Weather Data Keeps Chinchillas Safe | AcuRite Weather Technology

Weather Data Keeps Chinchillas Safe | AcuRite Weather Technology
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Weather Data Keeps Chinchillas Safe | AcuRite Weather Technology

The Northeast Louisiana (NELA) Chinchilla Rescue is a non-profit home-run rescue that is dedicated to taking in and caring for chinchillas of any age and gender from owners in the area and surrounding states who can no longer care for their pets. This often includes rescuing other small herbivores in the region as well.

Chinchillas are extremely heat-sensitive animals so it is very important for chinchilla care to know the temperature at all times to keep them healthy and safe. The NELA Chinchilla Rescue occasionally gets abused, weak or injured animals into their center that need veterinary care and are kept under a close watch during rehabilitation. Knowing the exact temperature at all times in the chinchilla habitat can be imperative in keeping these animals alive.

AcuRite Multi-sensor Weather Station
The AcuRite Indoor/ Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Sensors are essential for the NELA Chinchilla Rescue to monitor ideal conditions for their animals. The cages are stacked floor-to-ceiling to maximize capacity, but temperature and humidity near the floor can vary greatly from the conditions near the ceiling (aka, heat rises). As you can see from the image, they have placed one temperature and humidity sensor near the floor and another near the ceiling to capture the conditions for all the animals.
Chinchilla Rescue

Additionally, the center has setup an AcuRite Pro+ 5in1 Weather Station outside to monitor the outdoor conditions at all times. This station replaces their previous outdoor AcuRite sensor that was destroyed by Hurricane Barry earlier this year.
AcuRite PRO+ Weather Station

The smart weather station setup outside helps them stay ahead of any severe weather associated with tropical storms and hurricanes, as Louisiana is often in the direct track of tropical systems. Any advance notice of strong winds, heavy rainfall, or flooding can help them stay ahead of potential storm damage that may put the animals in danger. The outdoor weather station and the indoor sensors are all reporting to My AcuRite through AcuRite Access™ remote monitoring. This allows them to setup alerts when the outdoor or indoor environmental conditions become dangerous for the animals. Tracking the environmental monitoring inside and outside helps the center maintain ideal indoor temperature and ideal indoor humidity year-round for optimal chinchilla care.

“AcuRite saves the lives of many pets/ animals by simply informing me the temperature, I’d recommend this product to anyone” – Dusty Ramsey, owner of NELA Chinchilla Rescue.

With the help of AcuRite, the NELA Chinchilla Rescue is able to take in, care for, rehabilitate and find new homes for many chinchillas every year. Just read the center’s great reviews and comments for yourself!

March 23, 2020
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