Remote Monitoring for Agriculture

Remote Monitoring for Agriculture

Agriculture relies on the weather more than any other industry. Knowing real-time variables like rainfall, wind, soil temperature, temperature, and humidity, as well as conditions inside places like greenhouses and barns, gives you the best chance to act should conditions get extreme. Why? Because weather extremes place unneeded stress on plants and animals, leading to production declines, increased costs, and ultimately negative impacts to your revenue.

Information That Matters - At Your Fingertips

With My AcuRite, you can remotely monitor real-time conditions from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop. Set up automatic alerts when temperatures, wind, humidity, and more exceed parameters that you specify. Access this real-time weather information from anywhere with My AcuRite app for iOS and Android.

Weather Monitoring

My AcuRite delivers precise measurements of environmental conditions that matter most to you. With AcuRite's weather monitoring products, you receive vital, reliable information including dew point, heat index, wind chill, "feels like" temperature, atmospheric pressure, moon phase, visibility conditions, sunrise and sunset times, and reliable daily and 5-day weather forecasts. With all this information available, you can stay one step ahead of problems and better plan your farming activities.

Rainfall Tracking

Track rainfall measurements (inches and millimeters) with AcuRite's stand-alone Digital Rain Gauge, or with AcuRite's exclusive 5-in-1 Weather Sensor. Always know when you need to reschedule irrigation, or if you should keep the machinery off the fields. AcuRite rain gauges feature a self-emptying collector, so you know it's accurate for water monitoring even during heavy rainfall. For added convenience, the My AcuRite app lets you program rainfall alerts to keep you notified when rainfall exceeds limits or when no rain has fallen for a specific number of days.

Soil Temperature Monitoring

Ideal soil temperatures depend on the plant and region of the country in which it's growing. The U.S. Department of Agriculture's Hardiness Zone Map, launched in 2012, defines the minimum temperature by region in which a plant can grow—the plant's "hardiness." Place the AcuRite Place the AcuRite Liquid & Soil Temperature Sensor inside planters, pots, or alongside the water lines that irrigate or warm greenhouse planters to monitor temperature levels.

Wind Monitoring

AcuRite's 5-in-1 Weather Sensor measures both wind speed and direction. Augmented with My AcuRite's programmable wind alerts, you'll always know when to bring in livestock, close up the chicken coop, secure the barn, and when high winds could send row covers flying.

Greenhouse Climate Control

Greenhouses need precisely-controlled conditions for germination, growth, and protection against disease. Using My AcuRite room sensors inform you of changes in relative humidity and temperature that could impact your growing environment and help you know when to adjust greenhouse ventilation to control temperature and humidity.

Storage Conditions Monitoring

For picked fruits, vegetables, and other goods, My AcuRite will let you know if storage temperature and humidity might threaten your harvest. Place up to 10 sensors in your dry storage, refrigerator, or other containers to detect fluctuating conditions.

My AcuRite Helps Your Business

Whether you're a farmer, rancher, or backyard gardener, My AcuRite provides the information you need to protect the fruits of your hard work.

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