcuRite!

    Serve up tasty burgers, dogs, steaks, chops, ribs and veggies, while minimizing the risk of injury, property damage and being aware of food safety practices. Check out this quick overview to help you enjoy a safe and satisfying barbecue.

If you’re like us, you’ve grilled many a burger by building a towering inferno of charcoal and throwing the patty right on top. As it turns out, the sophisticated backyard chef can work all sorts of culinary magic with some simple tips:

  • Season food early (prior to grilling) to give it enough time to absorb into food.
  • To prevent sticking, oil the grill grate or brush a light coat of oil onto your food just prior to placing it on the grill.
  • Minimize the use of lighter fluid (it can give your food a bitter flavor).
  • While coals are heating up, leave the grill lid open. This allows the lighter fluid to burn up so it doesn't impact food flavor.
  • Keep the grill lid closed during cooking to retain natural food flavors, to seal in that smokey just-grilled flavoring, and to help keep foods moist.
  • Strategically position the food:
    • Use indirect heat around the edge of the grill for: chicken, fish & tender vegetables.
    • Use direct heat in the center of the grill for: beef, lamb, pork & thick cut vegetables
  • Don't use a fork to turn food. Instead use tongs or a spatula to prevent losing flavorful natural juices.
  • Apply sauce AFTER most of the grilling is done.
  • Do not cut into the steak right after removing it from the grill.
  • For freshly grilled food A+ presentation, you can create grill marks by positioning your meat at a 45º angle from the grill grates. About 1/4 into the cooking time, rotate the meat a one-quarter turn. Half-way through cooking, flip the meat over. When cooking time has almost completed, give the meat one last 1/4 turn.
  • And of course, use an AcuRite grill thermometer to make sure you reach your desired doneness with precision accuracy.


Dessert on the Grill

    AcuRite Grilling Tips for Masterful Sizzle

    Take your grilling to the next level!

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5 Quick Tips for a Safer Cookout

1. At the grocery store, shop for meats last (right before checkout). Go straight home after shopping so they stay cold.

2. Completely thaw frozen meat before grilling.

3. Keep meat and poultry refrigerated until you’re ready to grill.

4. Thoroughly clean your grilling surface and use clean utensils.

5. Use your AcuRite thermometer to ensure that your meal is not only delicious but safe! Make sure the entire cut of meat is cooked to a safe temperature: 145° Fahrenheit for fish, 160° Fahrenheit for ground beef, veal, and lamb, 165 degrees Fahrenheit for poultry

April 12, 2017
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