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02084M Non-Contact Infrared Thermometer

02084M AcuRite Infrared Thermometer

Manual AcuRite Infrared Thermometer Instruction Manual 02084M [PDF]

Dimensions: 6.3-inch Height x 3.7-inch Width x 1.4-inch Depth
Temperature Range: -58 to 999 degrees Fahrenheit; -50 to 550 degrees Celsius
Distance:Spot Ratio:
Emissivity: 0.95 (fixed)
Power: One 9V battery


  Temperature Accuracy: +/- 4 degrees Fahrenheit; Learn more

FAQ & Troubleshooting


Possible Solution

Display screen not working
  • Check that the battery is installed correctly. Battery may need to be replaced.

Inaccurate temperature

  • Verify size of target is within the field of measurement according to the D:S ratio (see manual).
  • Estimate emissivity value of target surface (see chart in manual). If you need to measure the temperature of a shiny surface, cover the area with a piece of masking tape. Then, measure the temperature of the taped surface.


Questions? We're here to help.

Phone +1-262-729-4852  |  My AcuRite Technical Support +1-262-729-4850 |  Community forum: http://support.acurite.com

Models: 02084M




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