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Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer

Model: 00723, 00723A1, 00723A1DIX, 00723W1, 00723W2

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The AcuRite Candy & Deep Fry Thermometer features an adjustable clip to increase stability for easy reading while keeping the thermometer’s tip off the bottom of the pan for accuracy. Includes protective sheath with oil and candy temperature guide for quick reference. Measures temperatures ranging from 100 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 38 to 204 degrees Celsius. 10-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.



• Measures temperatures from 100° F to 400° F; 38° C to 204° C
• Fahrenheit and Celsius temperature scales
• Includes Oil & Candy Temperature Reference Guide
• Protective sheath with pocket clip
• Adjustable pan clip slides up and down for different size pans
NSF Safety Certified

Includes: Thermometer, sheath

Warranty: Limited 10 year warranty


Dimensions: 8.7" H x 1.5" W x 0.8" D
Temperature Range: 100° F to 400° F; 38° C to 204° C
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 3° F

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    10:11 AM (GMT)
    It works
    Nothing really to say except that it works
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      11:36 PM (GMT)
      Great for better signal to displays
      Ordered this repeater as soon as I found out about it. It has been installed for about a week and has resulted in good, solid signals to my three displays. In my excitement about ordering, I failed to notice that it is not currently compatible with the SmartHub, so I was disappointed that it may not help a great deal with boosting the signal to the hub. I am hoping that compatibility will be possible in the future. Nevertheless, I am pleased to have the repeater and consider it to be a great product for people like me who might be pushing the limits on sensor distance. Installation and setup were a breeze--couldn't have been much easier, and the unit appears to be well built. I would have given it an enthusiastic 5 stars had it been compatible with the Hub at this time.
      • Very reliable signal to multiple displays
      • Not compatible with SmartHub
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      01:02 AM (GMT)
      Not compatible with SmartHub!
      Was excited when I saw this product and immediately ordered it, as my sensor signals would occasionally drop out. Setup was easy, and the quality seems quite good. My displays all now show a good strong signal, but I was totally disappointed to find out that the repeater is not compatible with my SmartHub. In my excitement over the product, I failed to see the incompatibility note in the product description. I chatted with an agent and she confirmed that was the case. That is the main reason I wanted a better signal--to keep my sensors reliably on the internet. Nevertheless, she said she would pass along my desire to see future compatibility and I am keeping the repeater in hopes that it will eventually work. In fact, I did notice that one sensor did connect to the Hub for a while, but I lost the connection when I was trying to get both sensors to repeat to the Hub. But if you want this for repeating to your Hub, you may want to wait for a while to see if they make it compatible.
      • Easy setup, immediately improved the sensor signals to my displays.
      • NOT compatible with the SmartHub!
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      06:32 PM (GMT)
      It works. Easy to setup.
      Only had this for a week or so, but very easy to setup. Like the idea it has two sets of batteries. The AcuRite products I've been using for several years are fantastic, so I hope this will be another one like previous.
      • Double batteries
      • nothing
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