Kari’s My AcuRite February Weather Recap

Kari’s My AcuRite February Weather Recap
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By Meteorologist Kari Strenfel
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Kari’s My AcuRite February Weather Recap

Kari Strenfel here, reporting again from sunny northern California, where we saw an unusually warm February. My Atlas™ Weather Station saw over ten days with highs reaching into the 70s, and it reached 80.5 degrees on the 28th. Since I was curious about these warm temperatures, I jumped over to the National Weather Service website to find the normal February temperatures, with the closest official weather station at Livermore Airport.

February Temperatures

Normal temperatures for Livermore Airport for February range from 57 to 63, so these temperatures we experienced were over 15 degrees above normal! You’ll see the official report from Livermore Airport for February 28th shows a record-setting maximum temperature of 80 degrees F, which was 17 degrees above the normal temperature of 63 degrees. Yikes!

Airport Summary

Many airports around the Bay Area broke some high temperature records throughout the month, specifically the 10th-11th and the 27th-28th.

Santa Rosa
San Fransisco

With no rain reported all month, this is not good for the Sierra snowpack or the surrounding vegetation. According to the Department of Water Resources, the Current Sierra Snowpack is 44%. Let’s hope for some March snowstorms!

Snow Pack

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February 29, 2020
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