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00986 Thermometer

00986 AcuRite Wireless Thermometer


AcuRite Digital Fridge / Freezer Thermometer Instruction Manual 00986 [PDF]

Français: Guide d'instructions 00986 [PDF]

Español: Manual de Instrucciones 00986 [PDF]

Replacement Parts Not available 
Specifications Temperature Range: -40º to 100º F, -40º to 37º C
Wireless Range: 75' (23m)
Wireless Frequency: 433 MHz
Data Reporting: 90 second updates
Power: 2 AAA batteries, 4 AA batteries

FAQ & Troubleshooting
Problem Possible Solution
Main unit reading
the letter E or
  1. Bring all 3 units together, side by side.
  2. Remove the batteries from all 3 units.
  3. Place the batteries into the main unit first.
  4. Place the batteries into sensor #1.
  5. Place the batteries into sensor #2.
  6. The main unit should read temperatures from both sensors almost instantly.

Set alarm to custom min/max temperatures

The default feature for sensor #1 (refrigerator) is minimum 33ºF/maximum 40ºF.  Sensor #2 (freezer) will default to a minimum -22ºF/maximum 0ºF.
To set the alarms to a customized min/max temperature:

  1. Press and hold the bell #1 button until the unit beeps. Where the current temperature was, the maximum alarm temperature will blink.
  2. Use the + or – buttons to change it.
  3. Press and release the bell #1 button. The minimum alarm temperature will blink.
  4. Use the + or – buttons to change it.
  5. Do this same process using the bell #2 button to customize the maximum alarm temperatures.

NOTE: When unit is in normal operating mode (not in alarm set mode), the min/max readings to the right of each current temperature reading are the min/max temperature recordings.

When do min/max
records reset?

The min/max records appear to the right of the current temperature reading from each sensor. These readings reflect the minimum and maximum temperatures recorded since the batteries were inserted or since the CLR button was last pressed. To clear the min/max records, press and release the CLR button once. This clears the records from both sensors.


Questions? We're here to help.

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Models: 00986, 00986a1, 00986A2