School Uses Atlas Weather Station to Track Hurricane Weather

School Uses Atlas Weather Station to Track Hurricane Weather
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By Kari Strenfel
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School Uses Atlas Weather Station to Track Hurricane Weather

St. Vincent de Paul College in Puerto Rico is a low-income level catholic school.  They have a weather monitoring facility that monitors and tracks tropical storm development and hurricane activity. 


Tropical islands in the Caribbean Sea are subject to all kinds of weather changes.
Floods, strong winds, thunderstorms, and hurricanes! The first AcuRite weather station at their facility was taken out by Hurricane Maria in September of 2017.  The station was reporting to Weather Underground and their local monitoring webpage, with the last reported data shown in the image below. 




The hurricane monitoring team needs a new school weather station to track their local weather data and publish it online to their webpage for the local community to follow.

The science students need the local weather data for their weather courses and to help keep the community informed of potentially dangerous weather conditions.  Additionally, the facility hosts Boy Scouts Troop and Crew that depended on the weather station for completing their Weather Merit Badges. 

The newly installed AcuRite Atlas™ weather station with lightning detection and AcuRite Access ™ for remote monitoring has the team back up and running for safely monitoring and tracking tropical storm development. With the battery backup on the Access, they are able to keep the station online for an additional 12 hours after losing power. Also, the unit detects lightning strikes within 25 miles and can send out alerts through the local display or My AcuRite app.

These weather monitoring tools are exactly what they need to safely monitor the weather conditions, year-round.  They also have this new Atlas weather station reporting to Weather Underground at ITRUJI7.  Stay up to date with the school’s local events and activities on their Facebook page.


Students track hurricane in puerto rico

Students track hurricane in puerto rico
May 29, 2020