AcuRite Helps Alaska Raceway Park Keep Drivers and Fans Informed of Track Conditions

Alaska Raceway Park has been thrilling drivers and fans of drag racing since 1964. Located in Palmer, Alaska, their quarter mile dragstrip facility will soon be enhanced with the addition of an oval track.

Alaska Raceway Park


The area where the racetrack is located has a unique weather system because of its proximity to the Matanuska Glacier Valley. This makes it difficult to make accurate predications based on local radar, or the local weather forecast. Due to the fact that motorsports is very weather-dependent, it's important to give the racers and fans accurate weather updates. Drivers often need to travel from several hours away, incurring significant fuel costs towing race vehicles and equipment.


Alaska Raceway Park’s Heather McGee installed an AcuRite Weather Environment System with Wind and Rain, which features My AcuRite software and the smartHUB. The system measures rainfall, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, barometric pressure and humidity, and delivers reliable weather forecasts specific to the precise location of the track. Weather data is then uploaded to Weather Underground, where racers and fans can view conditions in real time. McGee also embedded Weather Underground’s widget into the track’s website, which enables her to link the weather updates to Facebook posts, tweets on Twitter, posts on Google+, and more.


McGee said since installing the system, it has reduced the workload of the track's employees.

"We are able to cut down on the staff time it takes to respond to racer and spectator inquiries about weather on race days," McGee said. "Racers and fans can monitor the weather and make decisions about their travel and attendance."

McGee said the system offers additional benefits. For example, the track owners can now monitor conditions from their home, 30 miles away. Perhaps less expected was the discovery that during drag races, the AcuRite system has wound up helping the racers tune their race cars for optimal performance.

"Racers can use the data in their stats in conjunction with air density data, which affects the speed of their race cars," McGee said.

AcuRite Case Study

The AcuRite systems are low cost and good quality. The documentation is up to date and professional. The Chaney Instrument Co. staff are knowledgeable and helpful.

Heather McGee
Alaska Raceway Park