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08535 / 08552W Weather Radio

08535 Weather Radio


Quick Start Guide: Weather Radio 08535 / 08552W  [PDF]

Instruction Manual: Weather Radio 08535 / 08552W  [PDF]

Carabiner Instructions 08552W [PDF] (not included with all models)

Find your SAME / FIPS Code

Setup Video
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Replacement Parts Power Adapter NOAADPTER
Specifications Time Zones: HAST, AKST, EST, PST, MST, CST, EST, AST
NOAA RF (wireless) Range
: Up to 50 Miles

Power: 4.5V DC adapter or 3 AA batteries

FAQs & Troubleshooting
Problem / Question
Answer / Possible Solution
What is my
SAME or FIPS Code?

All AcuRite Weather Alert Radios are equipped with SAME technology. In order to receive SAME alerts, you must program your area's SAME code into the radio.

United States: SAME codes are available by telephone at 1-888-NWR-SAME (1-888-697-7263) and online: United States and Territories SAME Code Table.

Canada: Environment Canada's Meteorological Service has developed its own unique six-digit Canadian Location Code (CLC) utilizing SAME technology to identify region-specific weather forecasts and warnings. Find a Canadian Location Code (CLC)

What is my channel frequency?

Using the SAME / FIPS Code links above, be sure the Channel selected on your unit is the recommended channel for your location. Frequencies for each channel:
Channel 1 – 162.400
Channel 2 – 162.425
Channel 3 – 162.450
Channel 4 – 162.475
Channel 5 – 162.500
Channel 6 – 162.525
Channel 7 – 162.550
WARNING alerts
not sounding

• Be sure your SAME/FIPS code is entered correctly.
• Be sure your model is set to the channel that is recommended for your location.
• "READY" should be displayed in the upper right corner of the display to confirm the radio is receiving a signal. If "READY" is not displayed, try moving the radio around to different locations in your home, allowing up to 30 minutes in each spot to receive signal. An area near an outer wall, window, or door is best.


alerts not sounding

 • In Silence Mode, the audio report and siren for advisories and for watches will NOT sound. Only WARNINGS will sound as they cannot be silenced in any way, as mandated by NOAA.
• When the display reads "AUTO ON", the audio report will play for all advisories, watches and warnings that it is programmed to respond to. Additionally, the alert message will roll on the display, and the LED will illuminate.

• Watches and advisories are not preprogrammed into the radio to sound an alert. You can program or edit alerts using the following directions:

Access the Manual Setup menu. Press the "MENU" button on the radio. The display will show “(-SELECT-)". To select the Manual Setup menu, press the LEFT arrow key. Press "OK" to enter into Manual Setup:

  1. Press RIGHT arrow key (to skip edit FIPS code)
  2. Press RIGHT arrow key (to skip edit channel)
  3. Press RIGHT arrow key (to skip edit time/date)
  4. Press OK to Edit Alerts


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Models: 08535, 08552W