Weather Monitoring Solutions

Weather Monitoring Solutions
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Weather Monitoring Solutions

Weather Monitoring Solutions with AcuRite

Because the weather is such an important part of your life, knowing and understanding your environment can help you make better decisions every day that affect your safety, enjoyment, finances, and more. No matter your interest, AcuRite has products that can help you Plan Your Day with Confidence™. Our industry-leading customer service and reliable, actionable information had made AcuRite the #1 top-selling brand of weather monitoring products in North America for years.

Weather observation – be the neighborhood climate expert

More and more people are discovering the joys of watching the weather. It’s fun, educational, and you get a certain satisfaction when friends come to you for insight on what Mother Nature has in store. AcuRite weather stations accurately track all the important environmental conditions, and provide you with insightful information to help you better understand…and enjoy…tracking your outdoor environment.


AcuRite Atlas Weather Station


Storm spotting and chasing – keep your community safe and informed during severe weather

Storm spotters and chasers play a vital role when severe weather strikes. To do your job effectively, you need reliable readings that you can pass on to SKYWARN and the National Weather Service. AcuRite offers a wide range of quality weather measurement tools that quickly and accurately deliver the information you need to help ensure safety in your community.

Gardening, flower beds, and lawn care – be the envy of your subdivision

After a long day at work, nothing relaxes you more than lounging on a lush patch of grass, admiring your flower beds, or getting your hands dirty tending to your vegetables. If caring for plants is your passion, garden weather stations provide you with information that helps you keep your plants green and healthy. Our rain gauges take the guesswork out of watering, while our weather products can help you pick the perfect time to plant or help you identify the warning signs of an impending frost.

AcuRite Rain Gauge

Parenting/home safety – know when to keep the kids safe from a storm

Family safety is a priority. When the kids are playing outside, understanding the weather can mean the difference between getting them inside before a storm hits or exposing them to potentially dangerous conditions. AcuRite’s reliable weather forecasts, lightning detectors, wind alerts, and more can keep you informed of important environmental factors right in your back yard and neighborhood.

Outdoor recreation – plan for what the weather has in store

Whether you golf, kayak, hike, bike, hunt, fish, or fly drones, the weather plays a huge role in your favorite pastime. AcuRite weather products give you a clear picture of current and future conditions, helping you dress appropriately, plan confidently, and avoid dangerous weather conditions.

June 7, 2018
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