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Improve Home Heating and Cooling Efficiency

Energy Saving Tips for Maximizing Home Comfort

One of a homeowner's biggest monthly expenses is the cost of heating and cooling. This is particularly true during the dog days of summer and in the dead cold of winter. Some of the best ways to save energy are through some simple home maintenance steps, and by making sure your heating, cooling, and ventilation (HVAC) systems are operating efficiently. This will help save money for a couple of reasons:

  • It will improve energy conservation because the system doesn't have to work as hard to heat or cool your home. It is suggested that as much as a 15% or even a 30% increase in cost savings can be achieved through a properly-running system.
  • An efficient system places less stress on components like the heater and air conditioner, in turn reducing repair bills.
  • An efficiently-running air conditioner will more effectively reduce indoor humidity, lowering the possibility of mold damage. Reduction in humidity can also help reduce allergens in the air, and it feels better too!

There are a variety of easy and inexpensive ways to save energy by increasing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. However, the first step toward maximizing the efficiency of your home climate control is by monitoring the temperature and humidity throughout your home.

Select a system for monitoring conditions and pinpointing issues:

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