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How AcuRite Weather Stations Help You Maintain Ideal Sleep Conditions

How AcuRite Weather Stations Help You Maintain Ideal Sleep Conditions
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By AcuRite Team
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How AcuRite Weather Stations Help You Maintain Ideal Sleep Conditions

Helping Insomniacs Optimize Their Personal Sleeping Environments

Everyone experiences insomnia once in a while. But for many people, it’s a constant problem. After years of struggling with sleep deprivation, Oregon resident Martin Reed founded Insomnia Land as a resource for people seeking answers on how to go to sleep. Here’s how Reed uses an AcuRite Weather Station to optimize his personal sleeping environment and mitigate symptoms of insomnia.


It's believed by some that fluctuations in heat and humidity dramatically affect sleep, particularly among people who suffer from insomnia. In addition, some sleep experts believe that moon phases affect sleep, but there is limited data to support the claim.


Reed installed an AcuRite Pro 5-in-1 Color Weather Station with Weather Ticker, Wind, and Rain. The home monitoring system continually monitors the indoor temperature, indoor humidity, and barometric pressure. Since it also displays moon phases, Reed could gauge the moon's effect on his own sleep patterns.


Reed reports that the Pro 5-in-1 Weather Station provided data he needed to create ideal conditions for sleep.

"The AcuRite products enabled me to prove the theory that temperature is important for sleep," Reed said. "I found that if the bedroom temperature was too high, sleep was more difficult. By being more aware of room temperature, and being able to quickly and accurately know the precise temperature in the room at night, I was able to ensure I had the perfect sleeping environment."

Reed added that the Weather Station was not only beneficial for him, but for his entire family.

"As the parent of a newborn I was also aware that babies require a slightly higher humidity level than adults," Reed said. "So the AcuRite devices were helpful to make sure the home and bedroom environments had high enough levels of humidity but were not so high that they could encourage mold growth."

If you require a device that offers accurate, easily accessible information about your environment, AcuRite products can be helpful.

Martin Reed

Martin Reed with Insomnialand
January 23, 2019
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