Know Your Environment™ for your Hermit Crabs!

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Know Your Environment™ for your Hermit Crabs!

The Land Hermit Crab Owners Society is an online group that started in 1999 and quickly grew into an online resource for hermit crab owners through the CrabStreet Journal. “Good Friends in a Pinch,” the group’s focus is to provide free access to accurate and current information for land hermit crab care. In addition to providing best practice ways to care for hermit crabs, they also help sustain the hermit crab as a species. Recently they successfully bred 200 captive-bred babies which were all adopted at their annual hermit crab convention in July 2019! Check out their adoption program to learn how you can adopt your own land hermit crab for your home or classroom!


Hermit crabs are sensitive animals that require a tropical environment which is both warm and humid. Most hermit crab owners are not aware of how fragile the creatures are to the environmental conditions. The best way to maintain the ideal temperature and ideal humidity is with temperature and humidity sensors inside the tank with the crab.  


The head of the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society recommends the AcuRite Temperature and Humidity Digital Monitor. The wireless environmental sensor should be located inside the tank but not touching the substrate or directly over any water pools. The best place is to hang the monitors on the glass using an adhesive hook or suction cup.  

AcuRite Temperature and Humidity Digital Monitor


Usually, one sensor is sufficient for most crabitats (aka hermit crab habitats). However, for large tanks, it is advised to use two sensors to monitor both the warm and cool zones.

“Most gauges don’t last long in the high humidity of a hermit crab tank, but the AcuRite outperforms other more expensive gauges.” – Stacy Griffith, head of the Land Hermit Crab Owners Society.

AcuRite Temperature and Humidity Digital Monitor in crab environment with My AcuRite screenshot

With the launch of the Claws in the Classroom program in 2018, they have helped teachers learn how to care for hermit crabs by donating supplies and resources. With the additional AcuRite sensors, students can learn about environmental monitoring and learn how to maintain ideal temperature and humidity conditions for the crabs.

Claws in the Classroom:

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July 14, 2020
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