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13002 Alarm Clock

13002 AcuRite Alarm Clock

Manual Alarm Clock Instruction Manual 13002 [PDF]
More Information Intelli-Time Technology
Specifications Time Zones: HAST, AKST, EST, PST, MST, CST, EST, AST

Problem Possible Solution

Clock won't turn on or displays partial numbers

There is a reset pinhole on the back of the clock. With the clock plugged in, push a paper clip into this hole to hit the reset button. If the display turns back on showing “5 y n”, press and release the DST button once on the back and the time should display, allowing you to set it manually. If the display does not turn on or it still has partial numbers, the unit should be replaced.

Alarm doesn't sound

• Verify that the AM/PM indicator is correct for both the current time AND alarm time.
• Try setting the alarm for a minute or two ahead of the current time and make sure the alarm is switched in the ON position. If the alarm does not sound, contact customer support.

Clock didn't change
for Daylight Saving Time

• Make sure the date on the clock is correct.
• Press and release the DST button. The display will say “D On” or “D Off”. Make sure the DST switch is in the ON or NEW position.

Blinking colon (dots)

There is no way to stop this from blinking - the clock was designed this way.

How long does snooze
disable the alarm?

• Snooze function disables alarm for 8 minutes.
• Snooze function can be activated up to 10 times. After the 10th time, the alarm will no longer sound.


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Models: 13002, 13002A1, 13002A2, 13002A3, 13002MK