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00888 Thermometer

00888 AcuRite Thermometer

Manual Digital Thermometer with Probe Instruction Manual 00888 [PDF]

Français: Guide d'instructions [PDF]
Replacement Parts Not available
Specifications Probe Length: 10 ft (3m)
Display Temperature Range: 32º to 122º F, 0º C to 50º C
Sensor Temperature Range: -58º to 158º F, -50º C to 70º C
Temperature Accuracy: +/- 2°

Power: 1 AAA battery

FAQs & Troubleshooting
Problem Possible Solution
reads HH or LL
(Hi or Lo)

Unit should be replaced.

Where should
the cord go?

• The small plastic bulb on the end of the cord is a temperature sensor probe. The probe can be placed outside in order to get an outdoor temperature reading. You can position the probe outside a window or through a door frame and close the door/window on top of the cord.
• The probe could also be placed inside a cage, tank or other area.

Make sure both the display unit and sensor probe are placed out of direct sunlight and away from any heat sources or vents.


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