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AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003

7-inch Jumbo Intelli-Time Alarm Clock


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  • AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003 AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003
  • AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003 AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003
  • AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003 AcuRite Intelli-Time Digital Alarm Clock 13003

7-inch Jumbo Intelli-Time Alarm Clock

Quick Overview

The AcuRite 7-inch Intelli-Time Alarm Clock features the time in extra large digits with Intelli-Time Technology to ensure that your clock and alarm are accurate even after power interruptions or unplugging. Intelli-Time clock automatically updates itself for Daylight Saving Time. The clock features a bold, easy to read LED screen, loud alarm and snooze button. One-year limited warranty. It's more than accurate, it's AcuRite.

Model #: 13003, 13003A1, 13003A2, 13003A3, 13003PH

Availability: In stock



Intelli-Time Alarm Clock

  • Intelli-Time clock remembers time and alarm settings after power interruptions or unplugging
  • Automatically adjusts for Daylight Saving Time (DST)
  • Large LED display area
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Snooze button
  • 6-foot power cord
  • Time Zone settings for HAST, AKST, PST, MST, CST, EST and AST
  • Electric-powered

Includes: Alarm clock, instruction manual

Warranty: Limited 1 year warranty


Intelli-Time Alarm Clock Specifications

Timekeeping Accuracy+/- 45 seconds per month; Learn More
PowerElectric AC power cord with CR2032 coin cell battery backup (included)
Dimensions3.3-inch Height x 7.1-inch Width x 2.8-inch Depth


Download User Manual:

Learn More in the Knowledge Base

  1. Disappointing review by BOB on 7/15/2017

    Display and appearance great. Timekeeping excellent. However, the accolades end there. Controls/switches in the rear are TOO SMALL. Alarm on/off button definitely TOO SMALL and difficult to locate waking up. ALARM SOUND IS TOO MUTED/FAINT to use the clock for it's stated purpose. NO volume control on the alarm function. The clock has been relegated to my desk. I am again currently searching for a bedside alarm clock.

  2. Disappointed..For a moment thought I'd found the perfect alarm clock. review by Cat on 6/13/2017

    Bought this clock from Amazon.. I set it up and thought is was so perfect ( well the alarm on -off switch could be a little easier to slide ,but I figured it would loosen up with time) I went straight to my computer to purchase a few more for my guest rooms. Then it dawned on me I had not tried the alarm... The description says the alarm is loud, so I was hoping it would not be too loud... Ends up it is so low I doubt it would even wake me up. I am not hard of hearing and i am not a real deep sleeper, but i could never trust this alarm to wake me up.. which is the reason I bought the clock..
    My last Acurite was nice and lasted a long time and the alarm was just right not too loud, but just loud enough. So I expected the same from this one.. the large and bright #'s are great and it is easy to set up ( the time was off by 5 min). This clock has a lot of great features but what good is an alarm clock if you can barely hear it ring.. it would be nice if it started out soft and then gradually rang louder. I'm wondering if i just got a bad one.

  3. 7-inch Jumbo Intelli-Time Alarm Clock review by Allen on 6/24/2016

    Great product! I especially liked the large numeral display. I liked the automatic update for Daylight Savings Time feature. I also liked the battery backup feature. Great overall appearance of the alarm clock.

  4. Incredibly well suited to my needs... review by Bill on 5/21/2016

    I needed a clock to replace the one that we lost when our cable box was replaced and the new one didn't have a clock. Our cable box, of course, was always the correct time and was easy to read, albeit with failing eyes it was getting harder. The Jumbo Intelli-Time Alarm Clock is blazingly bright and easy to read. I think I could read it from the other end of the house without my glasses... if there was any straight shot to do so. Oddly, though it burns numbers into my retina when I merely glance in it's direction, it doesn't seem to add any ambient light to the room, so this brightness is an asset, and not a problem. If I were to set it on the night stand and not on the T.V. stand 12 feet away I think I would have to wear a blindfold to bed.
    Setup requires that your current time zone be set by sliding a switch to one of many choices. The switch was stuck in position and required strength and attention to change it's position. I could easily have been convinced to return it as defective if I hadn't wanted to use it so badly.
    Setup also requires the removal of a plastic sheet which protects the face during manufacture and shipping. When removing the plastic, which was adhered too well, I ripped off the face plate which was adhered too poorly. I continued to remove the film and then pushed the face plate back into position. I would say at this point that it is in need of repair and some careful gluing to be back as it was designed. It's on my list.
    As others have said, this is not a bedside alarm clock. The face needs a way to set brightness and a light sensor to follow the ambient light before it would be on my night stand. Its controls are minimal and wouldn't make life pleasant as a day to day alarm, but I have a clock for that. In it's present use it literally makes me a little happier every time I don't need to strain to see it.

  5. Excellent Value review by Mark on 5/26/2015

    The clock works great and does everything just as advertised. The large bright display makes seeing the time easy during the day or night.
    Great quality and value.

  6. Just what I wanted review by Tom on 8/27/2014

    I bought this clock to replace a somewhat similar one that had gone bad. I have been impressed with the brightness and accuracy. It fit the application perfectly.

  7. Great Clock - Poor Alarm review by BW on 6/19/2014

    The clock itself is nice. The big, bold, bright numbers are easy to see across the room even without my glasses on. The alarm function is pretty much useless for me. The alarm sound is not very loud. The switch to turn the alarm on and off is on the back which makes it hard to locate. It takes so much force to move the switch that it takes both hands to operate. You have to hold the clock with one hand and push the switch with the other.

    If I was still working and needed to use the alarm each day, I would have to get a different clock. It is a nice non-alarm clock.

  8. Features review by JB on 3/7/2014

    Love the brightness and accuracy. One thing to add is AM/FM radio. Not all people like to wake up to a blaring siren.

  9. Easy to read and good brightness review by ThingMaker on 6/7/2013

    This clock is as perfect as it could be for my needs. I wanted a clock with a large display that could be easily read from a distance in a dark bedroom without glasses. I also wanted one that did not light up the room like a flood light. The 2” display is clear and easy to read from anywhere in the room. As it came the display was a bit too bright but the red light did not cast too much light on the walls and ceiling. It was better than any of the other clocks I had tried. I still wanted it to be a bit lighter. I ordered two 6” sheets of polarizing film from amazon.com and experimented with various angles till I got a brightness that was bright enough in a well lite room but was more subdued in the dark room. I then cut them to fit the display. Perfect (but about $50 total).

    The clock is solid attractive and well built. The semicolon does not blink. The brightness in a dark room is more than enough but in its original brightness did not interfere with sleep for my wife or me. We did not want an alarm clock so we did not mind that the speaker is mounted on the bottom so it might be difficult to hear. The switch to turn the alarm off after the snooze is on the back and probably would require some care to find it. All slide switches on the back are difficult to slide but might get easier with ware. Except for the alarm the slide switches are seldom needed. The time is set with push buttons plus and minus.

    The time out of the box was within thirty seconds of correct. Without radio reception from the “Atomic Clock” this is remarkable, better than any quartz time source. I reset it and it has held within a few seconds after several days. Without any other time correction I suspect the clock uses a processor that holds a correction number that is added or subtracted on a regular basis to correct for the error in a quarts oscillator. This would be initially set at the end of manufacture then corrected each time the time is set. If this is correct then the time should only be set from an accurate source such as the “Atomic Clock” signal. I don’t know this is correct but I know something about electronics and I can’t imagine how it could be achieved otherwise. An actual atomic clock is far too large and expensive and there is no other timing source that could fit into the package.

  10. So good I bought two review by Cliff on 6/7/2013

    Had bought one as gift for optically-challenged friend - they loved it so much I bought them a second one so they could use it downstairs as well.

  11. Rich and Bright- such a deal review by Screenfont on 6/6/2013

    Talk about getting more than you expected! This has to be one of the easiest to set, easiest to see, and easiest to use clocks that I've ever owned. Correct time, directly from out of the box. Huge, easily read gigantic numerals. No battery replacements necessary for many, many years.

    The only down-side that I see is that there is no "high-low" brightness switch for the display. I wish I could "dim-it-down" a little as it throws enough light in a darkened room to read by (slight exaggeration).

    A great value at the price - highly recommended.

  12. Clock is Great! review by Karen on 6/6/2013

    This clock was a bit larger in size overall than I expected but it works just fine and we love having it across the bedroom from our bed. So easy to see the time day or night and especially at night when you don't have your glasses on, you can read the time thanks to the large read-out. Also, the feature where it sets itself worked without a hitch and when we have a power outage, it comes back on with the right time and changed itself to daylight savings automatically recently. Was a good price and very happy with this purchase.

  13. What we needed review by TRM on 6/5/2013

    Great clock. Some have complained that it is too bright. It is bright, but for a old man with old eyes the big and bright numbers is exactly what I need as I am stumbling to the bathroom at 3am. Even without my glasses I can see the time from across the room. It has worked perfectly since we got it. I don't use it as an alarm clock, rather we just need to be able to see the time. Like I said, it is what we needed.

  14. Great for reading it and keeping time! review by Lalie on 6/4/2013

    In the living room, while watching TV and keeping track of time, we needed a clock to see well. The one on the wall was hard to read. This one is great! The color stands out and while watching TV you can even see it without looking at it directly.
    Many we tried had bad color. We had to keep searching for the time. This one is perfect!

  15. Can't Miss Seeing This… review by Taarna on 9/24/2012

    They did say 2"" display. I just didn't think much about it. Should have.

    I rated it 5 stars 'cause it's everything they said. It's not their fault the BIG display causes a distraction if it's near the ""line of sight"" to a TV, window, whatever.

    I had it on a shelf, about 4 feet above the tv. I moved it..the clock. The blinking light draws your eye to the movement as does the very large display.

    Be great in the sleeping area since your eyes are usually closed. And, if half groggy you'd have no problem seeing the time.

    But, consider the placement of this clock. I didn't get it for the sleep area but will use it there and get another clock for the Mantle. One not quite so large, blinky and bright.

    This clock has nice features and I do not regret my purchase. Taking into consideration it's placement, I could recommend this clock for purchase.

  16. Easy on the eyes display review by Robert on 6/15/2012

    This has a large display and is therefore easy to see even with the unaided eye. I don't need the clock as an alarm so I can't rate that function. Also, I don't know if the DST feature works since no DST date has passed yet. But if you want an easy to use and easy to see clock, this is it. I just ordered two more.
    A peek at the instructions tells how to set the time manually if you so wish, and also how to change the batteries. Instructions are wonderful things.
    This is not to be confused with an ""atomic clock"". There are no radio signals and the clock operates on house current with battery backup and resets itself after a power interruption.

  17. Good all the way so far!! review by Smokin Joe on 2/18/2012

    I received two of these from Amazon.com today. Had no trouble by following the good instructions. If the clock will just last I will be "a happy camper" !


  18. "Intelli-Time" doesn't work but display is good review by Pyrrho on 11/2/2011

    The time the clock sets itself to is actually about 8-10 minutes fast. If you set it manually it works OK. I got the clock for my mother, who is legally blind but can sometimes make out the display, which she can't do with any other clock I have found.

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