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New Ways to Explore and Discover AcuRite

AcuRite Products for Every Lifestyle
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By AcuRite Team
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New Ways to Explore and Discover AcuRite

We are excited to announce a new way to explore and discover AcuRite products with four new webpages on We've highlighted how users can utilize AcuRite products to improve and optimize their homes, gardens, hobbies, and adventures. We've even identified ways AcuRite products can help you save money on your utility bills! After collecting and analyzing customer feedback, our goal with these new webpages was to provide examples of how AcuRite products can be used in a variety of ways. We hope that these pages, which include some neat videos, can improve your shopping experience!

The Home Optimizer:

By knowing the indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity at all times throughout the day, customers use AcuRite wireless indoor and outdoor sensors to run a more efficient home overall. Know when to open the windows rather than running the furnace or air conditioner and when to adjust the indoor humidity to improve your home air quality. Additionally, water detection sensors that send leak alerts directly to your smartphone keep you updated on potential water damage whether you are home or away. Take a look through the Home Optimizer products! You might get some new ideas for your smart home monitoring, and you might even save money on your heating and cooling bills!

The Garden Nurturer:

A home weather station with related monitoring devices can do more than simply let you know when you need to water your lawn and garden. With garden monitoring sensors placed around your garden, know when to protect the plants from near-freezing temperatures or strong winds and identify safe soil temperatures for planting as soon as the spring thaw! Browse the AcuRite garden monitoring sensors for the Garden Nurturer.

The Nature Lover:

Over the years, we’ve talked with adventurers and active customers who use AcuRite products while they explore the great outdoors. We know that live weather updates are crucial in planning your hiking or camping trip, changes in pressure can affect your fishing, and heavy rainfall can rain out your sporting event. Explore the various portable weather devices and weather sensors we’ve identified for the Nature Lover.

The Weather Enthusiast:

Last but not least, we wanted to create a page for our most engaged customers! All you weather nerds out there, we are excited to showcase our top three weather stations and share how customers are using AcuRite weather products to track storm development, monitor real-time weather conditions from anywhere, and track weather patterns and trends. You don’t have to be a storm chaser to be a weather nerd, although storm chasers and storm spotters have identified uses for AcuRite products on their chasing vehicles. AcuRite products for Weather Enthusiasts can help take you from an amateur today to a pro tomorrow!

Share and Discuss:

Do you have suggestions for adding to our new webpages? We would love more input and ideas from our customers. Share your story in the comments below about how you use your AcuRite products to improve your home, garden, or hobbies!

January 28, 2021
Greg Thody
January 29, 2021 at 3:01 PM
Big Thanks to the ACU>RITE product support team for helping with my weather station monitor problem. They provided quick friendly response to my questions and the service team exceeded my expectations with repairs. Job well done! Thank You. Greg Thody
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