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AcuRite’s Portable Anemometer Helps the CBS 58 Milwaukee Weather Team Keep Viewers Informed

When thunderstorms are brewing, or a blizzard is forecasted, people all around the greater Milwaukee, Wisconsin area depend on the weather team at CBS 58 to keep them informed.

The weather news team is led by Chief Meteorologist Drew Burgoyne, who has earned a reputation for going the extra mile for his viewers. This includes regular appearances at area events to teach children about safety during severe weather like tornadoes, and coordinating a team of trained storm chasers to provide vital information when dangerous weather strikes. In addition, Burgoyne teamed up with AcuRite to create the “Neighborhood Network,” a program that enhances CBS58’s weather updates using real data from AcuRite customers who own 5-in-1 weather stations. Strategically located throughout the region, Burgoyne accesses their weather station data through the My AcuRite platform to augment each local weather report with more location-specific weather conditions.


When reporting live on camera, CBS 58 field reporters and meteorologists had no way to let viewers know the weather conditions beyond descriptions like “windy,” “cold,” etc. Burgoyne wanted a way to equip field reporters with portable weather tools that provide readings of live conditions they could report to the news anchors.


Burgoyne’s team now brings AcuRite’s Portable Anemometer on assignment. Compact and easy to use, it can measure wind speed, temperature, and humidity. This provides accurate, real-time readings to better inform CBS58 viewers.


The Portable Anemometers have enabled the field reporters and meteorologists to provide a greater level of accuracy and weather details when on location. This, Burgoyne said, makes each local weather report more personalized and precise for people who live or work near were the field reporter is filming.

“This tool is a game changer because now we can confidently report what is happening,” Burgoyne said. “Before we had the AcuRite Portable Anemometer, we just estimated the conditions, but now we have live wind and temperature data that shows exactly what is happening. For example, we can tell you how strong the wind speed is within a severe thunderstorm, or where ice and snow are accumulating during winter weather.”

Burgoyne added that the portable, rugged design has proven well-suited to field reporting.

“The AcuRite Portable Anemometer is compact and heavy duty,” Burgoyne said. “Our reporters and meteorologists don't have to worry about it getting damaged as they head to a breaking weather story. They can take it and go without worrying about accuracy. Plus, the screen is large enough to show on television, so its versatility makes it perfect.”

This tool is a game changer because now we can confidently report what is happening.

Drew Burgoyne
CBS 58 Chief Meteorologist

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