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Posts tagged 'weather'

How Weather Affects the Human Body

Posted in: Why Weather Matters
By AcuRite Team
August 15, 2018

Learn how weather and the atmosphere affects our health, and what you can do to stay healthy and safe in extreme environments.

California Wildfires Explained

By AcuRite Team
August 10, 2018

Why do the fires in California and the West Coast get so bad in the summer? Learn the basics here.

5 Facts on the Summer Solstice!

By AcuRite Team
June 21, 2018

What is the summer solstice and what does it mean?

What does Does Heat Index Mean?

By AcuRite Team
May 7, 2018

While planning your outdoor summer activities, make sure to keep an eye on the Heat Index to keep your family safe and healthy while having fun!

National Weather Observer's Day

By AcuRite Team
May 4, 2018

Happy National Weather Observer's Day! Celebrate by sharing your favorite weather story or weather phenomenon!