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March Weather Recap | AcuRite Weather Data

March Weather Recap | AcuRite Weather Data
Posted in: Kari's Korner
By Meteorologist Kari Strenfel
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March Weather Recap | AcuRite Weather Data

Welcome Spring and Warmer Temperatures!

In Northern California, we’re really feeling the changing seasons with rising temperatures and reduced rainfall. After some record-breaking low temperatures around the middle of the month, we’ve seen a gradual warming trend since around the Spring Equinox! The monthly high temperature reported by my AcuRite Atlas® home weather station was 86.4 °F (30.22 °C) on March 31, and My AcuRite® monthly rainfall shows a total of 0.92 inches. While this is a tad more rainfall than we received in February 2021, we’re still crossing our fingers for some April rain showers!

How Does My Data Compare to Official Weather Data?

The nearby official National Weather Service location at Livermore Airport reported a monthly high temperature of 82 °F (27.7 °C) and a monthly rainfall total of 0.89 inches. The low temperature for the month broke a record on March 16, with a low temperature of 30 °F (-1.1 °C). This was the coldest temperature reported in the Northern California Bay Area, thanks to cold air that filtered in after the passage of some scattered showers and widespread strong and gusty winds.

As the Days Get Longer, the Light Intensity Increases

Not only did temperatures increase after the spring equinox, but the UV index and light intensity data also continued to gradually increase. While this is great for my spring flowers and young plants in the garden, it’s a fresh reminder to reapply the sunscreen often, especially since the kids have already got the water toys out and sprinkler going!

Share and Discuss

What did your March weather bring to your region? Is there anyone reporting from Tennessee that experienced some flooding with the recent heavy rainfall? Share and discuss your March weather and My AcuRite weather data below!

April 12, 2021