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00899 / 02445 Rain Gauge

00899 AcuRite Rain Gauge


Digital Rain Gauge Instruction Manual 00899  [PDF]

Español: Manual de instrucciones 00899  [PDF]

Replacement Parts Rain Collector 899TX
Specifications Display Dimensions: 3-inches Height x 4.9-inches Width x 2.3-inches Depth
Rain Collector Dimensions: 6-inches Height x 4.9-inches Width x 2.3-inches Depth
Rainfall Capacity:
 0" to 99.99"

Rainfall Accuracy: +/- .05" per inch
RF (wireless) Range: 100 feet (30 meters)
Data Reporting: 16 second updates
Wireless Frequency: 433 MHz
Power: Display: 3 AA alkaline batteries; Sensor: 2 AA alkaline batteries

Problem Possible Solution
How to calibrate


No rainfall:
Display shows DASHES


This indicates that the display unit and rainfall collector have not made a connection.

• Relocate the display unit and/or the outdoor rainfall collector. The units must be within 100 feet (30 meters) of each other.
• Make sure both units are placed at least 3 feet (.9 m) away from electronics that may interfere with the wireless communication (such as TVs, microwaves, computers, etc).  
• Use standard alkaline batteries. Do not use heavy duty or rechargeable batteries. NOTE: It may take a few minutes for display unit and rainfall collector to synchronize after batteries are replaced.
• Try resetting the units:

1. Bring both the display unit and rainfall collector indoors and position side by side.

2. Remove the batteries from both units.
3. There is a channel switch on both units right above the batteries. Make sure the A-B-C switch on both units match. Sometimes changing to a different channel can help.
4. Reinstall batteries in the rain collector first.
5. Reinstall batteries in the display unit last.
6. Let the units sit within a couple feet of each other for a few minutes to gain a strong connection. The display should show 0.00. To test the rain gauge, slowly rock the tipping lever back and forth with your finger about 5 times. Wait 1 minute and the display should read approximately .05”.


No rainfall:
Display shows ZEROES

This indicates that the unit is receiving a signal from the outdoor unit.

• Make sure you removed the cardboard piece from beneath the tipping lever. It is only there for packing/shipping purposes and must be removed. If not removed, the tipping lever inside is not able to move freely which ultimately will cause the unit to read 0.00.
• It is possible the display unit is reading another frequency instead of from the outdoor rainfall collector; follow the steps for resetting the unit listed above.

Rainfall registering when there's no rain

• Make sure the rainfall collector is mounted securely so the collector is not being moved or swayed in the wind. Rain collector should be mounted on a solid and level surface in a clear area away from anything that may block the rainfall.
• Make sure you are using standard alkaline batteries (not heavy duty, max or rechargable).

Can the rainfall collector
stay outdoors in
freezing temperatures?

No, the rainfall collector cannot be used in the winter during freezing temperatures. Water expands when it freezes. If any water is left within the unit during a freeze, it can crack the plastic and permanently damage the unit.


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Models: 00899, 00899hdsb, 00899A1, 00899DI, 00899DIA1, 02445SBDI