Heading south for the winter? Wise snowbirds keep watch over their nests.

Heading south for the winter? Wise snowbirds keep watch over their nests.

Planning to head south this winter in pursuit of warmer climates and sunnier skies? Smart snowbirds know the importance of taking the necessary steps to safeguard their homes while they’re away.

Excessive winter weather can be brutal, leading to frozen pipes and other problems. And in an empty house, these problems can turn serious quickly. On the forefront of smart home technology, our AcuRite engineers have created products that give you comfort, convenience and peace of mind – no matter if you remain at home or travel far away.  Before traveling, it’s also a good idea to set up your AcuRite alerts to ping a close family member or trusted neighbor who can manage any adverse situation when you’re not home.

Our Multi-Room Temperature and Humidity Sensors allow you to check on your home no matter where you are. With AcuRite’s advanced technology you can remotely keep an eye on temperature and humidity levels, and even set customized ranges, to ensure optimal conditions are maintained throughout your entire house. The easy installation allows you to set up sensors in three different areas – your basement, attic and main living space for instance – for the added protection of ensuring every area of your home is fully monitored. Should a sensor detect a change from your set threshold levels, you’ll immediately get an alert on your phone notifying you. With the My AcuRite app you can log in and view your data from virtually anywhere, even the beach. 

Some AcuRite fans have told us about an additional step they’ve taken to protect their homes by attaching our Room Monitor with Liquid & Soil Temperature Sensor directly to their pipes for monitoring. The sensor can also be placed inside your refrigerator or freezer, so you'll know right away if there is a change in temperature that puts frozen foods at risk of defrosting.

For added peace of mind, our Water Detectors can be installed in the basement to notify you at the first sign of moisture from leaky appliances, sump pump failure or flooding.

 Water Detector installed on the basement pipe

Gone undetected, any number of events can lead to thousands of dollars in damage. But no need to worry. You can chill out while AcuRite’s trusty sensors monitor what matters most back home.

January 3, 2019
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