Stewart Elementary Learns About Weather!

Stewart Elementary Learns About Weather!
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By Teachers at Stewart Elementary
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Stewart Elementary Learns About Weather!

Every day, our students hear the current weather during morning announcements. Usually, the weather for the day is looked up online by zip code and written down beforehand.

With the AcuRite Atlas and HD Display, the kids can read the weather data in real-time, with accurate results for what is happening right now at the school! The wireless Atlas weather station was installed on the roof and reports directly to the indoor display located in the student office. No longer do they need to rely on online weather sources that are not representative of their local weather conditions.

The weather report during the morning announcements usually includes a comment about needing a sweater, rain boots, or coat for recess and pick-up time. Having the school weather data readily available to inform the other students helps the kids learn how to prepare for their day. There is also a beach webcam of our local beach on a monitor in the office. The kids can use the monitor to see how the weather affects the lake and waves.

We love that the monitor can easily be moved from class to class for the kids to use in their own classroom lessons about the weather. The kids can see first-hand all the information the wireless weather station on the roof is collecting and showing on the monitor. Through the display, they can also enable school weather alerts and notify the students and staff of any approaching dangerous conditions such as lightning or strong winds.

Above are some pictures of the kids enjoying the weather station display. On the left: Ms. Graves’ 4th grade class learning about the weather station. The 4th graders are just getting into the weather portion of their science classes. They plan to use the weather station data and weather monitoring tools to tie into learning about wind speeds, pressure readings, dew points, wind chills, etc., and how that helps forecast upcoming weather. Then they can compare the actual readings to what the weather turns out to be. On the right, Mr. Watkins 5th grade class loves the weather. They plan to track the school weather station data similar to the 4th grade class, and they also plan to see if there is correlation with different types of clouds.

November 20, 2019