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7-inch Jumbo Intelli-Time Alarm Clock

Model: 13003, 13003A1, 13003A2, 13003A3, 13003PH

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The AcuRite 7-inch Intelli-Time Alarm Clock features the time in extra large digits with Intelli-Time Technology to ensure that your clock and alarm are accurate even after power interruptions or unplugging. Intelli-Time clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time. The clock features a bold, easy to read LED screen, loud alarm and snooze button. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.


Intelli-Time Alarm Clock

Intelli-Time clock remembers time and alarm settings after power interruptions or unplugging

• Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST)

• Large LED display area

• Loud audible alarm

• Snooze button

• 6-foot power cord

• Time Zone settings for HAST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST and AST

• Electric-powered

Includes: Alarm clock, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Intelli-Time Alarm Clock Specifications

Timekeeping Accuracy+/- 45 seconds per month; Learn More
PowerElectric AC power cord with CR2032 coin cell battery backup (included)
Dimensions3.3-inch Height x 7.1-inch Width x 2.8-inch Depth
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    12:33 AM (GMT)
    5 in 1 Sensor Greatly Improved
    Bought this as emplacement for my old 5 in 2 sensor that had a bad humidity sensor, this one is much more accurate very happy with the improvements, and the fact that the humidity sensor is now user replaceable is fantastic. My temperature is now within 1 degree even on the hottest day, where before with my old sensor it always read over 100 at some point during the day even on an 85 degree day.
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    10:16 PM (GMT)
    5-in-1 weather sensor
    Delivery was fast and set-up was easy. The temperature recorded the first evening around 8.00pm was 8 degrees C high, and the 6.00 am readings next morning were also high. so ordered the alternate sensor with the two solar panels which has given good results.
    Wonder how accurate it will be next June in this more northerly latitude when the sun does not go down till 10.00 pm - Perhaps Acurite should consider another sensor with three panels for northern communities - especially Alaska.
    • Looks, all sensors in the one 'package', and wireless.
    • High readings in morning and evening during the summer.
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    12:03 PM (GMT)
    Great product but doesn't last
    I purchased this January 2015 and the humidity reading failed June 2016. I called and found I had to purchase a new replacement unit. I also purchased the double solar upgrade and I believe this should be included on all models because the temperature reading was always high in the warm season. I have read many reviews on with many of the same issues. The new unit that I purchased supposedly has a replaceable humidity sensor when it fails again so I will not have to purchase a completely new unit. I thought when I talked to the technician, I was getting a better deal to replace the problem. Not true. She just sold me a new unit. I enjoy the unit when it is working and it seems to be accurate. I'm frustrated with the service. I thought they would send a new board or part of the unit at cost to solve my issues instead of having me buy a new unit.
    • Accuracy of unit and display
    • longevity of unit and lack of replacement parts.
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    04:33 PM (GMT)
    Not fully useful as Accurite has not yet developed a Windows 10 patch!
    I continued to be displeased with the rain event logging as opposed to the much more useful daily rainfall tracking which every other major weather station utilizes to keep track of rainfall. Additionally, I've been waiting since Thanksgiving 2015 for Acurite to develop compatibility within the Windows 10 environment. If these issues are not soon reconciled by Acurite, both of the weather stations I have purchased from Costco will be returned in accordance with their "dissatisfaction with product" warranty.
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      06:51 PM (GMT)
      Fairly accurate.
      The temperature reads a degree or two higher on sunny days than the house thermostat outdoor sensor reads, but both pretty much agree for night time temperatures. All the other readings seem accurate. I had to adjust the position of the outdoor sensor and that set off the rain gauge, thinking it was in a downpour. The only way I could see to change the false rain gauge reading was to reset the monitor in the house so all data was lost to that monitor. I let the second one as is so I had the accumulated data for all the other readings, otherwise I'm happy with the device. I like the duel monitors inside the house. I have one in the kitchen near the door to the back yard and one in the laundry room to the garage, so I can check conditions on my way out the door. I wish I had colour screens though.
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